Mall Food Court Stir Fry Challenge

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (bass drum bangs) (wheel clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Motivational speech, we're gonna give a motivational speech to a very specific person

That person is a cannibal who's just turned vegan – Hey you know what, people change, and you've changed I think you've made a good decision, so keep looking for, up, stop looking at the thighs – Here's the deal – Don't look at my thighs

– This is going to be a very difficult thing to follow through with But listen if you have to cheat, just eat a vegan (audience laughs) – And don't look at my thighs – Okay, we're gonna make more stuff because, whoa – So we've got the bucket

– I just hit the bucket – Yeah that's the wheel just hit the bucket – I hit the bucket – So we've got a bucket full of the stuff that we didn't use in the hacks, so I call that, hack-offage, hack-offage I don't really call it anything, I was gonna try to– – Yeah you probably shouldn't call it anything that sounds close to that So, all right, Josh, you gonna come tell us what's happening here? That smells like it's ready to go – There's some– – It sure is! There's some bread, there's lots of meats there's some Cinnabon, there's some, there's some popcorn

– Oh my goodness – Popcorn – When Connie was like, "What can we do with all these leftovers "to create a cohesive dish?" I said, "Nothing, nothing at all" This is a crazy mixture of food so we decided that we'd do what we do whenever you don't know what to do with leftovers We make a stir-fry

– I like it, thank you – Now, what is step one, stomping this? – Yes, I don't know the proper technique – I don't know the proper technique – I don't know the proper technique – Who would know the proper technique? – Oh! (audience chuckles) Matt Carney, everybody! – Matt Carney, everybody! (audience cheering) You know him from, Hot Dog on a Stick! – Hot Dog on a Stick! (audience clapping) How many years did you work at Hot Dog on a Stick? – I was, like a year, year and a half? I was 18, first year of college, so I think about a year and a half

– Oh, and you were the Lemonade Man? – We all did a little bit of everything there, yeah Lemonade man, I dipped the hotdogs in the batter, the cheese in the batter, the lemonade, yeah – Do you still eat a Hot Dog on a Stick when you see one? – Yeah, I'll get down with the cheese on a stick, yeah those are really good, Pepper Jack, really good – Oh, Pepper Jack cheese – So, what, cheese on a stick, fried? – Yeah you just take this Pepper Jack, or cheddar, your choice

And they have a very specific, they like, it's like a whole day tutorial on how to properly batter – Oh, look at that wrist-work, do that again (audience laughing) (laughing drowns out speaker) – Like you go down, and you do one of these – Wow! – And then you let it drip – Wow! That looked painful almost

– It's almost sensual – And then it sits in a little tong (audience chuckling) It was very sensual, and it was a good job They pay you well, it was good, yeah – We hired Matt Carney because he can stand there and still be completely in the wide shot

– Yeah, we only hire– (Matt laughs loudly) We only hire, people who've worked at Hot Dog on a Stick (cast laughing) (laughing drowns out speech) – Put your hands on your knees or something – [Josh] All right I'm ready – There you go, look sit on Josh's face – If I remember I was like 18 when I did this By the way, I was like not in any kind of shape at this point, I was like, a chubby little 18-year old But my triceps were exceptional, because you do this– (cast laughing) – Yeah

– All day long, so it was like, (bucket thudding) a double stomp – There you have it kids (bucket thudding) – You double stomp? (bucket thudding) – Wow, I don't wanna look (cast laughing) – I'll look – It was a double stomp and you just smash and you throw in, just yeah, and just, (chair thudding) – Did you start any relationships at Hot Dog on a Stick? Because there's just so many sensual things happening

(cast laughing) It's like, people dipping like this, people double stomping – We put that 'ass' in citric acid (hysterical laughter) – It's coming out – Yeah all right – Now typically this would be filled with like a bunch of water as well as– – Can you hold that? – Yes please, all right

– Oh gosh – Now just grab a bowl full of that – [Josh] Yeah, you just gotta– – Who knows what you're gonna get? – [Josh] Yeah you just try to finish it up with the bowl a little bit, kinda crush it – And show that to the people (Rhett laughing) – Oh gosh! So while there's a lot of rice, the rice is really gonna form the base of your carb

(rice sizzling) There we go, we got a couple of buns in there I'm gonna get some more liquids just to kinda lube it up (sizzling) There we go, that's gonna be nice – Matt if you wanna take– – Yes – And then, you wanna bring this up? Shall we? Or wherever you want it, I don't know where you, where the best place for this is

Yeah, and I'm just gonna– – Oh, god, no (chuckling) – Just gonna hit a little flick And then, see you got a whole chicken breast You wanna keep it a little bit rustic, you wanna get some nice big chunks in there But you also want it to make, you know be an edible dish, so

– It's gotta be somehow (audience member laughs) Yeah, it's gotta be a little bit homogenous – Stomp, stomp – Just a little bit – Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp – Put the ass in citric acid – Normally I'd like, you guys used some extra Cinnabon icing that I was saving for this, and that's fine, 'cause normally you're gonna want to coat this entire thing in icing

– Oh sorry – No, it's okay you guy's were having fun, – I thought I needed to use the icing to seal the– – I didn't wanna stop you – To seal the log – It was a good instinct – Now there are some Cinnabon centers in there

– Yeah, that's the filet, it's like the tenderloin of Cinnabon Those are actually so good though Yeah, I've eaten like six Cinnabons So remember your hacks episode, there was like two hacks to what you guys were doing on the table, and that's what I'm doing with the scraps of the scraps, on the side, off camera If you dip Popcornopolis into the Cinnabon icing, that's a treat

– Ooh – Oh, that's a good idea – That's a nice treat – Why aren't we doing that? (chuckles) Why are we instead, doing this? (audience softly chuckling) – I wish I had answers for you – Hey, but that mall wellington That was quite a– – It was really good! – Quite a thing man

(food sizzling) – You let us know when that's ready and we got any big plates we can just plate this up on? Oh trays – I think it's probably pretty good now – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Oh, hot pan coming in! – Put it right over here – Put it right on, put that hot right on the plastic, yep

– There you go! (audience faintly chuckling) – Whoa, look out, did you see what it did? It expanded the plastic (audience chuckles) And we got a couple forks here Just you know, just– (Link coughs) Just find the nearest, or the most interesting part to you personally and just start eating it – [Link] I'm looking for the – [Josh] Do you guy's recognize what this is? It looks like corn bread, but there is no corn bread in there – Look I found the middle of a Cinnabon – Oh, that's lucky in some cultures (audience chuckling) – I think I found a, I found the middle of a Cinnabon, but it's covered in rice

– Yep, I got lettuce on mine (audience laughing) – It's just a really nice bite of like, ham and cheese fried rice (loud chewing) – Okay, that wasn't as good as I was hoping – Wow – Let me try a different part

– Did you injure your mouth? – Hm? – You said "Ow" – [Josh] No I didn't say that, I said "Wow" (Rhett laughing) – Oh I thought you said "Ow" – It was the Owen Wilson "Wow" – Wow

– Wow – Wow – Wow – Wow – Wow

(audience laughing) – That's a Cinnabon center – I wanna find some ham, I want some cured pork – Here's some– – This is how pigs feel – Some chicken parts – You know what I'm saying? Maybe it's good to be a pig? You get the slop, never know what you're gonna get in a bite

What is that? – Sometimes I dress up like a pig just for fun! – They're smart people, animals (audience faintly chuckles) – Smarter than toddlers If it's a really dumb toddler, I guess So you gotta find a dumb toddler to compare it to – Dumb toddlers are not that hard to find

– No (distant laughter) – I'm surprised no one's going for the big hunk of– (Josh softly whistles) – Bread? – Bread over here – Did you just play a wiener like a flute? (laughter) – Yeah, I kinda forgot we're on camera I was hoping no one saw that – Well I heard it, I didn't see it – This is some, oh what is that? That's bacon! – Wow

– I don't know why I keep going back to it – Yeah me neither, something– – You keep wowing this dish – Yeah, I guess I'm just way more pleased with myself than I thought I'd be, 'cause this is pretty good to me – And there's a couple bites I could really taste the plastic – Yeah

(audience faintly laughs) – Yeah I like that – Kind of sets everything off – This bacon, and that fried rice is pretty good – Yeah, there are parts to this that make sense – Typically I don't think I've ever gotten fried rice with bacon in it

– I think you can do that at, they have bacon in several dishes now at Panda Express – Panda? Panda, panda, panda, you know that song? – Yeah – Let's sing it – You know that the first Panda Express was in Glendale – Panda, panda, panda, you just gotta say panda a lot

– Is that the theme song of Panda Express? – No it's just a song – I'm full see you guy's later (upbeat music) – Okay bye, Josh – Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda Panda, panda, panda Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda, panda, panda

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