Licking 1300 Birthday Candles

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) That's a waxy cake – Man

– Let's eat it Welcome to "Good Mythical More" Win face Congratulations to Nate, you win a mythical hat, Nate Link: "Nate

" Good face, Nate You know what? Let's bring in Well, you tell me how we're gonna do this

– Got some on my pants – Let's bring out the crew! You were right, you should've just gone with that We're bringing them all out at once? Bring everybody out at once, we're all gonna make a little semi-circle And we're going to bring up stills from the first episode of "Good Mythical Morning" that these guys appeared on where you can really get a good look at them A lot of them, it is the first appearance, and some of them, it may be, you know, an early appearance

And we're just gonna see how much everyone has changed over the years Yeah, obviously, we're going with the OG mythical crew members, the ones who have been here the longest And I'll be cutting people's cake as we go, so if, Link, you could just set up some plates up here Oh, certainly, Rhett – ( grunts ) – Thanks for the help with the candles, everybody

– You're welcome – Yeah, no problem Except Ben Hey, Ben's here – Morgan

– Ben! Yeah, what the heck? Morgan was behind the Morgan was working, he was behind the scenes – Also, Morgan's here – Yes I know, I just said he was behind the scenes – They're just never here

– The cake is still very warm Rhett, why don't– oh, yeah, you gotta You're blocking– yeah, Alex, make sure that you're seen at every moment

Check this out, I'm just gonna kinda just Peer over his shoulder Look at that, guys, I went to engineering school

All right, here we go – You like icing? – Pass it down I need to– all right All right, industrial engineer, I need you to be ready With, like, the most inhibition

Not even looking anymore Wow, this is quick cake slicing – What's happening? – Yeah Just passing it down I lost track a long time ago

Well, Chase is eating two slices There you go, pass that down Wow, you're like a you're like a Benihana Oh! Uh! This is turning into like a "Laverne and Shirley" sketch It's a little more "Mr Bean" Or a little, what is this? Like "I Love Lucy

" All right, did we do that right? – Hey, guys – Everybody's got a little Very waxy

that may have been a record for cake cutting on this show Oh, yeah

Okay, so, Rhett, slide that way a little bit and you guys can scooch on up, let's be a happy family Can you pass around the forks now? Do it in a really efficient way that looks cool Just grab one Alex, you're touching the eating part I thought you hid it so I could pass them all down

I just made everybody grab I'd now rather eat with my hands See? That's what I'm saying

– That's the problem – Yeah, you gotta do that, man Ah, wow, this is going nowhere – What a disaster – Thank you

There's a hair on my plate – A hair on your plate? – It's yours Yeah, it's the hairy candles Is the cake warm? – Yeah – All right, who's gonna go first? Let's see a still image from

– Rhett: Kevin! – All: Oh! Rhett: Wow, Kevin had the long hair Kevin: Long hair, yeah Rhett: He wore no T-shirt under his hoodies

Oh, wow, I don't remember that! Or that episode Link: Is that a headshot? What is that? I think so, yeah Kevin was looking good that day That was taken here Yeah, it was taken here

Why are we letting people take headshots – so they can get work? – Oh, I got a candle – Get acting work, yeah – What is that from? – I've eaten some wax – For the website? – I think it was – No, it's for a thumbnail So, Kevin, how do you feel about yourself compared to the way that your hair used to look? Sometimes I miss it, but mostly I don't – I certainly don't – You don't miss it? "I certainly don't

" What's your wife say about it? 'Cause that's really what this all boils down to – She likes it better now – Okay, good – Yeah – Success

Let's see another one – I had a bite – It's good Link: Look at Jen Look how happy Jen was

– Rhett: Yeah ( laughter ) – Times have changed – Before Jen knew what she was getting herself into Link: Your hair is longer than Kevin's Jen: Yeah, it was very long, and very blonde

Now, I'm trying– Yeah, it was blonder I'm trying to think how short has your hair gotten? 'Cause I think it's growing out again now – Am I right? – Yeah At one point, I cut it too short and it looked like a mom cut, but I think it's at a good spot right now Did you see that in the comments? Probably, yeah, probably felt sad about it

Yeah, our entire self-image is based on your comments – Mm-hmm – So I change my hair based on what I read "Who am I? I don't know Let the people of the internet tell me" Let's see the next one here Alex: Wow

Link: Oh, wow, this is a big change Alex and Ben – Man, guys – What are we doing? Let's start with Alex here Now, first of all

Alex: It's been quite a journey, guys we gave you a new hairstyle, you never went back Is this that much better, though? I don't know Really, if you think about it? – Yeah – You think so? I almost feel like you, like

I feel like I have a whole different idea about who that guy is and what he would talk like, and, like, what he would be into The Midwest? He's all into the Midwest I mean, I could've gone to high school with that guy

– Yeah – Very much so He looks like a dumb guy if you look at him I'm not trying to be mean or anything, he just he looks like a dumb guy Yeah, he looks like a dumb guy, guys, I mean Kevin, just come out and say it Now that your hair's short, you can say anything you want The particular freeze frame does make you look like a dumb guy – But – Yeah, I get that

But, like, now, in video form, how does he look now, Kevin? Say something nice About the same, but a little cooler – I'll take that – I think he does look a little cooler, yeah Yeah

Super smart Trying to do a cool guy thing All right And, of course, we got "Beanus" here ( laughter ) Jen: What'd you call him? – Yeah

– Ben, I said, "Ben" Let that hit the internet Everyone, just call me Beanus from now on 13 million people I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Those are the kinda nicknames that stick, man

I didn't realize that was just between us So you got a That invites more

– Okay – "That's just between us, Ben" – Yeah – Beanus Now, you're hair has gone through some different iterations

– Yeah – It's gotten super long – Yeah – It was super, super long before Yeah, it was like down to here before, yeah

And then it got almost that long again at some point, like, right like down into here Yep And then you went back to short again And then it all came out of here instead Yeah, and now we got a mustache

And the glasses, and the forearms Yeah Let's not forget about that was not Both of you guys are working the forearm tats What are they called when they're on the forearm? – Tattoos – Tattoos – Okay – Yeah

Both of you have fallen further into depravity over the past couple of years – Yeah – Ben, I think that, in that still frame right there, the past you knows that the future us are talking about you in the way that we now are I can see it in your eyes – "They're gonna be looking at this picture

" – Yeah Kinda looks like Rhett is shoving my– or that's you, isn't it? Shoving my own hand into my own mouth – Yeah, as we do – Yeah – That wouldn't surprise me

– "As we do" All right, who else we got? – Jen: Oh – Link: There's Chase Jen: I thought you were wearing the same shirt – Oh, it's

– Oh I'm trying to move– move I would've thought I don't know, I feel like

you haven't changed that much Well, though, look at the glasses, though! Yeah, I got glasses I mean, the glasses

When did you get those, yesterday? No, I just don't wear them often Okay The more you change, the more you stay the same, you know? If it ain't broke, don't break it

Yeah I mean, your hair used to go down and then back up, now it kinda goes up and over Yeah, it's a big difference, Chase Yeah, changing it up Keep us guessing, Chase

Mr Consistency All right, next one – Morgan – Rhett: Morgan

He had a sad first day That was– we were eating the pepper that day He was so sad and confused The was the Carolina Reaper day You're not nearly as sad and confused

First day Your first day was eating the Carolina Reaper? – First day on set, yeah – On set And we made you eat it No, I volunteered

Was that when you got, like, a rash on your face afterwards 'cause it landed on you? Dropped a little bit on my face Oh, right – I did? – Yeah – You were feeding everybody – Sorry

You remember? You were feeding everybody I was force-feeding everybody Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, man Rhett: You've gone a little bit shorter with the hair as well

So it's still kind of achieving the same pattern but it's, like, it's just shorter, little bit more professional – Keeps getting better – Yeah Looks like you might be thinking about an investment somewhere now What's your

what's your take on Morgan? Morgan Morgan, famous actor? Yeah We still got that kicking He just came off of "Car Wash 3" when he joined us

Wow Is that right? Alex knows about this stuff And I think we've got one of Stevie as well, don't we? Link: This is Stevie doing the photo shoot for the "Taylor Swift Caption Fail" as Taylor Swift Rhett: She was working the bangs But, Stevie, why are you not out here? Come out here, Stevie

Stevie: I didn't think that I changed so much so I didn't want to bring everything down with, you know, just having the I look the same Stevie

Get out here! She just stutters more You don't look the same Not a thing has changed

No, nothing You haven't become more like Link on top and me in your beard region at all I told– I mean, I didn't have to come out here for you to know it, but This is what working for us for a number of years will do to you You start to look like us It's like a It's like old married couples – start to look alike – They do I think that's what we are We worked together too long More grey up there than I think you need

Rhett: Oh, really? We wanted to make sure people saw that I think it looks pretty good I'm kinda into it It came on pretty suddenly, though, honestly, 'cause I didn't notice that this morning when you came in Yeah

I've had a hard time laughing for the past segment, so I'm gonna be really happy to take this off She means shave – Yes, shave – Right Take– that's– yeah

And, of course, you, mythical beasts Did you say "intercourse"? I said And, of course, the last thing that we do to celebrate 1,300 episodes, we all have intercourse

Dibs on Morgan

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