Karamo Brown (Queer Eye) Gives Us Advice

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – Okay – Welcome to Good Mythical More

– Who You Talkin' About? This is when we read a comment about one of us and we try to figure out who you are talkin' about – Let's se it – Joe Merrit says, "Blank is dressed like a 95-year-old "retired carpenter grandpa on a Sunday" – They're talking about one of you two? – Yeah – This is a comment on one of our videos

– 95-year-old retired carpenter grandpa – Do you remember dressing like that? – I tend to– – No no no no no no no! Karamo's here and we're not going to insult people because you're feeling insecure and you feel like you're gonna be a gangster on the internet That's not gonna work 95-year-olds have style, you both look great – Yep

– You're not responding to that, not on my watch – But it was Link – It's Rhett (laughing) Oh it was me (laughs) Yeah I'm going for that

– Yeah, you looked great that day Did you feel confident that day? – Of course – That's all that matters – I don't remember exactly– – Rude – We're gonna have crew members come in, they've got problems

Our crew has lots of problems, and you know what, they come to us, we can't solve 'em, but you're here so they're gonna come to you and you're gonna solve 'em – I'm with it – [Rhett] Okay so let's make some room for them – So let's move back, we're gonna do like a panel show thing so Karamo, just nestle in right here, that's good – Great, I love this

– You know what, you don't even have to go that far Karamo, come on, yeah that's perfect – Okay who's first? – Okay Oh – Hello Ellie

– Hello – Hi Ellie – Big fan – I love that LA hat – I wore it for you

(Karamo laughs) Oh this is my problem In an altered state, I ordered lots of house plants, like 10 house plants and they all came and delivered and now I'm panicking that I'm not good enough at taking care of house plants and they're gonna die and I'm going to feel terrible How do I deal with the pressure of the house plants I ordered too many of? – Well the first question is, why do you feel like you're not able to take care of the plants? – 'Cause I looked it up online and they said that you have to have misting schedules and fertilizer and peat moss in the soil I don't know what any of that is – Got it, and so why don't you believe that you have the ability to look up what those things are? – I guess I do

I guess I have Google right at my fingertips and I should trust that I can– – No she uses Bing – (chuckles) Okay Give the secrets out – I have a personal misting schedule – Really? – Yeah

For my face, I mist my face a lot – I also mist my face – But I want you to trust yourself because at the bottom line of all of this is that there's a belief that you can't step up to the plate and you won't be enough, and truth be told that you are enough You have the resources and tools to find out what you need and at the end of the day, if things don't turn out the way you want them to, there's still another resource for you to have another day for it to be exactly what you want Failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of it, so you'll be good

– Thank you so much (Rhett laughs) – All right Ellie– – Wow! – Be golden, also– – Life-changing – When plants die, they become, let's have the next crew member When plants die, they become fertilizer for other plants – Look at that, boom

Boom – Oh there it is – [Ellie] What's up? – Hi – Oh, it's Ellie – Next crew member is also Ellie with a different hat

– No I'm someone else (Karamo laughs) When you change your hat, you become a new person I'm overly invested in celebrities and it's been a minute but I'm very upset that Zayne and Gigi Hadid broke up And I'm worried about Zayne and is Zayne gonna be okay and how do I become less extra about this? – I don't think you should be less extra – Really? – Why? If you're genuinely concerned about somebody's wellbeing, that's healthy for you to, is it stopping you from doing anything in your own personal life? – No

(crew laughs) – How is it affecting your work? – Yesterday was tough (Rhett laughs) – I wish I knew Zayne to tell him to hide for his life – Oh (laughing) – No, I just want him to drink water and be safe, you know, I just want him to be good – Maybe have a misting schedule

– Yeah, okay – All right, you feel good? All right let's have the next crew member I think I know where this is going (laughing) – Okay, okay – Oh hey Ellie

– Hey – Hi – It's actually not me Please say hi, hey Mom? – [Ellie's Mom] Yeah? – I wanna let you know that we're on camera with Karamo from Queer Eye – [Ellie's Mom] What? (Rhett laughs) – Yeah, Karamo's here and he's here to give me advice

– Hi Mom! – [Ellie's Mom] (laughing) Hi Karamo! (Rhett laughs) – Oh my God! Can we FaceTime instead? I wanna see you – [Ellie's Mom] Yes, yes! (Ellie laughs) – Hi I'm also here – She hasn't picked up yet, I'm FaceTiming you – He's calling you, do you have wifi? – [Ellie's Mom] I think so, I can get it – Is this– – No no no

– No it's okay – I think this is turning into a tech– – She's going to get wifi, everybody (laughs) – I just wanna say– – We might be here awhile – You have a phenomenal daughter and since I met her this morning, she's greeted me with nothing but kindness, happiness, she's super intelligent and super funny Thank you for being phenomenal yourself and raising such an amazing young woman

– [Ellie's Mom] Wow! (Rhett laughs) – Oh this is so great! This is so great! – [Ellie's Mom] I was just watching your video this morning about how to say no – Oh that's great! – Okay We've got videos too, Mom (Karamo laughs) (Ellie's mom laughs) – Okay Ellie's mom, you go get wifi – Bye Mama! – Bye Mom! – Oh that's great

That's great, anybody else got any problems? – No I think we've run out of time – That was sweet, aw – I'm such a huge fan of you, thank you so much And she's a bigger fan so she's gonna be freaking out about that forever – That was a beautiful thing to be here for

– Thank you, Ellie, and thanks Karamo Truly, the work you do and everybody on the show and with the book, it's amazing – Thank you – It's important work – Yes, thanks, man

– Thank you, I appreche you all Appreciate, I appreciate you all? I appreciate you all – I appreche you too, man (Karamo laughs) – I'm so sweaty – [Link] Hide your head in plain sight with this not so plain GMM camo hat, available now at Mythical


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