Let’s Play: Snipperclips

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More, we're gonna play Snipperclips Plus – Gifticality, that means, we're donating $1,000 to the Animal Welfare Institute to aid in their mission to improve the treatment of animals everywhere

Please join us in giving at awionlineorg – Thank you for being your mythical best, okay, let's get into this, we're gonna work together, we've already selected two players, and – This is a buddy game – We're buddies – Buddies – We're good at games – We're horrible at games

– So, I'm the yellow guy – We've gotta snip ourselves, we gotta rotate Into this situation – And then, basically you've gotta come over here and snip the front of me off Snip me off, rotate around and snip me off first

– I gotta rotate around and snip you off? – Yeah, it sounds inappropriate, but it's not Hey man, come over here and snip me off And you come over, and then, squat down – Whoops – Don't jump on top of me, don't smoosh me

And now, there you go, now – [Both] Snip – Boom, all right so now, you get in place, I'm gonna do the opposite to you, I think So, you get over here No, rotate around, rotate, yeah, you're gonna be on the other side

– You have to get the top of me – How do I do that? – Well, I think, you come in straight and I'll squat down – That's not gonna work We gotta go back and do exactly what we did and then rotate afterward, we gotta do some pre-visualization – Oh, yeah, you gotta get my

– Just go, oh gosh Yep – Runnin' out of time! – Dude, just come back where I was, do exactly what I did

And look, now I'm gonna snip you Stay right here – Yeah, you gotta squat – I'm gonna squat, oh, you squat You squat, and now I'm gonna snip you

– Ah – Did that work? – No (laughing) – I'm good, now you're good – Yeah, you gotta snip me off a little bit – We snipped too hard

– You gotta snip that little bit, snip the little bit – I snipped too much! – Rotate all the way around, rotate all the way around – Why are you yelling, I'm right beside you – Now, squat down and I'll come over to you – The problem is you, man! – Yeah, I'm about to be right, man

– You're about to be right? – Uh-huh, hold on – I don't have– – Now, snip me! – Okay – Now – There's too much snipped off, I'm telling you, see? Look at that – Oh, gosh

– You snipped too, regenerate, hit B, hold B You just snipped off a lot of me! – Okay, how about that? – We gotta try here, I gotta– – You look great, though – See, I gotta snip See look, if I'm right here, and you go over there – I gotta have my upper left hand cut off

So I'm gonna come right here and squat down, and you gotta rotate What? – Look at that, I snipped a little bit – Well, hm, okay, let's see if that works Maybe they'll accept that Nope, nope, they won't accept it

Oh, they accepted it, they accepted it Oh, like a bird, oh, it is a bird! – We probably did that in the most bass-ackwards way possible – Well the problem is, is that – All right, let's do another one – We're thinking of it two different ways, and then it just gets all confusing – Let's decide who's gonna do the thinking I vote you this time – Okay, gladly

– I'm glad to not think, man, it's so relaxing I'm good at paper projects – Okay, so we gotta hit this eraser first – Oh, and then a ball falls – And I'm gonna, oh

– What does this have to do with snipping anything? – I don't know Hold on, hold on, I got it Hold on a second! – Stop hitting the eraser, and move this way Jump up, teeter up like that There you go

– Oh yeah – Don't snip me, though, you snipped me, and I'm smaller now – Yeah yeah yeah, I think you're more nimble that way (others laugh) – All right, keep it coming What are you, aww

We're never going to be able to pick that up, we need another one All right, so go up – I'm gonna jump and then bump it, you get it

– Oh I, you're snipping me! Why do you keep snipping me, man? – I'm not snipping you, I'm jumping – Oh, what if we rotate? Look at that, rotate! – Oh, yeah! – Oh look, and I've even got a little Oh, look, if we snip each other in the right way – Oh, we can hold it, we can hold the ball! – I've got a ball-holder, get another thing – Oh look, if I rotate all the way around No, I gotta snip, you gotta snip me Oh, there we go Oh gosh

– I'm like a wagon – Here I'm gonna, look look, see this right here? – I just wish you'd move out of the way – Now come on, now come on, I'm a guard You got it, you gonna hold it, (stammers) – Rhett, I don't need you at all, I have a guard, at the end of my thing – Oh you do, does it work? – Yeah, I'm just saying, you really don't need to be here

Just go in the stands and cheer me on There you go, that's good, get in the basket All right, so now – Oh, you're– – Oh gosh, OHHH! – Hold on, I'm stuck in the net – I'm sure this is really – Lemme jump over you

fun to watch, ah! Right, now hit the ball – I'm stuck – All right, well we really gotta use our brains – Now go through me – If I go like that, watch

See, I've – Yeah, go through me! – Oh gosh – Okay, now I've got one

Go, hold on – I want it, I want it – Okay, go, well then take it! – I'm trying to take it – You have to squat down, if you're on the bottom you have to squat down – Stop yelling

– Okay look, so I'm gonna get one – You're the one who played basketball as a child – Well this wasn't how it worked Okay, so if you squat down I go right through you There you go, now I come over, and I just go like this

– Jump, jump, hit up There you go Again! – Oh gosh Yeah! – I did it! – Wow, now – All right

– One more – Again, that was, that was not as hard as we made it seem – We're good, man – Let's go to the dog in the pipe Whoops

Can you let me, we went to the same one – [Both] I was moving to the third one – They told me that I had the one that controlled that – We can't even agree on who's gonna get in the menu – Okay look, I'll do it, I'm going back to the menu

Okay, lemme just do it – Why can't I just do it? (others laugh) – Restart it – Exit, exit – That's what I just did – [Offscreen] The right button, not the bottom one

– Quit – Exit, are you sure you wanna exit, yes Are you sure your friendship is now in shambles, yes – Okay, now – Now let's just do some thinking here

I'm not hit, look, I'm not touching anything – You did, you hit back – No I didn't – That's what happened, I didn't hit back – I'm not hitting anything, I'm holding the remote

All right – This is fun – Here we go – I'm having a blast – All right, now hold on, let's just gather ourselves

There's a dog in liquid over there – What happens here? – We wanna get the dog in here – What happens here on this stuff? – I don't know what happens down there but you don't want the dog to go down there and I think he may run down there Let's find out Oh, here comes the dog! Did you do that? – Yeah

– All right Okay, so we just flushed the dog – Okay, so we can't let him go in there – All right, we need to make a ramp Make me into a ramp

– You gotta be a ramp, then I gotta be a ramp So you be a ramp first – All right, so the way we're gonna do this – So squat down, and I gotta create like a – If you take – Now come over here on this side

Now go into me, go completely sideways – Who's gonna be the ramp? – You're gonna be the ramp, the first ramp Go completely sideways Now, go completely sideways Yep, now come over

– But here, I'm just gonna be where I wanna be, I'ma be here, I'ma be the ramp And then you're gonna make, yeah Snip it – I can't do – That's too aggressive

You don't wanna go at that – First I have to go right here Then I have to come here – Move over, yeah There we go, ooh, that's nice

– Okay, now you gotta cut me – Oh, I'ma cut you the same way, so you, go over, why do you need to be a ramp at all? – I guess I don't need to be – The problem is he's gonna go down here, all right, so, – Let's find out – Release the hounds! – Hey! – Do you see that, do you see that? – We did it, guys! (others applaud) – Now I didn't know, I don't know why I had to be the one to become the ramp – Being the ramp was more fun

– I think you should've been the ramp – Because I had to jump over something – All right – Last one – We're getting good at this

All right Somebody's blowing their nose, who is that? Zack, you still got that issue? – Okay here we go, we jump up here – Oh, it's a firefly – We knock this thing into this – We wanna get the firefly into the– – Yeah, here, now back up, back up

Here we go, we got him trapped He won't, no no, quit, no, listen, we almost had it! Come over here Oh man – Hey, let's snip me into the shape of a firefly trap – Well actually, you know what, snip me like you

Can you snip me like, you snip me and then rotate around completely, yep, do it, go ahead and snip me And now, rotate around, you rotate around Yup, oh, we're the same shape Can you snip me, you know what, I'm gonna grow back Snip me the same, the different way that you are, the opposite, which means

– Like that, no, go the other way – So I gotta go completely around? – Let's try that, that didn't do it – We did it again

Nope, that's not gonna work Okay, how do you snip me, man, this is difficult – I didn't mean to get – Hold on, so you gotta snip me the same way that I'm snipped If you snip me, now, no, snip me on this side! No, yeah, right there – That's gonna – Yeah, and now, I turn it all the way around I'm the same thing again! – You were on the wrong side, go back – Yeah yeah yeah, okay, yep yep Yep, yep, and I'm gonna rotate a little bit – Yeah, rotate

– Now you come over and join me – Now we're the same shape again! – We're like a yin-yang No, that was right – No it wasn't See, we keep doing the same thing

– That's where the firefly's gonna be He's gonna be inside your body – Okay, well how are you gonna keep him there? – Oh, gosh – I'm gonna grab him, I'm gonna hook him, watch this Got him, got him! I had him, I had him, lemme hook him, lemme hook him, lemme hook him

Now you go over there and be the guard You need to move over! – I'm also hooking him I think we've got this together, see? Here we go – We're assuming that we know what we're supposed to be doing – And then we're gonna spread

– We're gonna get right under it – Push him that way This is gonna work! Rhett, we can't screw this up, the entire internet is watching, they're riveted – Okay, here we go You're kinda hitting him down every time

If you let him come up into this hook I got, I'll be able to walk with him Like watch, just let him come into the hook Or don't You let him come into this hook right here, he can't get out, see? And then I can bring him I got a really strong hook here

– All right, now just let him go Don't hit that – Here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go And now I'll move out of the way and he's gonna go right into it No, yep

Yes! – YEAH! We did it! Best friends again We've redeemed our friendship – Now we're gonna go do it in real life – [Announcer] Great things come in pairs Get the LTAT mug and tee now at Mythical


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