Marmite Pizza Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (loud bang) (groaning in disappointment) – Welcome to Good Mythical More! – Superpower We're superpowers, I mean we- (laughs) – No, we are

– Superheroes – I am Captain Eyebrow! – And I am Cousin Steve! – And together, we are a guy who shoots lasers from his eyebrows (imitates laser firing) – I just came over this weekend and was, like, sure I can hang out

(laughs) – He house sits for me when I'm out and about shooting lasers from my eyebrows (imitates laser firing) – How's the dishwasher? – I usually just call you Darryl, but I mean, if you want me to call you Captain Eyebrow – (mumbles) Captain Eyebrow – I will, Darryl – Did you fix it? – No, man, I've just been hanging with you and your eyebrows – Your hand washing the dishes? – Man, don't make me wash the dishes – Feeding the tarantula? I have a pet tarantula

Because I'm a superpower – I'm a super poopster (quietly laughs) That's what you said We are superpowers – I'm a superpower – Oh, gosh

I have the privilege, i`t was so close at a certain point – Now, first of all, let me just – The privilege of eating this – Let me just say that you handed that to me because surely it was either Hong Kong or Japan Based on all of the stuff we've had – Ugh, I thought it was Nigeria

– And I was, like, surely Link is just gonna throw the dart on top of all the possible answers Those being Japan and Hong Kong And block me out from even being able to see the countries – Ah-ee! – Do you want me to win? – Ah-ee! – Is that what's happening? Are you secretly wanting me to win this game? – I thought I wasn't that Oh, I said I was going from Nigeria to Hong Kong, and I was trying to spread it, but Josh told me I need to throw it really hard – So it's Josh's fault – I was fixated on throwing it really hard, and then it went straight I don't have good aim I need to practice

This is, what is this? Marmite – Marmite and cheese Where's that from? – It's from Australia See? That wasn't too close to it Australia! – I don't know a lot about darts, but my amateur analysis of what's happening is that you have a stroke like this Look

Your hand goes down like this, and so you're relying on a particular release point – Yes – That's why you're either low or high, but I go more straight at the target – Oh, you point! – And so, that's why – So, like, Brazil (dart hits board) – Exactly

– Oh! – Should I have not told you that? – [Stevie] It's from New Zealand FYI – Alright, now I'ma aim for New Zealand New Zealand! Ahh! It didn't stay? – But it was there – I'm gonna aim for the ball sack part of my pizza dough Look at that! – Now the only thing that's happening is your darts are not sticking completely in it

That's interesting what's happening now – [Link] Maybe if I go from back here – [Rhett] Now you're making other darts fall – Hand me a couple more darts! – Let me try it from back here – [Link] What were you aiming for, though? – [Rhett] Australia

Canada Oh-ho-ho! I'm further back, and I'm leaning back too hard – You hit the flesh side – [Stevie] Hey guys – Yeah? – [Stevie] We have, like, a really cool game that we can also play

– We're playing a cool game! – Canada! – [Stevie] I mean, I guess it's not a game Fine, it's not a game what we have, but it is photos – Okay, well, I think I just gave Link a tip that may render his- – Yeah, 'cause I've been like – His cheats Unnecessary – I gotta Google that – Well, first of all, you need to eat this pizza – All of it? – Yeah, the whole thing while we're eating and sitting here – This exists?! – [Stevie] Yeah

– [Link] In New Zealand? – [Stevie] Yeah – [Link] Kiwis, man Great senses of human Great humans, great senses of humor, horrible sense of taste – You have a great sense of human It smells interesting You're not good? – It's like if you had an uncle that worked in a salt mine his entire life, and then you ate him – Oh, you ate the uncle and his petrified body? – Oh, my gosh

– Okay, so we're looking at- – The cheese helps a little bit – This is a Twitter account called This Used to Be a Pizza Hut These are places of business that used to be Pizza Huts, and the iconic nature of a Pizza Hut is something that is easily recognizable even when people change the place of business into, for instance, The Holiness Tabernacle – [Link] Oh, wow Well, actually, you really tried to hide it

– [Stevie] That's really good, I think – [Rhett] They did a really good job because that's a new roof – [Link] That's a new roof, but the windows are the same – [Stevie] No! Are they? (overlapping chatter) – Why would they do the windows like that? – [Stevie] I guess I just never paid attention to the Pizza Hut windows, only the top – Well, I'm assuming that's what makes it a recognizable thing is if Pizza Hut didn't have windows like that, then I don't understand the point of the account

– If we went to high school together, you might remember that after football games we would go to Pizza Hut in Lillington after every high school football game – The football players and cheerleaders- – They'd show up later – They'd show up later Like, you would leave the game and you'd go over there and you'd be hanging out and you'd try to assert your cool points, but then when the football players and cheerleaders showed up, you'd kinda slink away to a corner booth 'cause they were there – But our football team didn't have a lot of respect because they were actually featured in Sports Illustrator as having the longest losing record of any high school team in America

– Right, so it was more about patting them on the back – Alright, y'all want some pizza? – Telling Glen Soral, "You know what? "You're a great guy, man" – I was specifically thinking of Glen Soral – Big guy, great guy – Yeah

– I miss him, man Hey Glen, we miss you! Shoutout! Oh, look This is a Pizza Hut – [Rhett] There you go – [Link] What is this? Petite Pet Inn

Grooming, training classes, self dog wash – [Rhett] On the sign, it says, "Not a Pizza Hut" Did they add that? Or they have to keep clarifying that – I don't know if that's photoshop, but probably not That's funny, man

Not a Pizza Hut I'm kinda confused- – Well, hold on We got information coming from back there? – [Woman] Yeah, apparently they get asked all the time about it – Was this a Pizza Hut? – Yes – Well, it's not a Pizza Hut now, jerk! – What is self dog wash? Is that when a dog washes himself? – Yeah

– Let's see another – You haven't seen that? – [Link] Hold on, that one's hiding beneath a retro fitted warehouse What does it say? – [Rhett] That's deceptive, right there – [Link] Bennett Babies, it's child care I wonder if they put 'em in the pizza oven

(Rhett blows out air) I wouldn't trust that place with my kids, man You know, 'cause their pizza ovens are the type that you put it in, and it has a conveyor belt Isn't that Pizza Hut? – No, that's Quiznos I'm pretty sure that – Isn't that Pizza Hut? – No, I don't know – Just because Rhett disagrees with me doesn't mean he's right Pizza Hut has a freaking conveyor belt – No, I think that most pizza places have a conveyor belt oven because it's perfect- – So, now you're agreeing with me

– I just made a Quiznos joke, man – [Stevie] I'm sorry That's what I'm yelling about back here I feel like there's places in Greensboro for sure that they don't do anything, but they just put a different sign on it, or something – [Link] And that's it

Walk-in clinic, IDA Merit – [Stevie] But look at those windows

That's what I'm saying – [Rhett] Yeah, you want people to know this was a Pizza Hut 'cause it gives you something to talk about – [Link] You know what this reminds me of? In Fuquay-Varina, there was a Hardee's, and Hardee's had kind of a similar rooftop – It became a foot clinic – It was the police station before that

– No, but it became a podiatrist, but he called it The Foot Clinic Why you gotta put clinic in a name when you don't have to? – But I think it's more interesting that it was the police station – Well, that kinda makes sense because – Fine, we can disagree on that, too But the Pizza Hut had a freaking conveyor belt, man – Just like Quiznos – Can somebody Google that? I gotta be vindicated – [Stevie] Are you talking about, like, that you could see? Or you mean, like in their production mind

– It's an oven designed to move a pizza through itself at a determined time so that when it comes out, it's done in the right way I believe that many pizza places use this technology – [Benny] I worked at a pizza shop We had one – See, Benny's about this

– You had one? At a pizza shop? – [Benny] Yeah – What is that? – [Benny] A family-owned pizza shop? – Oh, that's not what it was called? It wasn't a chain? – Yeah, look The oven has two decks which both have a moving conveyor belt Put a raw pizza in one end, and the belt takes about 5 minutes to cook the whole thing through – [Man] PizzaRev? Like the artisan pizzas

– Yeah, they do it, too But I mean, I'm saying Pizza Hut did it You wouldn't think that Pizza Hut did it

You'd think they just put 'em in and take 'em out, but they had a conveyor belt before anybody, PizzaRev, any of those places – At the end of the g- – Even before Quiznos – Oh, go back to that because that has some really interesting information about something that happens at the end of the conveyor belt At the end of the oven conveyor belt, there's a metal siding to stop the pizzas from falling off the edge

It takes about ten minutes to warm up at the start of the day and reaches around 230 degrees Celsius?! See how interesting that was? Aren't you glad I made you go back? – That's from Michael Burford who worked at a Pizza Hut (crew laughing) – Michael Ilitch, with 2 Ls, one being unnecessary – [Woman] Little Caesar's was the first! – Little Caesar's? – He invented the conveyor belt oven in 1977! – I'll be dang And he invented crazy bread Now called crazy crust

– Man, that guy's a genius – Crazy crust, now called crazy bread – What does he do now? Let's have him on the show – What's this pizza place here? What's that say? – Oh, it's Michael Ilitch Oh, he died

He died 2 years ago At 87 – Don't be sad – He lived a good life – He lived a good, long life

– He lived a crazy bread of a life – He was worth 6,000,000,000 dollars when he died That's what happens when you invent conveyor belt pizzas – [Link] Twisted Tuesday, not specials, new dance- Oh, this is a strip club (crew laughing) – No, it's just a dance studio

– New dancers! Not nude dancers Just new dancers – Yeah Man, I wonder if they still got the ovens in there – Keeps the dancers fresh

– Look at her, she's coming out – ♪ I'm coming out ♪ – [Link] Whoa – [Rhett] Oh, god – Speaking of coming out, somebody went into a Pizza Hut, and that one is still a Pizza Hut – This used to be a drive-thru! C'mon! – [Link] We've got some mythical threads for your head! Now in 3 different styles: Polo, Camper, and Beanie! Head on over to mythical

store to get yours!

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