Let’s Play: Super Mario Maker 2

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (wheel clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Motivational speech! – Oh, who do we motivate? – We'd like to motivate a person, and that person is a dental hygienist and your patient just told you that you have terrible breath

– You know what, of course you have terrible breath, dental hygienist, you're lurking over people, you're sucking in their breath It's not your breath that they're smelling, it's the previous person's breath, and that's what you need to tell 'em – Yeah, it's like when you go in a bathroom, and you're going into a bathroom and someone comes out of the bathroom, and then it smells, and they're like it already smelled that way when I went in there It's not me that did this, it's the person before And, then you begin to doubt, is this person lying to me, and then you start realizing now I'm the same kinda person that I was just accusing another person of being because now I'm gonna come out and then I have to say it wasn't me, it was the guy before me, and I think he lied about it being the person before him

– It's a chain reaction – That's how it is to be a dental hygienist – And, we both are, by the way – Yup – So, we feel your pain

– We can relate – Let's play Super Mario Maker 2 – I've heard about this Mario – We asked you, Super Mario Maker 2 users, to submit courses for us to play, and low and behold we got one This one is submitted by Sharon Rose created by Loco Lucas

– And, you know what, Sharon Rose may be Loco Lucas, I doubt it, but I don't know, she submitted it – All right, so you hit start over– – Okay, we're playing multiplayer Mario and Luigi Here we go Haven't played Mario in a long time – Okay, so I'm Luigi

– Here I am Oh, I'm dead – Oh, I'm big – I got you a mushroom – Oh, I got small

(both groaning) – Hey, we're on the same team Now listen, we've gotta collect these coins because you don't go to the next level unless you get 100 coins – Oh, we are so good at this already Oh look, it side-scrolls That's amazing

– Oh, look at that, wow, you can climb trees – You can climb freaking, you can climb a tree We can climb each other and then climb a tree What's that up there? – Whoa, whoa, whoa, Link! – What are you, a banana man? – I don't know what I did, but I'm something else! – You friggin' banana man – I don't think I can be down here

– Yeah, I don't think you wanna be up there Where we gonna get 100 coins? We only got 14 coins – Okay, now we've got a problem, Link Now, we're stuck – What is all of that? What are all those dice over there? – I believe that they were coins in the place that we were supposed to be

– What do you mean where we were– – And you needed to be a raccoon as well – Oh, hold on, we can go over here – Oh, they change Oh, they change – Yeah, dude, you have to walk and then jump when they spike

– Okay, here we go, don't die – All right, give me a mushroom – Mushroom's coming I'm dead (crew laughing) No, no, give me that, save that mushroom for me

– I am, I am Look at that, Super Mario– – You gotta get me outta here – Go get that mushroom – All right, now let's get these coins – Are we gonna say everything is like– – Let's get these coins, Mario! I mean, Luigi

– I mean, this is kinda old-school – This guys' gonna become different things when I jump on him – Oh, man – Come on, dude, come on – You're not having a lot of luck, are ya? And it is all luck, let's be very clear about that

– Okay, so hold on, so a second ago I went in here and it, yeah, there's one, now get the other one, come get the other one It's gonna disappear! – Whoa, look at that acrobatic I am a green lizard Am I the freakin' Geico Gecko? Is this a sponsored game? – How do you get to the top of that? Can you make Oh, Link, you just pulled me onto the – Come on, Rhett, come on over

– All right, dude, this is the same thing that just happened We needed to go, the whole point I was trying to get across a second ago was we needed to go up on top of that thing – Pretty cool, huh? – Oh, you know what we need to do? – This We get back over there and then we jump – And, run! Oh, you can spin! You see what I did? I spun

(crew laughing) – All right, so let's see if there's anything– – Go back up in here again Well, how the crap do you, is there secrets? Oh, you can just jump up there (laughing) You just jump up there man, there are no secrets There are no secrets – There are no secrets here on Good Mythical Morning

– Oh, look at the size of that – Oh, you know what, I bet we can climb this, can we climb this fence? All right, jump on my head and get that coin Yes! And, kill that bee (groaning) – I jumped on him Man, I jumped on him

– Hey, let's move over– – Here I am! – All right, let me jump on you – Whoop, sorry – Hit that bee Hit the bee – I'm trying

– Get the bee! The bee is moving so slowly Okay, (yelling) (laughing) – Gah! – We suck so bad at games, man – Man, all right, let's go again Let's keep it positive

– Okay, we're great at games – I don't know, but I gotta get this other mushroom Gah, why you, you knocked me into the guy, now I'm not gonna get it! – Listen, don't blame me for your shortcomings I'm the only reason that you're still playing this game – I don't know if I agree with that

– I don't either, I'm just talking smack – How'd you do that blast off? Now we're not even gonna worry about this guy? – Oh, come on, I landed on top of that turd face – Come get, come get it Huh, you can't go high with these guys – Look it, shaking my tail

– They don't go as high Can you jump and do a double jump? Oh, you just hold it longer Mario's changed Mario, you've changed So, Link, you just hold it longer

– Hold what longer? – The jump button, to get up to where I'm at – Really? – Yep Yeah, now come over here and jump on top of me and I'll send you up Oh, you can just climb – You can climb with this guy

That makes it a whole lot easier Good work, yellow boy Oh, you're dominating now, that's nice – Get it, Link Don't think you need it

So, is there something we can, whoa – We have 45, we gotta get 55 more Let me go down Oh, we're really making progress now, right – My heart is beating so fast

– You know, the character growth we're experiencing– – oh, we're gonna get on top of that thing, yeah Okay, on, what is that? – I bet that turns the – Okay, I just turned it off

I turned something off – What'd you turn off? – I think I made 'em different Yeah, okay, there we go So, this is off, now this one's off – All right, hold on, there's– – Get those coins down there

– There's a bit of a puzzle to this And how do I– – Ho, Hi! There you go, there you go, there you go, now you gotta, oh Now, we're both gonna be on this thing There you go, yeah, stay right here, stay right here Now, jump over, Jump, jump! Jump, get, jump, get! – Don't rile me up, now

Wait, wait, wait, wait, I'ma go on this yellow – Now, jump now Here we go – Now you, wait, wait for it I like the music

Look at this blue box (laughing) Look at us (grunting) Somehow we're turning Mario into a wrestling match – Oh, oh, oh, here we go I'm sorry I hitched this train without you

(laughing) – Bring the train back down – Oh, watch out We gotta use these bombs – Oh, I remember these from when I used to play Super Mario Brothers 2 Oh, you kick it

– I got it – I'm just gonna stand over here and watch you play Mario Maker We're running out of time, Rhett – Here we go – We gotta get 10 more

– Get on top of that thing and let me come Oh, I did a little – Bye

– Oh, this is – Whoops – Maybe I can go in here

– Boy, this has gotta be fun to watch Okay, I'm getting frustrated The controller itself is too small, let's be real – Hold on, three, two, we gotta jump at the same time Three, two, one, jump

– Yes! – Stay on there, stay on there Now, I'm gonna run and jump on this guy when he gets ready Three, two, (laughing) Oh, God (groaning) You had it! – Everything on me is sweating How many coins do we have? – Hold on, we start over with zero every time? (groaning) Man, we fail at everything

– There goes my chance – I can beat the old Mario – Why you taking my mushroom, man? – 'Cause I lost mine Ho, hah! I do like these new sounds though Hut, ho, ho! – Hey! – Hey, woo! – Having fun

But, we are getting better – Yeah, yeah Yeah, look at me climbing this tree knocking things outta there You come get that one – Look at us

Look at how good we're almost getting at this – Oh, I don't know, oh, let me come up there Oh gosh, sorry Kill that bee – Let's just consider everything we're doing as like a little mission, like every jump is its own little milestone in life

That's how I wanna go through life, like everything, I was looking at you thinking it was me – Hold on, why are we following you now? I'm still up there No, oh, you killed me! – Let's not name names, okay – Luigi killed me – Sometimes when I press b it jumps– – You killed me again! – That's what frustrating is that the button to try to go fast, son of a (bells chiming)

(laughing) Like, I'm gettin' that angry Why is this game making me angry? – You killed me twice by going off the bottom of the screen, so come over here All right, now let's just– – We're so little– – One at a time We're gonna just jump to the next level Oh gosh, what, I hit the wrong dad-gum button

Oh boy (mumbling) Oh no, whoa – Loco Lucas, I hate you – This is like an easy level, man – As a designer, but not as a person

– This is such an easy level– – Don't take my mushroom If you take it, so help me (crew laughing) – I'm trying to get up, just get up there and help me out, man (giggling) – I jumped over it Okay, okay, okay, okay, we can do this

– I don't think we can Oh, I'm dead again – Can I pause? – Oh gosh Come get this thing (laughing) huh, huh, ho

– Okay – Okay, one at a time (groaning) – But, I wanted to dive, I thought that would be– – There you go, there you go Okay, stay there, don't kill me Let me come up here

Let's just go Oh, no! – Jump! You can make it! You did it! – I learned something Uh huh Oh no, no! – You're nobody now You're just regular old Mario

You gotta get a running start – I can't get up there with you Oh, you know what, I think I just realized something – What? – I've been thinking that the turbo button is the jump button the whole time so I've just been hitting two jump buttons That's why I haven't been doing turbo

Turbo is the top button – Oh, see, me too – It's not the bottom button I'm gonna blame that on David – Yeah, the whole time we've been doing– – That's why we've been jumping in such weird ways

– Right, right – Now we got this figured out – Just in time for the video to end Where am I? – All right, I'm gonna turn this off Oh, it's on

(laughing) – What just happened? The things that we do inadvertently are very acrobat – So, this is off now so I'm gonna come right here, right, I'm gonna wait for this to come up Just get up here with me Come on this thing with me Now, wait 'til this thing to turn, and here it comes

– Then where you going? – On top of here – How do you turn it off? Bam! (laughing) oh! – Hold on, stay! Stay, stay, stay, stay, now wait – I'm a little boy now – Just wait, just wait, now! Go, go Link, go, go! – Well, just wait, I gotta think about it I'm goin' on the next one

– Okay, here we go All right, get this Get that mushroom (laughing) – I can't get the mushroom, it went off the freaking– – Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on, okay (laughing) We got it! We have this, we have this, okay

You gotta get up here, we have to get on this at the same time Three, two, one, jump Now, wait, and let this go No, no, this one now – Get the coins on the bottom

– Oh yeah, oh yeah, I forgot – We gotta, we gotta, we gotta kick it, kick it, there you go I'm the little boy, I'ma hide behind you Kick it again There we go

Oh! – I sacrificed myself – Get the coin! Get the coin! (yelling) (both screaming) No wow, it's over, it's over! – What is going on, what is wrong with us? – We're sweating and we hate ourselves! – Gosh! (yelling) (crew laughing) – Mario! – Oh, I hate myself! – The thing is, we thought we could do it That's was our mistake – We could do it now that we know how the buttons work – [Link] Wanna be the top dog? Then go to our shop, dog, and save up to 30% on our Mythical Storywear Post-apocalypse collection at Mythical


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