Lasagna Pretzel Taste Test

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" "Check you voicemail

" Let's check it Man on voicemail: Hey guys, harmonize with me Three, two, one ♪ Ah ♪ – ♪ Ah ♪ – ♪ Ah ♪ Oh, gosh ♪ Ah ♪ ♪ Ah ♪ ( voice quavering ) ( harmonizing stops ) Dope Love you Bye That's pretty dope

It took a while Took a while but we got something All right, let's– let's bring in some Mythical chefs, Tess and Josh Chris and Dillon, come back in Hang out with us! Um, so what have we gots here? We got the– you tell us

This is the lasagna pretzel Whoa With a little bit of very high quality ricotta in there And some marinara, and there's pasta Look at that

Oh, I was a little bit worried Rhett: Why'd you wait to give us this? 'Cause it was too good It was between that and Pepto-Bismol And we were like, "We know Rhett loves Pepto," so we went with that A appreciate you thinking about me

I think the reason why they held this one back is so when we have them come in in "More," we're not making them eat tongue I was kind of hoping so I have to take chemo daily, so my stomach, it can handle a lot I was hoping– I was hoping– He wants to punch me Bring in the tongue

He had it in his pocket! I didn't know if it was on the list, but I wanted to do it just in case It's been warmed by my body heat for up to half an hour Oh, gosh Oh, no, you've gotta get one with the taste buds on it Oh, God, that smell

Hold on, I'll go with you guys Speaking of bucket list Oh! No! No, no, no, no No, I'm good But the connective tissue's the best part I appreciate the offer, – If you're doing it, I have to do it – It's dripping I know

It's– It's How could you guys say the smell was okay? This smells like a lab experiment from high school I have good chemistry memories, so joke's on you

Okay, why don't you guys do a quadruple dink? All right Ugh! Oh, gosh, Josh I was serious about the crunchiness You're a nut, man Tess is more

How you guys diggin' it? She's with it, man Look at that It's really not that bad

I'm with you, man He almost did it I'm totally trying to swallow it You're going Oh, yeah! That wasn't even on the bucket list! Brought tears to my eyes

– That was– that was good – Take that home This is for Dillon This is gonna be his lunch I don't want that

Definitely don't want more Oh, look at the juice! Oh, gosh, it's going in the jacket Done with my plate, sir Need some water after that one That was pretty harsh

You know, the lasagna is very good Can I try that? – Yeah, sure, have a bit – Yeah, let's, uh Let's uh– I'm not allowed, so You wanna– you wanna cut this? I'm covered in lamb juice This is a little bit more promising

Oh, no Josh, help You're gonna injure somebody just handing a knife to them – What? – The lamb tongue's healthier It's pure protein

All the nutrients Make like a– Make like little finger food Oh, you're cutting the plate Ooh There's just something about a pretzel that– it's so– it's so doughy already

What happened? I don't know what it is It's like Anybody wanna grab a piece of this?

adding stuff to it Oh, I forgot about that I'm sorry What? There's just something to a pretzel that adding stuff to it just– As much as I enjoyed it, I would enjoy just a pretzel or just lasagna more – Yes, yes – You know what I'm saying? Yeah, with all these, the dough just does not– it does not like it when you put stuff in it

It's like, "What is happening?" It changes the whole character of it Correct This is very correct It just doesn't– Every time we made a new dough, it's just, "Oh, God, this isn't working This isn't working

It's not working" – It is better than tongue – Yeah Just like a spaghetti sandwich or something Can I have some of your marinara? Yeah, exactly

Yeah, it's like a bad bread stick It's not bad Don't insult them No, trust me We don't take it personally

It's like a failed hot pocket product If they were trying to introduce, like a new line but didn't get past the first focus group – Hot knots – Hot knots Hot knots

Hot knots This is better than what we gave you, though, for the round Hot Nots Am I right? Right You're right, yeah

Nothing! It's the joke If you take a really good pretzel Yeah It's got a little bit of this– crispiness is not really the right term It's almost like the skin of the pretzel is almost a slight, like, soft leatheriness

And then on the inside is– Some would call it the crust, but those people are wrong Soft leatheriness is the correct term The leather skin Yes, the lye does that Typically you dip your pretzels in lye

You're lying – No – What is lye? Oh, you made a pun It is an intensely alkaline solution So it has a negative Ph, so it counters acid, and that's what actually gets it to kind of– That's what does the pretzel magic

And so as a substitute for that we used baking soda and water That's kind of like the poor man's lye Ah, the poor man's lye– baking soda and water Is there a reason you guys didn't use lye? – Um, it's kind of dangerous – Besides the health effects? – There's a lot of people that work here

– Okay You know what they say– "When you lie with a poor man, you're also poor, man" – Usually that means you get in bed with a rich man – Never heard that If you were lying with a– poor– "lye"– okay

Yeah, I don't think that's going anywhere, guys So, they make olives the same way, right? So, olives are put into a lye solution and it's incredible It's basically– it's food– there's a certain class of foods– the only two I can think of now are pretzels and olives– where you literally put them in poison as part of the process So, like, if you were to just take olives out of the lye too early, or, I don't know, take them out of the lye and not wash them, you would die There's also foods that start out poisonous and then you do something to them, and you can eat them

– Acorns – Almonds Acorns Almonds are not one of them Uh, there's trace amounts of arsenic in it

That's why when you are poisoned with rat poison, they say you taste bitter almond flavor – Right – Hold on, hold on, hold on, but– hold on Hamburger But you don't do it

If you eat raw almonds, as they say where they grow the almonds, you don't have to do anything to them You just shouldn't eat too many But acorns– if you don't cook those, and you're not a squirrel, you're in trouble Don't eat acorns straight off the tree, kids – Taro– taro's another one

– Also beans I was going through a raw food experience, like, phase when I was in Italy, and I made some beans from the store They were raw And I poisoned everyone in the family Whoa, whoa, whoa, what kind of poison beans? Well, because ricin is also a derivative of beans, which is a very serious poison

Beans and ricin– my favorite meal Need to stay on her good side There was a mild amount of a very poisonous long word that was in those beans So you gave them raw beans Well, because I made a crudités with Pecorino Romano and a nice bruschetta

( laughs ) It sounds so nice And the Italians were very nice about it Fancy poison "Nicest way I've been poisoned ever It's great" ( Italian accent ) This is a risk See, you are taking risks It's not okay

Five star Yelp review on that poisoning experience Fantastic Food was great Hospital visit wasn't – Wow

What other poison foods are there? – None! Can you just walk around eating handfuls of apple seeds? Uh, yeah, I can do it I was gonna say, there's cyanide in them Right You gotta eat a lot of them That's what I'm saying, just like sunflower seeds

– Like you're just eating apple seeds – Right Well, let's try it You gonna eat that whole pretzel? I'm really hungry Yeah

I've just been going at it

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