Most Used Emoji Guessing Game

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Got one right here It's with emojis

Who is that? Win face! Congratulations to Alicia! You win a GMM T-shirt! Link: Alicia! All right, come on in, everybody So, it's my understanding that when you use emojis– You're saying this as a person who doesn't own a smartphone I just– You're premising it like that I own a smartphone, I just don't use emojis Okay

All right When you use emojis then it puts 'em on a frequently used so you can get to 'em quicker Exactly, Dad! And so now we're going to match– these are actual screen shots from you guys' phones Our actual phones That's cool how it turned into– It's cool what they can do these days

How they can print things – All right– – You go with the first one, Rhett – Very "Black Mirror" – Oh, you want me to take the first one? Okay All right

Here we go So– Alex, Ellie, Jen, and Mike And if I'm not mistaken it is my understanding as a 40-year-old father, that very rarely also uses emojis, that this is the most, most used one – Which one? Can't see – Upper left

– The heart eyes – Upper left is the most used So we're saying, heart eyes is the most used emoji by this person This is somebody who gets texts that then their response is infatuation Who is most infatuated by an average text? Well, also let me point out, we got hearts here, we have the double heart, we have the full heart, and we have the kissy lips

– We got a shrimp in there – Shrimp Shrimp is pretty strong, too – And an octopus – Shrimp and devil

– Is that an octopus? – Link: So there's like– Yeah, there's– That's a squid There's seafood, and hearts – I like shrimp – Okay – I feel– – You like shrimp? Mike's trying to put himself out there

– This is not Mike's – No, I'm just saying I like– I got a pretty good idea which one's Mike is, based on what I've seen here Now, this is– I'm gonna go with– I think this is Ellie that's my vote for this Oh, yeah, let's start there That sounds good to me

– Okay – Next one we have– – Lot of hearts – This is a kissy heart face, then a heart, then a keeping it 100 – I can definitely see– – Wow, there's a lot of hearts there, too! Oh, hold on, there's– Uh-oh There's fingernail painting and there's an engagement ring

– Ooh! – Ooh! Down here we got engagement ring– – Just eliminated me – Yeah From what I hear – What's the hatching chick? – I mean, when you got– When you got vomit and then you got engagement ring down here– I don't know – I think– – That could be me

Sorry, Alex – Who's been through a break up? – No, but we have– No, we– No, we have– There's the female avatar deal right there – avatar deal right there – Hey! This is Ellie – and then that's Jen – Hey! Oh, wow! So, Ellie, you were thinking about engagement, but then you started using vomit more frequently

So, you were grossed out by the possibility – We just did a switcheroo – Love is a funny thing – commitment is not – Now, I– – we don't have to– – Let's see what we got here There's no debate about this

Let's go ahead and hand it to Mike What is this? What is this? – I didn't mean to poke your eye – Looks like it's, um, the black moon face – Anytime– Anytime– – I love how he says it like he's just figuring it out It's the only emoji I use

Anytime I ever texted– like it means any emotion for Mike He's acting like he will respond I mean, if that one was you – I'll take it – In my understanding– – I know, just hold it right there

– You know what? You can get that tattooed somewhere – You should – You know what? – On the face – That's a really good tattoo That would not be a great idea, Jen

Right there on the forehead If you pay for it I'll do it Oh really? Where you gonna get it? – Not on my head – Yeah, not a face or neck thing – Get it like right there

– What is this? It's the dark side of the moon? It's the dark side of the moon Yeah, it's just a full moon face – Suspicious moon – To me it's always meant– – It's always meant like sneaky – Yeah

I've got gossip like, "Oh, I know, but I'm not saying" When text Mike like, "Hey, what are you doing?" He responds with that and nobody knows Nobody knows what that means 'Cause he always responds with that He's getting a tattoo 'cause I will pay for it

All right, and then this– Right now this would mean for Alex that his most popular emoji is a baby – It's a baby – Oh, my Lord Oh, boy So hold this up next to your face and let's continue to talk about it

– That's weirder than mine – No First of all, how do you know this is me? So, a baby and then a huh and then tears – Lots of– – Those are just water – Could be some sort of squirt

– Yeah, that's– – Okay – Oh, no! – Gross – It could be– It could be– – Could be some– – Rain – Could be a spit – I don't– I stay away from that one because I've seen it next to an eggplant

I don't wanna hear this– Excuse me? I deleted the eggplant and the water from my phone – The crops are good this year – You can't do that Yeah I feel good about– I feel good about this

– Yeah, this is– – Hold them all up to your face I feel this is a pretty strong, strong guess Final answers, guys Let's start with you, Alex Are we correct? This is me and I don't wanna explain it

– No, you gotta explain the baby – You use the baby a lot? Alex: Okay, so I have– I have like a pixel phone I don't think– This is just most recent It doesn't show you're like– you're most used – Oh! – Why you– Why you using the baby? I said I don't wanna talk about it

– Uh, I don't know – Are you pregnant? This could tell a story Baby, sad face, water, guys Come up with it yourself – I mean, make your own story

– A drowning baby – Yeah Well– – That's horrible I think actually– Alex, I think – this comes before the baby – Sure, sure, but I'm not a doctor, so I don't know

That's why I deleted it from my phone Are we right about Ellie? You're my doctor – Oh, my God – Kissy face, heart – Is that you? – Uh, this is not me

Oh, we were wrong! Dang, we switched you guys Okay – Link: They're pretty close – Ellie: This is me because I– I love octopus and all cephalopods So, the squid, and I like it 'cause he's like going like, "What's up?" He's always– He's kinda all– I've never used that one before

To me it's like, "Let's go out!" Like, "Let's have fun!" They are pretty close, but so– But, Jen, I never see you paint your nails – but that– painted nails– – I have a nails painted a lot – Really? – Yeah – But they're like black – Yeah They don't have the black nail painting

So gotta use the pink – Rhett: Okay, so that's as close as you can get – Okay, I got it – Well, hold on – You paint your nails black? – Yeah

I paint my nails so I don't bite them – Oh! – 'Cause otherwise I'll just sit there like this And who are you texting about it? – Um, some people – You know what I'm up to Like what's this about? Oh, tell us all about that, Jen

– Well, you know, just– – No Did you get secret married? Just looking for a green card, you know And this makes us very correct about Mike – No surprises there – Mike: Yeah, I guess

I guess this is me, huh? It's not how frequently used works I absolutely love that that is the way that your phone actually looks That makes me so happy and let's talk about that tattoo Ellie's saying that we should It's a good tattoo

– And it fits you real well – Yeah Honestly suits you Stevie: I already have the title and thumbnail picked out for this video – Wow! I must keep it private

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