Mystery Puzzle Box Unboxing

(rooster cawing) (lion growling) – Welcome to Good Mythical More, can we open this mystery puzzle box? Let's find out – BYMB

Be your mythical best We want you to be a dog water sommelier Put out water for your dogs, oh, put out water for dogs, but add a note that describes to the dogs all the specific details of this water as if it were a vintage red wine, but as water for your dogs! Take a picture of the water description and post it with #BYMB – Be your mythical best Okay, so we have this thing here

First of all, these Britney Spears candies are good – Yeah, Britney should try one Britney's got good taste, I've always known that – Now, you like gummy candies – Anytime Britney has said something is good, I've been like, "I gotta buy that

" – Now, I thought that these, in an effort to open this just by sight alone, I thought you could push these But these do not slide – [Rhett] Something's gotta move – I thought that slid This almost slides

You see that? – Can I just run it through my fingers for a second? Just to see if we're on the same page – You run that through your mouth, give me one more second to discover something I'm afraid I'm gonna break the, I'm gonna unglue it I'm getting nowhere How's that taste? Pretty good, right? – It's got a bounciness

– It's got a bounce – Just like Britney I always thought she was so bouncy – [Link] There's nothing that seems to want to move And it makes me feel like we're gonna break it

Why do we care? Let's break it – [Rhett] I think it must require a hammer – [Link] A crowbar – Okay (wrapper crackling) – Things started to move

Yeah, this right here – Now, this could be a trick on us (chuckling off camera) You always have to realize that they could've just super glued it And it would be a prank But, you know what? I believe in them

They didn't do that – Chase, did you do that? Is this a prank? – [Chase] Nope – Mango's good too – Okay here we go – [Link] Mm-mm

You're gonna break it – But that's obviously- – And I'm for that – There's glue marks on it Like they glued it They wouldn't do that

– [Chase] It's manufacturer's glue – What? – [Chase] Manufacturer's glue – [Rhett] That was moving This right here, look, look It's moving, it's already moved a little bit

– [Chase] Look for some seams – Oh, look, I found something – There you go, there you go, there you go – [Chase] Yeah – I just pulled out a drawer

– Mm-hmm Now usually that means something slides after you pull, so usually a pull-and-slide – There's a dot there See that dot? Think you're supposed to put your tooth in that And then pull it over

– Can you grab that? – [Link] Oh – [Rhett] Push – Push on that – You did it, you did it, you did it, you did it – [Link] Look at that, whomp

– That's it, I think that's all there is to this one – I'll give you one more of those, there's a note in there I'm gonna reenact the moment of discovery (high pitched singing) Take that out, bam – Good job! (laughter off camera) Okay, well, thanks a lot guys

– I'm gonna wrap this up for the next one while you start to work on the second puzzle! Puzzle number two! Is out! – Okay look at this Link, I mean this one is, man You can see the note in there And then there's, uh oh – You can see the note in there? – [Rhett] Yeah, you can see it in the slot – Hold on, I can read it, hold on

– No, that's cheating – Good job I'm saying don't have your hopes up for it to say something awesome Now, see, visually, you think you're supposed to push and pull and pry one way – [Rhett] It draws you in

– But then, you always do the thing that your eyes tell you not to do – [Rhett] Oh – Nope Nope Don't rip

Don't pull That's a little something – So, I have to do something to get this to be able to come out – I think maybe you put a coin in the slot You have a coin? I don't carry coinage

– This has got writing on the bottom of it – [Link] What does it say? – [Rhett] "Atlanta, Georgia" Okay, so – Southernpuzzlesorg I made that up

– So, we think there's someplace, why is there a seam right here? – What if this video got, like, 10 million views? (laughter off camera) – I mean, it would be just like it is when I look at YouTube everyday I don't know why – Right – [Rhett] Okay, Chase, you're coming in – Well, hold on, I can try, I haven't even tried it! Come on, man

There's something to this one – [Rhett] Well that's true – See, that right there makes you think that this is – [Rhett] Well that's just letting you know that that's what you're trying to do ultimately – You gotta unlock that, right? – [Chase] Yeah, kinda – I think you blow in the hole (blowing) – [Rhett] Do you stick something in there? – [Chase] No You can be kind of aggressive with this one

– Oh, you gotta just pull it – [Chase] No, don't just pry it But be aggressive, and I'd use the table Use the desk – Oh, you know what? Push down on that, yep

– I don't think you pull on that part Huh? – Go to the back – [Chase] Turn it around and use the desk – Yep Yep

Get it caught on something Oh, oh gosh – You hear that? – Was that the desk or the thing? – It was the thing Our desk is – [Chase] Either way it was wrong – Somebody call Atlanta Hey, okay, there's gotta be a reason there's a ridge in this There's gotta be a reason there's a ridge

All ridges have reasons (laughter off camera) (wood clanking) Oh – What happened? (laughter off camera) – [Chase] You might've broke it, I don't know – What was supposed to happen? – [Chase] You're supposed to drop it, and then turn it, and then open – 'Cause now I can't get this, it has a lock right here that, oh, you gotta turn it sideways

– Oh, gravity – Oh, look I'll show you Like, see right there? It's got that, but then when you turn it sideways, that goes away – [Rhett] Yes Very good job

But we didn't really do it right – Yes – [Chase] That's probably for me – That was for you? – Very good job, Chase – [Chase] I mean you didn't open it

– Oh come on, Chase – So now that I know how to – Now you gotta turn it sideways

Now stick it in – Now that I know how to do it (snap) So then, it won't open, it's locked But if you do this, there it is – Hmm

Yeah – Then you blow on it (blows) – It's a macarena – (humming) Macarena? – Mm-hmm – You wanna know what we're doing the rest of the day? Eating these

– Puchaos – Puchao Ka-chow

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