Mystery Box Challenge

(rooster crowing) (lion roar) (drum beat) (wheel spinning) – Man, I'm full – All that work to center it and then it goes over there

– Merchicality – Welcome to Good Mythical More – We like to see you rep'n' that GMM merch out there Our hashtag merchicality winner is Emma Congrats you win a 30 dollar mythical

store giftcard – [Link] She's already working that patch – She got, – and that shirt – [Rhett] Yep Merchin' it up – She can get even more, mythical

store This More has been selected (burp) by Sorry, I just, – Internally burped? – It was a weird noise that came from right here I couldn't do it again if I tried – It was kinda like someone taking a metal pipe (chuckle) and like running it along some cell bars – Well, I do have, – Like 400 yards away

– I do have a metal esophagus – And a prisoner? (laugh off camera) – I don't have a prisoner, no – In there? – Yeah (clearing throat) – So, – First of all, or go ahead (laugh) – First of all what? – You were gonna say something

– I was gonna say that this was a s'more – Yeah, because those of you over at the Mythical Society voted on what we was gonna do, so, make sure that you join the mythical society by the end of June to get the next exclusive piece of signature series merch and this time around it's a limit edition print of a fancy oil painting of us and you don't want to miss that – [Link] And I'm not calling it merch, I call it a collectable – Collectable item – Because it's not, it's not merchandised

– Right – It's not being sold – It's not being sold by anybody – So, we're not actually gonna call it merch, we're gonna call it a collectable – But, right now, we're gonna stick our hands into mystery boxes because that's what you voted on

– What you could have voted for was Rhett and Link speak with French accents, which, I was great at just a few seconds ago – You already did that – For the entire More or Rhett and Link have to fist bump every 10 seconds That got the least amount of votes Or Rhett and Link take turns leaving their hands in a mystery box for 30 seconds

Okay – Okay – I'm gonna go first I'm gonna describe it to you – And then you take your hand out and I put my hand in? – Yeah

And then, we'll see if we can guess what it is – And then we do the Hokey Pokey – And we turn ourselves around – That's what it's all about – This kind of makes me nervous

Am I gonna get bit? – Yeah, definitely – Am I gonna get mousetrapped – [Lucas] I don't know – Am I gonna get maimed – You're only gonna loose the tip of a finger

– It feels cold in there Oh It is cold – 30 seconds (laughter) – It's layered

There's lots of cold layers – Do you wanna do 15 seconds? You 15 seconds, me, 'cause I mean, 30 seconds each is gonna take forever – What is, it's like it just feels like fleshy tongues laid on top of each other in like, a jelly – All right, let me try – Well, if I take my hand out we're gonna see

– All right, so, it's just one guy at a time, so, I'm not gonna stick my hand in this one So, it's all on you to guess – So, based on, oh, but, it's hold on Now, that I'm squeezing it, it's fabric This is like, it's folded over fabric

– Is it a slippery sweater? – Is it one thing or a combination of things? – [Lucas] It's a combo – It's a combo, so, it's some sort of fabric, like, I bet it's like, it's your underwear – [Lucas] No, no – It's like a cheese cloth – Is it cheese cloth? – It's cheese cloth in apple jam

Oh my gosh, look at that, – It is – It's a freakin' cloth – You're right, it is a cheese cloth – In, – No, it's a rag soaked in Thousand Island – Yeah, it is (laughter) – You know what? Could have been worse You know, suck some of that Thousand Island out

– I was pretty close All right – Give me a mystery box – And I was describing it to you thinking that somehow you'd be able to help me from the outside – I saw, I noticed that

– So, do the same for me, I'll help you – Okay I felt a kiwi (laughing) – Right off the bat? You know it's a kiwi – And then I felt – Like a New Zealander? – I felt cut kiwis around it

So, it's some whole kiwis and some cut kiwis Which, they call that partially cut collection of kiwis, is the official name for that in the culinary space – Is that your guess? – That's my space, my guess – Hey, that's my space, I work in it man I'm living my truth

– Kiwis Look, look at that man – Yours is easy and not gross at all (laughter) – They're not even rotten? They don't have botulism? – You disappoint us, Lucas – That was too easy

– I don't want rotten kiwis I would have not complained I would have been thanking you – I touch kiwis all the time – All right, so he said I'll like this one – Going with your left hand, again, proof that you're left handed

– Oh, so this is, this is hair This is a wig Do I need to be more specific? This is a wig Do I need to be more specific? – [Lucas] What's the state of the wig? – What's the state of the wig? – It's wet – Wisconsin

– It's a wet wig That almost came off – Wyoming (laughter) – Montana North Dakota, South Dakota, I could go through all 50

It's just a wet wig There it is (laughter) – Is that what you mean by state? The wet wig (laugh) It's a wet wig – Well, good, now, we don't have to wash that wig

– Yeah, right Well, that is what these boxes are, they're wig washers – Okay, Rhett, it's your turn – You know, I'm gonna do my left hand as well, see how that feels for a right-hander Stringy, wet

– Is it a wig? 'Cause I've felt with that And I know what that feels like – No, it's a, – I can empathize – It's like a net It's like a net of some kind, like but, it's, – A net of some kind? – As I pull on it, it comes apart, though

– You're breaking it apart? – Yeah, it's not a net If it's a net, it's a faulty net – If it's valuable you're destroying it – It is stringy, but not as fine as hair, it's wet, it's like yarn It's like wet, it's wet, why do it all have to be wet and stuff? (laughter) You know what we should do? We should just wet it

(laughter) – They'll like that, they'll like it when it's damp – I think it's wet yarn – We keep looking for someone to tell us answers And Lucas is the closest but, he just is like – It's wet rope

Well, that's pretty close – What? Hold on what is this? – It's wet twine – Just wet twine? – I mean, twine, yarn, yarn, twine Like my new bracelet? – Yeah, I love your new bracelet It's a mystery boxlet

(laughing) Is there another one? – Yeah, there's more where that came from, man – Oh, my This is, this is like some sort of like foamy, clay, it's fat This is just a bunch of lard – It doesn't smell good

If it's coming from your mystery box it does not smell good – But, it's potatoes – That's mashed potatoes – They don't smell, they smell, look, hold on, here's what I'm discovering, – Oh wow, when you get close it smells good, when you get far away, it smells like a fart – It's not bad

(laughter) Yeah – It smells like a fart – Like, close your eyes and you tell me how close it is – Now, it's close It's good, seven inches away, mashed potatoes smell good, more than seven inches, they smell like a fart

(laughter) We just discovered something – Totally true – To get the mashed potatoes right up on your guests noses Oh, no, let me get closer It's just mashed potatoes

This is our last mystery box – That is crazy, smell that, it's, – It's so buttery, but, from a distance, oh, I like it straight from the hole You don't like it straight from the hole? – Yeah, but, right here, on the hole, it stinks – Yeah, 'cause you're more than seven inches, away Okay, I first learned, you know what it was? It wasn't the mashed potatoes, (laughter) it was what we're smelling (laughter) in this

(laughter) – Oh really? – It was this This mystery box smells so bad (laughing) that we came up with a theory about mashed potatoes (laughing) You know something smells bad when you come up with scientific theories about mashed potatoes – We were about to, (laughing) you were going to let us throw mashed potatoes out with the bath water, man I mean we, – That's crazy though just think about what just happened

– We can't be that way to mashed potatoes – There's a life lesson in that Sometimes, you get overwhelmed with something and you make bad judgements – And that's just because something stinks in another mystery box It stinks, we know that

– Wow – I bet it, when you hold it close it smells good, but, when you hold it far away, it stinks (laughter) – What is that? – What's it feel like, dude? – Okay, so, it is something that's chopped up It has the consistency of either some kind of vegetable or seafood It's rubbery

Let me see, I can't, 'cause I got – Is it squid pieces? – It definitely could be squid pieces – Jelly fishes? – But, there's, man, there's stringy pieces It's flat They're like flat, almost like you've got the skin of something

What could that be? Is that just, – Lacerated skin and offage? – It has the consistency of a jelly fish slash squid, like a cartilage And I know it's not shark 'cause you guys wouldn't do that (laugh) – Seafood fettuccine? (laughter) – I think squid is the best guess – Let's see it – Oh, it's kimchi

– Oh – That's kimchi – But, touch it, touch it – No, it was your box (laughter) – Yeah, see, I said, vegetable or, if you take one out – Oh, yeah

– you can't rip it – Yeah, that is a weird feeling – I like kimchi but, not on my hands – Smells like mashed potatoes (upbeat music) – When you closer, you get seven inches away from the kimchi – It smells good

– Smells good What's the seven inch rule? – [Announcer] Stear your ears towards some biscuits you can hear Listen to new episodes of Ear Biscuits now, on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts

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