Olive & Cheese Ice Cream Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – You know

(sighs) I failed myself today (man chuckles) – You felt yourself? – Yeah, I felt myself today That's not what I said, I said I failed myself today, but since you thought I said I felt myself today, I'm gonna go do that (audience chuckles) – I'm gonna stay here and eat some ice cream (laughs) Because, you know what? Are you

Okay, you didn't take long – It doesn't take long Okay

– Feeling yourself means that, oh, it's like you gotta – Yeah, I wasn't talking about anything physical – When you unearth new found confidence within your being

That's I'm feeling myself – I'm feeling myself today

– I'm feeling myself, I'm feeling myself, I'm feeling myself – Let's Let's work through some of these

How about, let's just start with something that makes a little sense – So we got some artisanal ice creams that can be acquired in the Los Angeles area – I once heard a person describe artisanal as art-is-anal Not (audience laughing) And it was someone who was like It was like, somebody leading a tour or something

It was somebody who seemed to be an authority on how to say things We're going to try some art-is-anal cheeses today I was like, well, I've probably had it on the show already – Can you tell me which artist because I think that makes a difference Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it? – Yup

– I've got two from Salt and Straw and you got a couple from Jenis – Yeah, I just kind of wanna work through the flavors one at a time here Kinda get Let's save the weirdest one for last I think you know which one that is – [Link] Okay – [Rhett] Let's just eat directly out of the thing, man – Yeah, why not? Let's save a bowl

– [Woman] What flavor is that? – Ride a pint – This is Churro From Jenis – Jenis Ice Cream Churro Red hot cinnamon ice cream with pieces of toffee and flakes of pastry

– Yeah It definitely smells like cinnamon – Grass grazed Ohio milk Can you taste the Ohio? – Hm Cinnamon's a little strong

It almost taste like a cinnamon candy – Oh wow – I'm not a huge I like cinnamon to be an additive to things but I don't like it leading so strong – I actually– – Cinnamon is like somebody who's not a natural leader trying to lead a group You know what I'm saying? (Link laughs) It's always annoying – I agree with that, I guess But I disagree with cinnamon because one of my top two favorite ice creams is Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream, which is– – Yeah, but this doesn't have the buns part

– But it still leads with cinnamon – I think that would be That sounds better, 'cause I like a cinnamon bun

– Oh, it's better, but it taste exactly like this but with cinnamon, raw cinnamon bun dough I say raw but I don't know if they say that – [Woman] You've guys been to Jenis? – I've never been the Jenis, no – Where is it? – It's good, but when it first opened it did get shut down from Listeria Then it came back and I went there and it was delicious

It's on Hillhurst – I love that churro – There's nothing wrong– – I think they nailed it – With a little Listeria (audience laughs) – They have really good flavors, it's really good

Highly recommend This is a plug for Jenis post Listeria – I have been to Salt and Straw in Larchmount – Mhmm – Did I say that correctly? Larchmount? Art-is-anal

– People usually don't hit the "ch" so hard – Larmount – The people from Larchmount – Larmount – They kinda gloss right over

Larchmount – What is this? Avocado and Oaxacan Chocolate Or Oax-acan Chocolate – Ooo, this might be good – First of all, look at the colors there

– Yup – You've got that avocado green with the chocolate stripe – I think it barely fitted in the pint – Oh man, I am excite – It's a hand packed pint

– Ingredients, silk, cream, sugar, tapioca syrup, avocado, pure A eggs, woodblock chocolate, a Oaxacan chocolate, butter, coffee, cocoa powder, salt, spices, natural gums Contains tree nuts – Thanks for reading every ingredient – Well, my point was, (woman laughs) every ingredient makes sense That's the thing about art-is-anal (man laughs) ice cream, you know, is that you know what's in it

– It's so smooth too It comes out so smooth Hm – Wow – That

– Oaxacan – Oaxacan chocolate has a cinnamon in it, almost – You might still have some in your mouth

– No It has a Cinnamon may not be the– – It's a spicy

– A spicy – A spicy – A spicy something – Yeah, you're right – Does it say spices? Why didn't you read all the ingredients? – I read all the ingredients, man

– Yeah, spices It has some sort of spice in there that I was not expecting – The consistency, once you add that avocado, is so good – Their ice cream is so much better than their ice cream At least just the one to one

– Well, I think– – The avocado– – Because the avocado, I think that makes it a magical consistency This is absolutely amazing ice cream – That is really, really, really good – I don't think you have to like avocado I wonder if you don't like avocado, if it starts to taste nasty

Does anyone here hate avocado? – [Woman] Yes – Well, I want you to taste it and then tell me, Becky, tell me if Here, I'll bring it to you

You don't have to move (audience laughs) 'Cause I really want to know if– – Well, what if she's allergic? – [Link] Are you allergic or– – [Woman] I'm not allergic, I just hate it – What if you die? Oh shoot (woman laughs) Just tell me if you taste avocado – [Woman] Oh, there's something in there I don't like

(woman laughs) – She hates it – [Woman] Yeah, no, that's not good – Uh-oh (audience laughs) Uh-oh, she just fell over (audience laughs) – So what we just found out was if you don't– – We need to see about her in a little bit

– If you don't like avocado, you won't like it, and if you're allergic to avocado, you'll need to be taken to urgent care immediately (audience laughs) – Jenis has another one here, Super Moon This is two ice creams in one pint, Blue Violet and Vanilla Marshmallow So – Blue Violet? – Is that actually like violet, like Well, there's only one way to find out

Oh, that's Now this one is creamy – Oh, wow

You gotta take back what you said about Jenis – I take it back, Jenis Hm That's really good I like a floral

I like floral tasting things – I do not – So you may not like this one

That's a subtle – Ew – Okay, good

– It's It taste like eating a flower with marshmallows on it – Yup

That's what they use as floral – They've certainly nailed it – I like that I like that better than the churro – My kids

I don't like my kids when we go get ice cream – Period (audience laughs) – Because both of my boys like fruit ice cream, their go-to is strawberry

Which means I don't get to eat any of their ice cream when they're not looking 'cause they don't want it But Lily likes peanut butter and chocolate ice creams and so we hit it off Eating coffee, that's my jam Like the rich nutty type stuff, that's what I love She does too so I always encourage her to order more than she wants, if you know what I mean

– Let's save that last Salt and Straw – Okay – This is Jenis Cream Puff Bright candy-like vanilla custard with a pinch of sea salt Toasted pastry flakes, nod to the distinct flavor

Oh, to the distinct texture of an old-world cream puff – So when we eat this, we should nod – Trying a little too hard – We should nod I don't think there's anything nodding inside of this

But, oh I really take everything I said about your consistency, Jenis, back because– – Yeah This is great This is airier It's an airien

No, that's not what I meant to say It's airy What is this? Cream puff? – There's a weirdness to it, don't you think? – Va

Well, it's chalk full of vanilla custard, which– – Changes the consistency Almost a pudding– – Tapioca-ish consistency – It's got a bunch of

Shots of little jelly in it – Mhmm – Which

– Again, the flavor is amazing My nana would make a bunch of egg custards And this is

They nailed it, Jenis nailed it Now, my nana would never put that in ice cream – I'm not a huge fan of that one

I mean, I would eat Leave me alone with this thing and I will eat the entire 'Cause me liking something does not have an impact on how much I eat – Or how good it is – I'm not really that much of a fan Now, I am really looking forward to this last one

– And I am not Black Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese Ugh I'll see what it looks like Oh, it's a

– I love the way they make their ice cream You can tell if somebody You remember that time we took Greg's expensive ice cream and we ate it all and then we took the cheap Walmart ice cream and put it back into his thing? – Yeah – We did that with our college roommate, Greg, and it looked just like that when we put it back and that's how we knew that we had done it It's hand packed, it doesn't have a machined smooth layer on top It's obvious that a couple of dudes just took spoons and stuffed it back down in there

– I didn't know olive brittle was a thing – Well, you learn something new today, ice cream king No, I've never had it I've just had olives and I've had goat cheese – I mean, goat cheese– – And I like both of them

– Oh Oh gosh Ugh Ugh, olives Trying to get my face away from the taste

(audience laughs) There's an actual Ugh (Link spitting) – Huh

I don't like it as much as I thought I would It's interesting – To me it taste just like olives in ice cream You don't like it? – I thought I was going to love it And

– Agh The goat cheese is not really coming through that strong at all And then something about the– – I can taste the goat cheese

– The olives being an There's something about them being an olive brittle I am continuing to eat it, as you can see

It's just not I thought that I would have an out of body experience with this and I'm kinda just still in my body – Yeah

I'm highly recommending the Avocado and Oaxacan Chocolate I think we're on the same page with that one I mean, I'm leaving this one to you and you're saying move on I also love the Churro and of course– – It's not great, it's not great (upbeat music) That one's the best one that I've tasted

– I might just be making it disappear (chuckles) – [Rhett] Shield your eyes from summer blues with these mythical sunglasses available at mythicalstore

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