Mythical Conspiracy Theories

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Oh, didn't know your own strength (clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More

we're gonna get into some GMM conspiracy theories with a few crew members – QTMBA, it's a question that must be answered The question that must be answered is, would you rather have sticky fingers or sticky toes? – Um, well, I think sticky toes because then I could use the stickiness of the toes when I want by removing unsticky socks and shoes – Right, because you could hide it – Whereas wearing gloves all the time is like, – Makes you a weirdo

– Who's that gloved man? Is he a criminal? – Right (laughter) – I mean, I would definitely be into rock climbing – I think we've definitively answered that one, but you can post your answer with #QTMBA – Prove me wrong Alright

– Come on in, crews – Um, so, on this card, guys, I have some conspiracy theories that are circulating around in the The Mythical Beastom

Oh, so you're gonna sit here next to me, huh? – Yeah, I'm sorry It had to happen this way – Do you want to switch? – You're what? – I said it had to happen this way – Before that you said I'm- – No, I'm actually not, but (laughter) – That's right, Jen

Stand your ground, Jen – This could be the place where we become friends again, Jen Over the past I don't know how long it's been, but my face still hurts There's been all types of stuff launched at me – I feel like I can still see the flower bank lines

– You close your eyes, put your head on your pillow every night, and what do you see? – I see me whipping a flower at your face – Okay – Thanks for that, Jen – I've watched it back and there's a redemptive quality to the entertainment value So, you know what? I just want to put it behind us

– Okay – And move forward The cupcake, on the other hand, was insult to injury Alright So let me run these by you guys

Rhett and Link are Siamese twins that were separated at the butt We're not making this up This comes from you And we got tattoos to cover our surgical scars Well the tattoo part is true

We have tattoos on our butts That is well documented – You're really considering it (laughter) – YouTuber Midnight Barbershop said quote they're approximately the same age but different birthdays Slightly different ages, that sort of thing

What if I told you these two guys might be conjoined Siamese twins at birth? – Well if we were conjoined twins, we would be the same age They're similar in age I mean, they were born like one in '77, one in '78 They could be twins – He goes on to say, he or she

This is from another person How is that even possible? Let me tell you Oh No, it is the same person They lying

Not conjoined anymore Obviously they were separated My idea is that these guys, they were born one set of parents They were conjoined They were attached at birth

Where were they attached? By the butts – This isn't very sophisticated – This is real – This is not sophisticated – We have a video of this? It says video clip

– Attached at the butt Well if they were attached at the butt, they'd have scars, right? They could just whip down their pants and say oh look, no scars Yeah right A few years ago in a video I'll link in the description, they got butt tattoos of their wives' names Why would they get butt tattoos? To cover up the scars where they were separated

That's why (laughter) – That's why – Now that I've seen the video, I'm convinced (laughter) – For a second I thought that was you playing a character It's like there's a similar face shape and it was like, it could have been an older video

Wow, yeah I wouldn't have read all of this if I'd have known the video explained it all because that was much more compelling than me reading it with a cynical tone – Right – We've got one about my best friend Jen Okay

Have you heard this? – No – There's a theory that when Jen was out of town for a week and her assistant had to take over mail with Jen that Jen was missing because she was pregnant – Well that's true – I got a little one at home – And you have an assistant, which is awesome

– That is the most preposterous part of this – And now the assistant is the child – Wow Full circle – That's not a very good assistant

– And we have video of this one, too – Videos of the live birth (laughter) – We have a live streaming footage of the birth We don't have footage – Oh I was, okay

– So you are saying this is real? This is true? – I was sent these comments by Becca that they were convinced that Candice at the time had to take over mail with Jen because I left for, I was gone for like two mails and I had to go home to give birth (laughter) – The old two week gestation (laughter) Canadians have a two week gestation – Yeah – It's so cold

– Here's another theory Theory that Morgan – Uh oh – Where's Morgan? There he is Hiding back there

A theory that Morgan only does this job for fun and is actually a famous actor His real name is Morgan Morgan (laughter) – Now, I'm familiar with this one because I made it up (laughter) – Well back it up, then – How'd you get it started? – Morgan Morgan? – We talked about this one over the summer

Mike and I, we did an episode of GMM and, I mean, Morgan, he's a good looking guy, you know? He spends a lot of time here It's almost like he would do the job for free He really enjoys himself here – Yeah, yeah – He's got kind of that actor, celebrity quality about him

– He does – Little mysterious, too – It's like that, what do they say in the Jumangi movie when they were making fun of- – The smolder – The Morgan smolder – Morgan's got- – The Morgan smolder

(laughter) – Morgan's got a smolder – This is less of a conspiracy – He doesn't want to come out here We put a mic on you, Morgan You've got to defend yourself

– That's the whole mysterious thing, man That's what he's got going on – [Morgan] I've got no comment about this situation – Mr Morgan Morgan

– No comments I feel like I've seen him in a movie – That's what you would expect – Why does it feel like I've seen you in a movie? Nope, you were cut What was it? – Scream 4

Cocky student – We're gonna keep bringing that up – Please Yeah, let's do that – There's a theory that Rhett's beard is fake

On Reddit, Morgany Bony – Now Morgan's spreading rumors (laughter) Throwing people off his scent – I think after these few episodes comparing to last week we have proof that Rhett definitively shaved his beard and is now wearing a fake one This proves what I've been saying all along

The first few weeks this season were filmed before the break slash beard shave and the episodes starting this week were filmed after the break I honestly don't mind that he is using slash wearing a fake beard, but I am also super interested to see what he looks like now with no beard versus when he was a teenager Wow – [Rhett] I mean, that beard on the right doesn't look that fake (laughter) Especially not at the like, the top of the cheek line where you can see the glue

– [Alex] It like flares out – [Link] The look on your face – [Jen] You just look upset that you are in that photo – That was a rough time for me – So what are you saying? – Well, I mean

If this person had- No, of course it was not fake Of course I would never do something like that I would never shave my beard for another project that we had and then wear a fake beard in public and on this show for an extended period of time What kind of idiot would do that? (laughter) – I believe you There's a theory that Chase is related to both me and you

– Rat Oh, he's right here (laughter) – Have you heard about this? – I have, yeah It all goes back to when I said that you guys can't get a job at GMM cause you can only work here through nepotism And then people- – You said that on the show? – I did, which, you know, I guess gave it away, but

– Yeah Gave it away – People have done, I think I've seen a couple photo shops of like me as your baby – Alex, you behind those too? – Uh No – You're strictly Morgan – Morgan Morgan famous actor guy That's it

Morgan Morgan famous actor – Well – So that would make us related Or the parents of Chase – Right

The Siamese twin thing – That's it – Maybe we were connected at the Chase, not the butt Who's the third brother? Do you have a butt tattoo? – Not that you know of – And finally there's a theory on Rhett and Link community

The post says is Rhett related to a friend of John Wilkes Booth? – Just a friend? – JC on December 2, 2011 We dug this one way up Way back

We dug deep Yesterday in my US history class we were watching a movie about Lincoln being killed and they talked about John Wilkes Booth and his gang that helped him with the idea One of the people was named Michael O'Laughlen

Michael O'Laughlen I thought nothing of it until they showed a picture of him This is his picture I saw that and I was amazed Could this really be Rhett's ancestor? And I find it somewhat odd that he was with Booth on killing Lincoln and he has a best friend that goes by Link

(laughter) Anyone else find this cool? You better watch out, Link – Those are two different names, though, to be clear – Yeah, but they're probably derivatives But I think that the Mick O'Laughlen was probably already- My Mick O'Laughlens were already using Mick O'Laughlen – He doesn't really look like you that much

I'll tell you, of all the pictures of other people on the internet that look like you and there are plenty Not to make you feel unspecial But that ain't one of them – The two that are the most convincing and have convinced me from time to time are the Super Cuts guy The guy in some of the Super Cuts ads

I'd say- – Print ads? – Once a day I get somebody who'll send me this Is this you? Yes, it is me (laughter) I'm Super Cuts guy And the Blue Cross Blue Shields billboards that are up right now, that's also me – I haven't seen those

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