Kool-Aid Pickles Taste Test

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Uh, you know what? I'm pretty jealous of that headpiece you got there You should be

Kinda wish I had one Since I don't, I'm out I'm okay with this Hi My name is Damiel

It's like Daniel, but with an M This is my show "Fun Times With Damiel" We have– I know how to have fun Would you like to have fun with me? This is Richard

Richard likes to have fun Richard and Damiel Having fun Oh, hi, Link I decided not to quit

Hi, Richard Would you like to have fun with me and Richard? Your name is Damiel? Mm-hmm So it's like Samuel with a D Yes Well, it's D-A-M-N

Yell Y-E-L-L – Okay

– Damnyell Do you know what day it is, Damnyell? ♪ You ♪ ♪ Know ♪ ♪ What ♪ ♪ Day it is ♪ ♪ It's Thursday ♪ ♪ You ♪ ♪ You know ♪ ♪ What day it is ♪ ♪ It's Thursday ♪ And Thursday– Richard! Richard! What does Thursday mean? ( in a deep voice ) ♪ Mail! ♪ I'm Damnyell Oh, yeah No– No clap? ( sighs ) That was electrifying What is fun? Today

What is fun for us? Is that how I– You get mail? – Yes – Oh Great Yeah Okay

All right, Jen Yep Mm-hmm How's that arm? You know, it's a little sore – Mm

– But I'll get over it – How's yours? – A little sore actually – Yeah – Yeah But for the record, I mean, you didn't– You didn't let me win

– No That was an even match – Okay, good Well, wasn't even I beat you

– Okay – I mean, it was– We were– – It's an even match until the end – Right – We were up– – I'm not rubbing it in I just– I felt like no one believed that I actually beat you

I'm not gonna make any excuses "My name is Kyla, and I am a proud Mythical Beast from New Jersey" Hi, Kyla "I've watched every GMM episode, and I'm perfectly okay with saying I'm obsessed with 'Good Mythical Morning'" We're okay with that, too

"In the package, I have customized forks" What? "You give me the hope and strength to achieve anything If Rhett can eat liver and Link can tolerate tomatoes, than I sure as hell can do anything" Wow! – Gotten spicy there – Hmm

Watch your language, Kyla "I love you guys and all the Mythical crew Keep being unique and amazing Life is so much more mythical with you in it Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Love, Kyla I heart heart" Look at that It's got the– It's got the GMM logo down there, Damnyell – I saw

– Look at that – Right there – I see – Okay, you know what? – Very fun These will be good to– to eat our prize, which is– Go ahead and slide that in here

These are Koolickles – As they are– – Wow It's also very cool And, you know, we're not deep enough south You gotta be in Alabama, I'm told by Josh, to enjoy the Koolickles

Oh, my gosh! Do you have a fork? I don't have a fork – Wow! – I'll just hand it to you – Look at that! – Those look so fun They're blue! And we have other flavors, too, but let's try this here Take that, Jen

Do you wanna take one? – Yeah – And then– What the heck? This looks alien It's Kool-Aid pickles – What? – And we tied, Rhett/Damnyell, so we get to eat at the same time Dink it, dink it, dink it

It's kinda floppy – Oh! – That is weird – Wow! – It's like a salty freezie It is weird It doesn't work

Bite it It's food Bite it It's food Oh! It's food

Bite it – Put your teeth together – Eww There you go It's been a while since I've bitten anything

You're a pacifist? I'm not believing I don't believe in dismembering anything Oh, God Well, there's plenty of member to go around I'm on a liquid diet

– Richard, on the other hand– – Drink this juice I gotta say, I don't hate it – Richard's crazy – Drink it – No

– No? And he eats right in front of me – You should drink it – No What does it taste like? – It– – I'd say, like, a salty freezie What is a freezie? – Like freeze pop

– Like a Chilly Willy? Like a freeze pop – Right? – I think it tastes like– – Oh, gosh! The plot thickens – Oh, boy! – Happy Cotton Candy Day, daddies! – Just move over – Trust me – Are you ready to open your mouths for something salty and sweet? – Oh, my– – More of those? You look like so much fun

You look ridiculous Do you wanna hear a sweet nothing, Damnyell? Of course ( breathing heavily ) When I die, I want you to eat my heart to gain my strength That sounds like fun Oh, my gosh

In my spare time, I'm building you a coffin Hi, Jen! See ya later at book club See ya there Hey, imagine if this is the first one of these videos someone ever watched Bye, daddies! Bye, daddies! Wow

Quite a pair those two Wow! You could learn a lot from Randy Yes! He is so much fun He calls it like it is, though I'm interested in this book club

Oh, goodness! All right, Damnyell, why don't you uncork these other– – Uncork? – uh, jars Unlid these other jars – And we have another– – Yeah We have– I'm having trouble Let me see the letter here

I'll read that while you get your thingy ready here I'm having trouble Use your hand and twist it ( grunts ) – Let go of the pickle – Oh! – Oh, gross! – Use your hand and twist it

Lefty loosey There you go "Hey, Rhett and Link, my name is Carrie I'm 29 I live in Chardon, Ohio

I have only recently become a Mythical Beast since October 2016, but your show has been such a positive influence in my life I made these custom dolls for you" Cue the dolls What? "I've been a OOAK, one of a kind doll artist, for six years now I take common fashion dolls meant for children and turn them into custom works of art

I work almost exclusively with Monster High dolls, which are like Barbie, but with a monster heritage I start by removing the factory face paint, and repainting the dolls' faces by hand And I sometimes remove the original hair as well and re-root it for more of a custom look, as I have done for your dolls I also make custom outfits and accessories Your dolls' shirts and shoes are hand-painted with The Randler and new GMM logo

" Look at that I'm like, "What? What?" Rhett looks angry, and I'm like, "What?" What are they– Are we giving each other five or are we holding hands? I think Rhett's trying to hold you back – You're about to fight – Oh – Oh! That's what it is

– Yeah Well, then it should be more of like this It should be more like– The arms are very bendy Now it just looks like he's hugging you from behind Yeah

No, this hand maybe It's like, "Don't do it, bro" Yeah, there you go "Don't do it!" That's it – There you go

– Then we rotate 'em so it's right there Wow! Those are some flames on that shirt Richard told me– "Don't do it, bro" Richard told me he would like a pickle Oh, wow

They're all laying out there for us Look at that That's a red one Can you tell– I didn't finish the letter Let me finish this very quickly

"I've signed the backs of their heads like I do with all my dolls My artist name is Scarrie, which comes from my high school nickname Scary Carrie, since I liked to dress goth I just shortened it so it's like my name with an S in front of it and just pronounced 'Scary'" We get it "Thank you and your awesome crew for everything that you do

And thank you for inspiring me to always be my Mythical best" – ( sniffing ) – Oh, gosh – "Hugs! Scary Carrie" – ( sniffing ) Scarrie, this is awesome work – And look at the– – The process

– Richard likes the way you smell – Look at that Some sort of– That's the process right there Deuce Gorgon? Yeah, as Rhett I know Deuce

– There we go – There's a photo shoot Yeah, now we can pose them any way we want, but she posed them like that Beautiful Whoop! All right

So let's try these other ones I'm afraid of the– Is that a grape one? Oh, gross! I mean, they're all Kool-Aid flavors – You wanna try the red? – Yeah, absolutely – Are we sure they're all Kool-Aid – Richard has chosen this one – and nothing crazy in here? – Okay

You can give that one to Richard, but– Move back Move back a little ( growling ) God ( growling ) ( gobbling ) Richard's having– Richard's having a tough time Oh, my gosh

Here You try the dark one – Me? Damnyell or Richard? – Damnyell I'm gonna try this pink one – Are we cheersing? – Sure

– Dink it – Beep! – Mmm – That one's better than the blue one This one's better than the blue one, too Oh! Mmm

Tart Yeah, that one's very tart – That's nice – Oh! My teeth Mmm! Alabama got it figured out

– This is a thing? – Yeah – Wow! – Mm– Koolickles – Koolickles – Wow! A lot has happened in this More – Yeah

– Yes I don't even know what just went on I didn't– Does he have a book club? Yeah Sunday nights – Oh, wow

– Please send me the info – Absolutely – Okay What are you reading? "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" – Oh, really? – Yeah

– That's a movie – It's also a book – They read movies – I don't believe it

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