Leaving A Chicken Wing In Windex For A Month

(cockerel crow) (lion roar) (wheel clacking) – Well it's gonna land on Gifticality! – Is it now? – We're donating $1,000 to the Animal Welfare Institute to aid in their mission to improve the treatment of animals everywhere Please join us in giving at awionline

org – Thank you for being your mythical best Welcome to The More We do have a cooked chicken wing under here We're gonna find out what happens to that

We're also gonna do something with this sweater, which I'll explain in a second – Yes And speaking of the Ryman Auditorium, remember tickets to see us play live at other auditoriums and theaters and venues across the country, and also have some meet-and-greets in the months of June, September and November All those dates are over on rhettandlinklivecom, so find out when we're gonna be where we're gonna be and get tickets

– Come see us, and if you go to the site and you see that you know someone who lives on or near or around one of those cities, besides yourself, tell them about the show Say, "hey Rhett and Link, those guys they're comin, "you should get a ticket" – Well it's interesting one of the things that we find, is that, whenever we show up in a place, and you know, we kind of experience the town a little bit on tour – Meander – And usually on scooter-back, but we run into people, and I'd say for every 10 fans that we meet, seven out of 10 people who come up to us, don't know that there's a show in that town So, spread the word! We talk about it all the time, but you guys should be talking about it too, to your friends, if you know we're coming to a place near you – Shout out to Mythical Society members, semper curiosus, this is a S'More, a Good Mythical More that

how did we come up, they came up with S'More and I – Society More – Society More It's very obvious – S'More – I was like, what, I know this is obvious Where society members you choose what we're doing, so the options were; Rhett and Link feed each other for the entire More, Rhett and Link wear a two-person sweater, Rhett and Link have a sing their conversation for the whole More You guys voted for the two-person sweater Which, I'm glad, because that's the easiest one, but also so much fun

– And you know, you get to do Christmas in the summer – Because as it turns out the only, the most oh you're gonna have to slide to the middle

The only acquirable two-person sweaters are Christmas sweaters Look at that – I've been – I've been – I've been – We've both been! – I've been nice! – I've been naughty! But we're attached so you saw all my naughty – Oh gosh – I saw all your nice

(off-screen laughing) – What do you do with your left arm? – You'll figure it out (Rhett and Link laughing) – I'm gonna move closer to you – Oh yeah lets center that – Stretch a little bit Oh that's good

I'm currently touching my right pec – I'm touching my right thigh – I'm currently stroking my own beard – I'm also stroking your beard – Okay, that makes me uncomfortable

– Does it smell like Windex? – Oh God! Okay, so what happened to the wing, we don't have any options – What happened to the h'wing – I bet you it's still a chicken wing (off-screen laughing) Man, I wonder what's happening, to that chicken wing – Hmmmm, I bet it – This isn't really how a two-person sweater is supposed to work, it's not – We're not conjoined twins

– Right – We're just wearing a sweater together – Right – I think that it turned green I know the brain turned white

– I would say something not every exciting because they saved it for The More – It wasn't in the episode – They were like, "ah throw that in More" – I bet it became less tasty – Oh, only one way to find out, I'd say it turned green, it turned most things green, let's go with that – I also think that the meat, kinda, came off of the bone

– Okay – I'll hold it You hold it (lid turning) (lid popping) – Okay – It did turn green

– Definitely green – So, we were right – [Rhett] There's like fat floating in there – [Link] Oh my gosh It turned to green, now pull out the drumstick

What do you call that part, that's not the drumstick? – Flat wing? – What did you say Matt? – [Matt] There is a term for it, flats – Heyo! – Flats? – [Matt] Yeah that's what they call it, drumsticks vs flats – Are you a drumstick or a flat man, if you had to choose? Like a plate full of one or the other – Honestly? Go back and forth but I think if I – Had to choose – So I don't have a strong preference, but if I had to choose, I would pick a flat You know why? Because you can grab one end of it, (popping) and completely get all the meat off in one bite – Yeah, I love that – You can't do that with a drumstick

– I would also choose the flat – Really? – Because it's Here screw that back on, let's get it outta here

– Well I feel like team drumstick is probably, just a quick survey, show of hands, how many people prefer the drumstick? How many people prefer the flat? Yeah, I'd say 60:40 drumstick, team drumstick – Kind of even I've got an idea, let's take a fortune cookie, and see who, without the use of hands, except for putting it in your mouth, can produce the fortune with no cookie falling out of your mouth – Produce the fortune with no cookie falling out of your mouth And no cookie on the fortune? – Right

– So all you have to do is get the fortune sticking out then you can pull it out? Or you have to spit the whole thing out with no cookie? – You have to spit it out like a dot matrix printer – Okay You've got practice, you've done this a couple times – I discovered some things, so yeah, I do feel like an advantage – Three, two

(cookie crunching) (Rhett and Link chewing) – There it is It's rolled up though – Why's it rolled up? It can't be rolled up, put it back in (Rhett laughing) (off-screen laughing) – (Rhett mumbles) It's pretty clean – There is is

– Yours is rolled up too man – I chewed mine up (off-screen laughing) Oh my gosh, I totally chewed mine up Well I lost – "Success will be yours at home and in business "in the next month"

(Rhett chuckles) – I can't even read mine, because I thought, because I just tried to break it up and keep everything dry and that made it I thought I had a new technique, which I didn't – What about the technique, this is cool, you can impress your friends, you just pick up a fortune cookie and crack it and the cookie falls, but the fortune remains in your fingers

– Oh that's a good idea – I've no idea how to do this, but we're gonna figure it out (crunching of cookie) – Ohhhh! It works! – We both did it – Ohhhhhh! Look at that, read the fortune " You will never need to worry about a steady income" – "Take some needed time to relax in the next few days" Tell me about it

Okay, let's do that again (crunching of cookie) Oh man I didn't end up with a fortune – Haven't it work as well – [Woman Speaker] Can save all those fortune cookie pieces for Enzo because his favorite food – He can have them all

– Really? – [Woman Speaker] Yeah, it's weird – "You will obtain your goal if you maintain your course" These are those weak, political fortunes They're like – Political? – Like, in the sense, you know, they're not gonna ruffle any feathers – Yeah this one says "#MAGA" – Like a poli (off-screen laughing) Like a political answer – Weird – Isn't that what a, this is what a political, like, oh he gave the political answer, which is no answer at all – Yeah okay, that's a pretty unusual use of the term political

Not technically incorrect, I don't think All right, let's do it again – Who asked you? Look at that – That's not very cool You gotta do one snap and you're left with a fortune, that's the goal – We're gonna do this 'til that happens – We're doing this for Enzo well we did it the first time

"A bold and dashing adventure is in your future" A dashing adventure – Mine said the same thing as another one – All right (crunching of cookie) That's pretty good

– Yeah, but you had to do a twirl, what you want to do is you just wanna pinch – "You are an artistic person let your colors show" (crunching of cookie) Oh that's an interesting technique "Listen (off-screen laughing) "these next few days to your friends (Rhett laughing) (off-screen laughing) "to get answers you seek" – Listen! – "Listen these next few days to your friends "to get answers you seek" Now that's a fortune It's not grammatically structured that well

– No you listen these next few days – It's like there's a lost in translation thing – to your friends to get answers you seek – Listen these next few days – Here we go – Oh, that was awesome – To you? – "Be prepared to modify your plans"

– Now that was the only one, that negative – Yeah – Kinda – It's like whatever you got planned, it ain't gonna work, so be flexible – Okay

Just three more – We're just doing all of them now – Yeah, let's just finish it Three, two (crunching of cookie) That little part at the end, I gotta find a better technique

"You will soon get something special, "because of your charm" – This is maybe the most specific fortune I've ever read "Three times a week, treat yourself to dessert" (Link laughing) (off-screen laughing) – Yours are getting weird, man Yours are getting really weird

Last one (crunching of cookie) "Remember, three months from this date "good things are in store for you" (off-screen laughing) What? How did they get so specific? I'm savin this one – Three months from this date – "Three months from this date" – Mark your calendars

– Listen! "Three months from this date" have dessert three times a week – Three months from this date I will have had (upbeat music) 12 times 3 is – 36 desserts

– 36 desserts – [Rhett] Defeat the hair of defeat, with our mythical pomade, available at mythicalstore

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