Match That Laugh (GAME)

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" "Lonely Hashtag

" What we gave you wasn't enough This is when we find a very lonely hashtag on Instagram and then we add to it This one is #inanimatebff Post your photo that makes sense with that hashtag, so it's not lonely anymore I think a lonely hashtag is sad, but then an inanimate BFF could actually be sadder

– Ellie, come on in – I've got a few of those Ellie, my understanding is you have recorded laughs of actual Mythical crewmembers – Yes – My understanding is

you're gonna play audio – Yeah – You're gonna– get comfortable

– Yeah – Come on, come on, come on in a little closer – Come on in – ( both muttering ) What we have here is the contestants And we're going to try to guess who it is

Okay, so the game that you played with Zach Braff was based on a study– – That was awesome, huh? – What a fun game – You guys did great – We didn't disprove science, but we proved that Zach Braff is, uh, quite a compadre – Yeah – He should come back on our show

– I agree – Had a lot of fun – Yeah, we did – Wouldn't you agree? What do you think about Zach Braff? – I'm a fan – ( laughter ) – Nothing else

– What? "I'm a fan" – Did you talk to him? – Briefly – What did you say? – I just explained the game to him – Oh, that's it? – Just– I kept it professional – Was it this energy? – No

– ( laughter ) – No, it was very– I used to watch "Scrubs" That was, like, my favorite show – Great show – But you didn't mention that, though, right? – I didn't say that – 'Cause you're not supposed to mention the– – The other sh– the old show

– The big thing that was in the past, – you're not supposed to talk about it – No, I know You talk about the new thing That's how you play it cool – Yeah

"Alex, Inc" on ABC – Right, yeah, exactly, right – Tune in – Yeah, that's how you do it

And what did he say? Um, he was very great He was funny, he was nice – Charming? – Charming – Yeah – Got a nice smile

– ( laughter ) – Rhett got to hug him I did I hugged him for quite a while, actually – It was a nice hug – Yeah, it was

– I was close to it – Yeah – I'm super hot – ( laughter ) Suddenly my face oil has just exploded All right, play some laughs for us

Well, so the point of this game– this should be easy for you – These are people you know – Right, yes So the study is that it's hard to guess strangers' laughs – You should nail this

– I wasn't bad at that, you know – Two for five – I'm not even trying to trick you, so– – I think we need to blurt it out – Yeah Unless you have a better idea, and then you only have one guess at this

– One guess – It's like she's saying, these are our teammates These are people who we should know – Yeah – And they're doing the normal laugh they usually do

– Yeah – Not like doing a fake laugh – No – Okay – Okay, ready? – Yeah

First one – ( laughter ) – Ch– – Micah – Chase Chase, Micah? It's Micah – ( Rhett laughs ) – Ellie: That's a throaty old Micah laugh

Yep, it definitely is I answered too early – Yep – Okay, ready? – ( laughter ) – Both: Alex ( laughing ) That was, like– he's still going

That was easy What was he laughing at? Um, I'm sure it was like, "Can you laugh into a microphone?" and he was like, "No" And then they were like, "Please," and then he did that – Yeah, right Yeah

– Yeah He laughed at himself not being able to laugh – into a microphone – Yeah – Okay, next up – Yeah, I can see that

( laughter ) – Eliza – Okay – Make it count – Emily It's Jen

It's Tess – It's Tess? – And it's so Tess when you hear it – Listen – ( Tess laughing ) – Rhett: Oh, yeah – Ellie: Right? That's Tess

– Yeah – Demented Tess that's making all that nasty in the kitchen Yeah Coming up with something awful for you – ( evil laughter ) – Okay

That wasn't easy Now that I hear it, it should have been easy, but it wasn't, originally All right, ready? – ( laughter ) – Both: Mike And who– it was somebody else, too I heard Alex in the background

No, I think he has a multi-layered type of laugh – Yeah, yeah And he laughs out of his ear as well – Let's hear that one again Okay

Uh, ah Rhett: You don't get that point though, right? ( Mike laughing ) 'Cause I said Mike, and then you said Mike after I said Mike – We both get the point, man – That's one of the flaws of this gameplay – I blurted it

– Okay All right, okay – I'm sorry – All right, I'll give you the point – I'll think it through better the next time

– Never acknowledge the flaws Okay Nothing wrong happened – When speaking with Zach Braff – So I can just wait – until I know I've got the right answer

– Okay, fair – I won't get a point I'm fine – Okay, you can have the point It's fine

– From now on– – It just cuts both ways Well, then, we have to do three, two, one – Yeah – I thought it was just first person to say the answer We both said Alex at the same time, – so we both got that point

– All right, you're right Yeah, you are right And then I said Mike and then you said Mike – Okay – But, yeah, he said it first

He gets the point, so it's three to one Okay Ready? – I can come back – I'm not competitive ( laughter ) – Chase

( laughter continues ) – Chase – ( laughter ) Rhett: And then it broke- it broke and it really became Chase – When the apple broke– – Yeah Oh! – ( music playing ) – Oh, yeah! Do it, girl! Drop it! Hey, what's going on on that laptop? You got, like, a Zach Braff video on there? No For real, it's this song that's been in my iTunes since, like, nine months ago when we did that dancing episode, where it's like that weird yodel-ay-hee-hoo

– Is it royalty free? – Uh, yeah – Bring it – Play it, play it, play it – ( music playing ) – Eat it, lawyers! – Do you remember the– – This is royalty free Do you remember the dance? We did a whole dance

– Oh, yeah, the choreography thing – The shiny dancers? – I can never remember that – Oh There was like– – I won't dance, but – Oh, man That's the song that's, like, on my iTunes – And then that's probably Beyoncé – Four to one, dang it

– And we can't afford that What? – ( music playing ) Then stop it! ( laughing ) – The only music you have on your computer is, like – Then stop it, Ellie! – lame loops

– ( laughing ) – I mean, okay – "Lame loops" That sounds like a great playlist All right, I've got– I've got one that I think is gonna stump you – ( music playing ) – No

– Very good, Ellie – I love where this is going, Ellie – Ellie's becoming, like, a DJ – DJ – I don't know what that sound is

– It's like a DJ at, like, – the county fair – You're doing great – Okay, all right – Listen, the reason why she's having such a difficult time is 'cause Zach Braff is literally right there watching her – Yeah, he's just– yeah

– PA: Turn off iTunes Oh, uh You gotta quit iTunes, then you gotta press space bar with your finder

Oh, it was Deerhunter Look at me – I have cool bands on my computer – The movie? – Yeah – No, they're a band

They're very cool Yeah, yeah We can sample that now – Okay, so we're going to pick it up – ( chuckle ) Oh, there it goes

– That was Kevin – Um Was that it? Was that it? That was the whole file? Yeah

You want to hear it again? ( chuckle ) – Oh – Best we could get – That's not Kevin – Play it again – I'm going with Kevin then

– It's Morgan – ( Rhett laughing ) – Link: Morgan, Morgan the Mysterious? – Rhett: Play it again, play it again ( Morgan chuckles ) ( laughter ) That's all we could get out of Morgan? That's better than any time you guys have said a joke on here Like, he's so stone-faced all the time That's the first time I've ever heard him in three months

– ( laughter ) – Period – That was– that's awesome – Ah, dang it – I want that as when I get a text – Is there another? – I want that as my text tone

– We could do one more, yeah Build it up Be, like, "We have one more, and this one's worth five points" – ( laughter ) – Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah

– Okay, sure – We have one more, and this one's worth five points We have one more, and this one's worth five points – Five points – You already said that

Okay Mm, mm ♪ Mm ♪ Okay ( laughter ) – You – Ellie

( laughter ) – Rhett made his guess – It's raspy There's a rasp in there Rhett made his guess What if that was Stevie? That would be so weird

– I have no clue who that is – It wasn't – I know it's not Stevie – You have to make a guess For all the marbles

I don't– I don't– Jen – It was Emily – Rhett: Emily! – Oh, yeah She's got a little rasp! – She has a rasp – She's got– yeah

Yeah – Dang it – Yep – That's the game – Coulda won

– Could have won The door was open, but I slammed it shut – ( groans ) – No hug from Zach Braff – Bad day – No non-prize that we don't have

Thanks for those cool tunes that you spun

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