Mythical Crew Lame Talent Show

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More "Check your voicemail

" We have a voicemail Let's check it Child: Hey, Rhett Hey, Link Hey

Hey, Link – Hey Hey, Rhett I can't find my spaceship Can you help me? I'm in space

It doesn't work Help Help Help Oh, that's a depressing distress call

I think by the time we were receiving it, – It's too late, yeah – Frozen in– Yeah, that was, like, 24 months ago That kid is just like, dehydrated space ice cream at this point – Right – Yep – Um Hm

– ( sighs ) A little sad, now that I think about it "It doesn't work" I lost my spaceship "It doesn't work" What doesn't work? The spaceship beacon? Yeah, it wasn't really that believable

Yeah, it's suspicious, but also still very sad Yeah, right Mythical crewmembers, come in and help cheer us up Woman ( clapping hands ): Whoo! Oh, yeah Matt and John and Ellie and Andy

( chuckles ) Andy? – Okay – You haven't called me Andy in a whilewe have, uh– You know what? It just occurred to me Have I ever known an Andy? – Yeah – Yeah

Andy Schleshing Andy Lepper Andy Cohen You know Andy Cohen? ( whispering ) Who's Andy Cohen? ( all whispering ) – Talk show – "Watch What Happens

" I have met him, but I don't know him I have met him I was on his ( mock laugh ) No big deal So that's two Andys that you knew relatively well Actually, neither one of those Andys is in my life anymore True, true So I don't have– You don't have an Andy in your life

I have an Andy space in my life Oh, and what about Andrea, who changed her name to Andie, and was in that Trace Adkins music video Went to high school with her She's not in your life anymore She's seven feet tall

– She's seven feet tall? – Whoa Yeah, she plays the cello, and she's really smart She's an actress How was high school for her? She's got it all Is she available? For what? – Consultation? – Do the show? I don't know

If she's jealous, it could be fun Um I don't know, Andy

I am going to read these off, and then we're going to try to match them These are secret hidden talents "I can whistle alarmingly loud" I have not heard any alarmingly loud whistles, so it is a hidden talent And– Why are you nodding so hard? What's up with Rhett staring? It's making me nervous

I immediately thought John Warder Okay I think what would be better– I think one of the reasons– Maybe it's actually Andy I think one of the reasons we struggle at this game is because we don't look at all four to begin with Yeah, but you can switch them

– I know, but– – Okay All right Let's just– Don't give that to anybody yet Okay, okay I have a double-jointed thumb

A talent I can circular breathe Oh, really? Okay I know who this is I can sound exactly like a Hot Wheels car

What a talented crew we have So for this– I'll just give you my answers– I'll give you my answers really quickly – And then we can confer on this – All right Matt Carney is circular breathe because he is saxophonist or something

Or was he a tuba player? Saxophone – I don't remember– – Saxophonist I was right the first time I don't remember what– yeah, I just remember he plays an instrument I think that John Warder can whistle alarmingly loud because he adapted the need to do that in his social– it made him cool in his social circles

– Still testing – Which he cares about Like with the two fingers, like– It's like, "Whoa, you can do that? Teach me Every crew needs that guy Every crew needs at least one of them

Yeah, he's never used it I think I may have seen him use it – Oh, really? – Maybe that was in a dream I think Ellie can sound exactly like a Hot Wheels car Yeah, we're on the exact same page here

Why? – I think Alex has a double-jointed thumb – Why? – I'm looking at it – No, back up Look at this right here I got one, too, Alex

Ooh Why? I don't know if that's double jointed – I actually – I hate that – Yeah, mine used– – It's a bit dist– Mine used to pop

Hold on That's weird Same thing I can do it left and not right What does that mean? It's all those years of collaboration

All right, we gotta get to the talent, so Why? I feel pretty confident about you, Carney What's the right way to tell you you're wrong? I think that was it

That was very gentle Do I switch? Do I– I'll just hang tight here Why don't you now just demonstrate what you actually can do Okay, for the record, I don't necessarily consider this a talent, we're just– the bar's very low on this crew, we learned in scouting Okay

– We went person to person – Almost sounds like a Hot Wheels Here we go

No hands ( whistles loudly ) – Whoa No hands – Oh, my God – Did that peak? – Sorry, Link

Can you beat that? Whistle Just whistle as loud as you ( whistles softly ) I have a gap between my teeth

Is that what you're using? And I think it circulates air So is it circular breathing? Yeah, that's– We're still right – So you were right – Ah, got 'im – That was crazy, man

– That was crazy Your teeth do normally what pinkies would do? Yeah, I can do it with pinkie ( whistles ) That muffled it a little bit Yeah, you're better without it It's not as cool as I thought it would be

It's not that cool In social circles, it's kind of annoying Do you do it at concerts? Do I– I have never tried it at a concert But because you know there's a lot of people who do that, the loud whistlers That's one of the ways they let themselves be known

How did you discover it? Um, I don't know I don't do it at concerts I don't go to concerts I go to a lot of wrestling events I do it at wrestling events

– Yeah – Why? What else do you do at a wrestling event? Like to cheer them on or to mess them up? Yeah, like, "Brock Lesnar!" ( whistles loudly ) – Oh, you mean – Pro wrestling

– Oh, really – Yeah – Cool – Did you guys see WrestleMania? – Did you go to WrestleMania? – I was wondering if you went I've been to four WrestleManias

That's another hidden talent of mine But I didn't go to the most recent one, no I heard it kind of fizzled out, that last one Uh, you wanna get into this? Okay, so, John, we were wrong about you Yeah, you're wrong

– Let's see your talent – This– Okay Well, I'll take that glass of water over there, with the straw Oh, gosh, what? Now, explain what you're about to do So I'm about to circular breathe, and it should– oops, sorry– It should be able to just continue to bubble as I'm just breathing

So Here we go I haven't done it with a glass of water in a while

Just me blowing air constantly – and also breathing in at the same time – In through your nose Yeah All right, here we go Ooh, it's harder

( inhaling ) Oh, he's still going Oh – What the heck? – Oh Wow Yay

– Yep – That's so good – Um – Did you motion for an applause while you were doing it? – It's a talent – That was amazing

That is pretty cool You could play the didgeridoo I can– Yeah, probably could I play the trumpet, so I had to learn that back in high school in the state ensemble days, I had a solo that was pretty long, and I had to learn how to circular breathe – so that I could play through the whole song – Wow

As a saxophonist, you never learned how to learn that? No, I had a solo, too, though What were you gonna say? I used to play the trumpet, too Can you circular breathe? No – I used to play the trumpet – They made me quit pretty early on

Didn't Kenny G set the world record for the longest saxophone note because he can circular breathe? Isn't that true? Somebody look that up He could go on forever Yeah Okay, Ellie, are we right about you? – Yes – Yes! Come on

– Let's hear it – Okay So we got a Hot Wheels car over there You actually need a Hot Wheels car? Well, just so you know that it's cool It's a monster truck

Okay, so I'll still go Oh, wow, I'm gonna ( trills lips ) Oh, my gosh I gotta say, if this was "America's Got Talent," I think I might've given you an X – Let's give her another try – Okay

( wavering trills ) Ellie I think we can all do that No, I messed up I messed up It's better

I have a new hidden talent I didn't know about Does it sound different in your own head? Let's compare it We gotta compare it to the real thing It's more of a ( wavering trills ) ( winding down ) It's more about the deceleration I think the problem is the fact that you capitalized "Exactly" in your thing If you just said "like" Exactly There's nothing more crushing than realizing that your hidden talent is not I have an extreme lack of self-awareness ( laughter ) I never claimed that this is not special

Okay, let's see that thumb Does anyone really care? Let's just go on You know what? Give us your hot wheels – ( trilling ) – ( laughter ) – Not as good! – Oh, my God I'm right on the money, too! – Whoa! – That's not as good! – Does yours do that? – I can do like a hangman or something

– Oh! – Oh, oh, oh, oh – Oh, that joint – You got top joint – Yeah – ( groaning ) It comes in handy a lot

Switch it back – What do you mean? – Oh! No, go back and forth ( overlapping chatter ) That is crazy! Does the other thumb too? – No – Yeah, it's always the left – It's always the left? – I do thumbs up

What are you pushing on? Yeah, it makes your thumbs up have extra emphasis – Way to go – ( laughter ) You can hold it up in a breeze and act like you broke your thumb ( laughter ) That's be like, "Oh, my gosh! Ow!" – It's scary – Yeah, that's– – You've always had that? – I don't know

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