Mythical Dog Party

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" Mm

Uh ( crew laughter ) You caught it That means you kinda saw it coming I did see it coming – ( crew laughter ) – I saw

I saw Chase's hand raise – That is gross – And he had another hand in it

What did we use this for a few months back? Chase: I don't remember I distinctly remember this You probably remember, but we don't Psh Okay, that's strange

– You don't – ( laughter ) "What did we use this for? Eh" – Okay, here's

– No one knows I think it may have been a dream that you had – I dream about

– It's one of your dreamssevered limbs Let me think about it for a second You think about it while I cue this Nickelback song up I'm gonna be listening to

Oh, I know what it is Here we go In "Buddy System," there's a

there's a Photoshopped element where your hand is blown off And it's the opposite of this And that's seared into my brain

And when I saw it, I thought that's what it was But it's a "Buddy System" season two thing – One of the still images? – One of the still images Okay, so you're gonna– I have, waiting for me over there, some Good Mythical dogs that I get to hang out with – because I know so much about Nickelback – I'm gonna listen to

uh "How You Remind Me" – ( man laughs ) – All right, press play Wanna make sure it's playing Okay ( crew laughter ) ( laughs ) All right

I get to hang out with the dogs! Um, okay, so, if you guys don't know, this is Teresa and this is Nicki And this is Wushu And this is, don't tell me– Rusty Rusty Are they friends? – You guys can

– They just met – Oh, look at that – He really wants to play

You remember me? You licked you licked peanut butter off of my feet, – that's how we bonded – ( feedback whine ) I think that's a little Nickelback coming through

( laughter ) Aw, this one's fluffy Here, can I have this one, too? Yeah, you can have both Oh, I don't mean to elbow you in the face, but I just want your dog Come on, Rusty Come on, Rusty

Oh, no I'm not good with other people's dogs – Here, you hold Wushu – Okay I'm not good with my dog either

– Hello, Rusty – It's okay, Rust I think I'm gonna throw up in my mouth! ( laughter ) I'm not used to a dog this big That's why I was having trouble – No

– Oh, gosh He wants to play so much He oh, hello – ( barks ) – Oh, what happened? Hey, come on! He's a little jumpy – Nicki, get control – ( growling ) How old is this one? Wushu? He's gonna be one year in like a week Hello

Hello, Wushu ( laughter ) – ( barks ) – No This one wants to get to know that one It's like, "Oh – I don't know what's gonna

" – ( growls ) – He just wants to get down and play – Yeah, yeah, yeah Like, when Jade comes into the office, Rusty's like

he stands like this – ( Rusty growls ) – Come on Wushu doesn't seem fazed by

See, they can smell each other's butt glands, – and they know – Mm-hmm that they're, that it's a friendly exchange Woman: Wushu and Rusty are the only other male dogs – other than Enzo in the office – Uh-huh And so, when Rusty came in they had, like, a literal pissing contest

( laughter ) And, like, for three days, there was just, like, piles of poop and, like, pee on various different things in the studio But then– now they get along, – except for Rusty has, like – Here's the guitar solo

( laughter ) Rusty has the good toys and the good food, so Enzo frequently will wander over there But Wushu and Enzo didn't fight at all Wushu was like, "Play, play, play, play, play," and Enzo was like, "I'm old Please refrain from talking to me" Well, does that mean that they're not fixed? – He's fixed – He's fixed, but he's actually

I didn't think they would have peeing contests if they were fixed Woman: No, they, like, they want, like, all the female dogs are okay for them to befriend, but the male dogs have this, like, competitive, like, "This is my turf" situation, and you know it's Enzo's turf – So he's, like

– Yeah he has a major issue with other fellas Now what kind of dogs

what kind of dogs are these? I think he's a Tibetan Spaniel, but he's a rescue, – so I'm not totally sure – A rescued Tibetan Spaniel What did you rescue him from? Like an avalanche? Yeah, maybe

LA Dachshunds and Friends Rescue, so Dachshunds? He's not a "Dox," but they have friends, so check them out We're really thinking about getting another dog ( gasps ) We're starting to talk about it a lot, which means it's gonna happen – Mm-hmm – But I just want– I said, "I'm not gonna get another dog – unless it's exactly like Jade

– Okay So I want like a miniature long-haired Dachshund slash Papillion mix that is still a rescue If not, I'm gonna have to lie and say it's a rescue 'cause that's how these things– you want to rescue a dog, you don't wanna There's so many layers There's so many layers, like, You're still speaking really loud when you listen to it on headphones, it's like there's new, like, layers of Nickelback, like, "nickel-cracks" that are like just – Opening? The "nickel-crack"? – Yes And going into your brain Like, there was a guy on the right side, like, another guy and he was just going ( vocalizing ) – Yeah, moaning – Like over and over again You know what will make you feel better, like to bring you down from that high? Wushu! Now I can hold him Come here, Rusty Come here, let's be friends, Rusty

Let's be friends – This is Wushu? – This is Wushu, yeah This is like our Jack Hanna moment It's like, "What is Rusty gonna do?" – Hello, Rusty – Oh, there he goes

– He's happy, though – And what kind of dog is he? I know you've already been through this, but I was listening to Nickelback over there You don't have the privilege of getting questions that we've already answered answered, that was part of the punishment ( whispers ) What is he? ( whispers ) A Tibetan Spaniel ( whispers ) He was rescued from an avalanche

Tibetan Spaniel? Rescued from– Well, all Tibetan Spaniels And what is Rusty, did you say? He's a rescue, I'm not sure He was found on Sunset Boulevard

– Oh, really? – Yeah, he's a little homeless boy He was just out on Sunset Boulevard with, like, the stripper shoes and whatnot? – Yeah – That's Hollywood Boulevard No, Sunset has that, too – Huh? – Was he wearing an Iron Man costume? That's also Hollywood Boulevard

Rusty, you're so big and uncontrolled His name when I got him was "Jeff Bridges" 'cause he was found on an overpass, so

Hold on, his name was Jeff Bridges and you changed it? I dated a bad energy named Jeff once, – so I had to – Oh, okay, all right – Oh

– I respect that "A bad energy," like a person with bad energy? – Yeah, like, a person – Okay Link: I don't wanna ask follow-up questions about that, that's way too personal Tell us about that bad energy with Jeff

We're not gonna do that to you, Nicki – You just did – Now, he's so warm No, we didn't 'cause we didn't We were joking, but we don't want you to actually answer

But we respect the fact that I almost asked you if it was a boy, and then I realized I could just do that Oh

Well, a lot of people think he's a girl, and he does pee sitting down, so, um – He just got good manners – So do I

It's cleaner that way That's true Does he actually see two different things? On his eye? Oh, 'cause he's got a little cross-eye? – I don't know – Do you know if he's processing? – Like, can he see you – They said he's norm– and Nicki at the same time? The doctor said he's normal

Well, I think that gives him his charm He's got a little cross-eye He always looks sad even when I think he's happy – 'Cause his tail will wag and then– – Oh! – Yeah, I think he's happy – I think he's really happy

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