Mythical Beast Mating Calls

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (wheel clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More, we are going to develop some mythical mating calls because somebody needs to – Comment Takeover

This is when we send you to a relatively undiscovered video and have you comment on it We're sending you to "time lapse of building model boat" Comment with your favorite part of the Walt Whitman poem, "O! Captain! My Captain!" (laughter) Don't tell them we sent you – Be nice – Now how did you say that word growing up? P-O-E-M

– P-O-E-M? Poem – There's no way you said it that way growing up – I said poem – Po-im (laughter) – I swear to you I would never in my right mind– – I said poem, we all said po-im

– Po-im – Po-im – It's a po-im – Po-im – It's a po-im

– Poem – Class, today, – Pony – you gotta write a po-im – Po-im – Po-im

– Po-im – And I never understood when I met somebody and they were like, poem And I was like, (scoffs) what's wrong with you? – You're almost still saying it wrong – Poem – Poem

– Poem – Po-im – Poem – I said po-im, it was a one syllable world – Po-im? – World

One syllable world – I lived in a one syllable world 'til I– – Growing up in a one – [Both] syllable world (laughter) – Hey, that's a good idea for a song – Every day I would wake up and think about words They'd all be short, yeah

Okay Look, so this is Nessie – That's the Loch Ness Monster – [Link] Loch Ness Monster – Does not exist

Try that on for size – But if Nessie did exist, what kind– – It's gotta make some kind of aquatic snake sound like a snake choking (purring and hissing) Can you do a wet hiss? Do a wet hiss Oh, god (laughter) You made spit but no noise

I'm sorry I think it's gotta be like a– – It's wet, man (hisses) – That's it That's what sound they make – Sexy snake hiss – All right, play the real one

(laughs) Okay – You have a button? – A Minotaur? – [Link] A what? – Minotaur I once wrote a po-im about a Minotaur – A poem A poem

– Po-im – Poem – Po-im – Poem – Po-im

– That's two syllables – No, po-im – Po-im – Like foil, po-im – Fole

I say fole – Fole? – Fole Gimme some tin fole! – Tin fole! – Let me wrap that sandwich up in some tin fole Be good for four days – What about the stuff you put in your car? Motor

– Motor ole – Motor ole – Motor ole with the tin fole – Ole, ole – Motor ole

– Ole That's it (grunts) Minotaur – Hey, look at me – If I could have one– – It could talk

– If I could have one hoof foot– – It's a cow and a man – I'd have it – (moos) Hey, I like your boots – Look at that – [Link] Next one

– [Rhett] Think about what you could do with that – [Link] I like your boots – With one hoof foot – Oh, here's another one Here's a merman

What is his mating call? – [Rhett] Well first of all, how does he mate? – Fin first I think it has something to do with that staff – That's also very photo-realistic He looks like he's about to start speaking to us – You know what he would say? "Hey guys, wanna mate?" (laughter) Anybody up for mating? – Yeah I think the mating call of a mermaid is like the mating call of just like a Southern California – Excuse me

– surfer – Just curious, but uh – I think it's a pick-up line – You up for mating? Anybody down for mate time? – [Rhett] You ever seen a fin? – I'm finnin' to mate with you – I'm finnin' to show you my fin

I gotta fin you don't know about – Show me another one – Oh, the GM cockatrice – The cockatrice does not mate – [Link] He is celibate

He is a monk – Here's the thing, if we put the mating call of the cockatrice into your mind, every time you see him in the opening of our show you're gonna be thinking about mating So it ain't happening! – He doesn't mate, he's celibate – He's celibate – Here's another

What is that? – This is a centaur – Centaur Mostly man but horse where it counts (laughter) – Wow, you know what? We should sell that t-shirt Just put this on a t-shirt, "mostly man, but horse where it counts

" (laughter) Sell it right next to the Big Johnson t-shirts In Myrtle Beach, we will become billionaires – My dad can run the store – Hey baby – My dad lives down there now

– Hey, loogit my shirt Yep, you guessed it I'm horse where it counts (laughter) Wow, so that's the mating call? He just says that? Okay – He usually wears a t-shirt when he's not in battle mode

Oh, and of course we've got Bigfoot here You know what big feet mean? Big mating call – [Rhett] It does exist – This is not the normal Bigfoot photo that I'm used to seeing – Yeah, the real one? – This is not the real Bigfoot

– Yeah yeah, it's not the real Bigfoot photo – It's not! – That's one of the fake ones That's one of the people-in-a-suit ones I can spot those I can differentiate between those and the real Bigfoot ones

(snorting) – I don't think they speak, right? So it's like (snorts) – Does he have a cold? – Yeah, he's got the sniffles He's got the sniffles He's a little stuffed up – You know what can– – He needs some healing – Yeah, he needs some animal healing

(laughter) He's gotta clean out the sinuses Gotta get that core body temperature heightened And it boils right out

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