Our Bodies Under A Microscope Challenge

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (slamming sound) – Whoa! Look what happened, it went backwards to Gifticality! – Welcome to Good Mythical More – That means we're going to donate $1,000 to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services to aid in their mission of providing free and low cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families and refugees

Please join us in giving at the link below – All right, so, we got this thing Let's take a look at some other stuff, like even if we just like, look at your shirt – Oh, that's fun for a– – Fabric – Look at that

Fabric – Fabric – And you can't really tell any of the patterns Oh it gets darker over here, but you know, it's just dyed fabric – It's just fabric

– And then if you go for the, why don't you go on your own beard I wanna explore my body and you can explore your body – Okay, look check this out – [Link] Oh! – [Rhett] You're gonna see all kinds of stuff because I've got And now that my beard's gotten so long, I'm trying to put wax in it – So stay in one place and then pull focus So it allows you to really see – [Rhett] Oh gosh

– [Link] And just pull focus from there – Oh wait, let me get that thicker place – [Link] Look at that, look at the hair coloration You got some really black ones That's like, that's like a cable wire and then your high-speed internet

You got your old, you got your old cable, you got your new fiber optic – Well when– – They don't remove it, you know, they just add more – That fake beard for me, (woman laughing in background) the guy said that there were nine different distinct colors in this beard So you're seeing some of that – Wow

– All right – Let me, let me– – Look at your stubble – Oh stubble time? – [Rhett] Oh, oh gosh! Oh gosh! Oh no! – [Link] It's just chopped off – [Rhett] What? It's amazing how like, unevenly spaced hair is – [Link] Look at that one coming out

– [Rhett] Like you got like, three hairs right next to each other Hold on, you got a good shaver, it goes beneath the surface What is that, a Gillette? (Rhett laughs) – [Link] Look at it, I'm pushing on my skin and like, and it's making it– – [Rhett] Hold on, it's almost like you pulled the hair out How did it go below the surface? (man exclaiming in background) – [Link] That is– – [Rhett] Hold on, what is happening there? Why's it so like, shiny-looking? (woman laughing in background) – [Link] So that's just my shiny skin And then when I push on it

– [Rhett] This is the nastiest thing I've ever seen! (woman laughs in background) What is happening? – And what about my lip? Look I got hair right up to my lip – [Rhett] A lot, oh a lot of hairs! You got like a hair patch right there Lips kind of look like what you'd expect lips to look like

Just like – [Link] You can't eat – [Rhett] Lips close up – [Link] It all look like herpes when you do that – Oh yeah now we gotta put that on everything else, you put it on your herpes lip? – What about my tongue? – No, don't put it on your tongue, man Don't put

– I'm not putting it on– – I can hold it Away from your tongue, steadily (chair creaks) (woman exclaims in disgust in background) Oh you got stuff on it, man

Oh, what is, what is happening? (woman talks in the background) – [Link] It's the tip of it (crew laughs) (Link laughs) – Okay, now look I'm gonna look at my palm and see – Palm is boring – No, I bet you there's cr- Oh, look at that Look how dirty it is – [Link] Oh you just got dirt down in there – [Rhett] Look, look oh! Look, it's just my palm

– [Link] I think that's from the roaches? – [Rhett] This is just from me living my life, man – [Link] Oh, gosh – [Rhett] It's a little bit sweaty, a little bit dirty What have I been putting my hands in? – [Link] That reminds me of like, fingernails? – [Rhett] What is that? – It's roach excrement – Look, look look! You look at my hand and it looks completely clean

– Yeah, and I've wiped my hand See if you can – [Rhett] We lost the screen

Oh, now we're watching something back Now I'm looking at Wushu's hair, looks like – [Randy] Happy Cotton Candy Day, daddy! (Rhett laughs) – That was – [Randy] Hi daddy! – That was Cotton Candy Randy's beard, not Wushu – I understand what was happening Hey, Randy! – Hi, this fell off a truck You want to hear a sweet nothing? – Yes – Okay! (Randy exhales) I wanna feed you soup from my mouth

(crew members laugh) We're in the endgame now! (Rhett laughs) – Wow Wow Oh, so now I use this one? – As he As he walked away, he forgot to hold up his pants I saw a little more Randy than I– – What'd you see? – I wanted, I saw the exiting angle – Let me see up your nose – We've done, we Oh, I mean, see you got all the hairs That's healthy Now, you see how they're– – Dude, that's pretty freaking clean – That's because I, that's because I zizzed it out

(Link imitates electric razor sound) – Mine's not gonna be that clean, I haven't been paying much attention to my hair, my nose lately – [Link] Oh my gosh, Rhett You gotta trim your nose hairs – That's showing my mustache No, no that's my nose

– [Link] Oh my gosh, Rhett! You got to trim that crap back, dude How do you even breathe? – [Rhett] Listen, that's in there Hold on

That can't be my nose – It is, it's nothing but no- – [Rhett] No, you're seeing part of the – [Link] No, we're not

– [Rhett] There we go – [Link] I'm looking at, it is your nose – [Rhett] Here's the thing All those hairs Catch

I wanna get straight up the nose – I don't wanna use this anymore, now that it's been up your nose – Yeah but that catches all the germs, man That's why I'm so healthy Belly button, nipple

– [Rhett] Oh, gosh (crew members laugh in background) – [Link] Look how shiny it is, it looks like Mars I mean that's like flesh planet Can you imagine landing on that planet? That's the tip right there That's where the milk would come out

– What, I don't understand – Part the hairs out of the way (man speaking indistinctly in background) – It looks like, like a terraforma Oh you're going in the belly button? – This is pretty hairy too Oh gosh – [Link] This is embarrassing – [Rhett] Where is it? – [Link] Where is it? What is – [Rhett] Yeah – [Link] It looks kinda like Nipple Oh it's flaky – [Rhett] Oh look, look at that Oh, gosh! – [Link] You are flaky – [Rhett] I need – [Link] in there, man – [Rhett] to moisturize that

Good lord – [Link] Oh, gosh, you gotta, you gotta ream it out dude – [Rhett] Who's still watching? I feel sorry for them – [Link] Oh my gosh (Rhett chuckles) A lot of flakes

– What else can we look at? Oh let's at you, I wanna see what your hair looks like Your gray hair up here Whoa – [Link] It looks clear – [Rhett] Looks like a ghost

– [Link] It looks like fishing line Hold it in one place, and then pull focus, 'cause it allows you– – [Rhett] I'm gonna press in – [Link] Okay Oh my goodness Look how white it is

There's some gray, there's some white, there's some dark brown – Fingernail? – [Link] Now, when my mum was trying to get me to stop biting my fingernails, she would show me photos, before the internet, that somehow she would find that would show like, under people's fingernails – I'm trying to lie down a little bit – And that scared the crap out of me, but It probably damaged me in lots of ways

But I didn't stop biting my fingernails – [Rhett] Check out those cuticles – [Link] You got a pretty intact cuticle – [Rhett] There's some dirt – [Link] Coo-ticle

(Rhett exclaims in disgust) – [Rhett] Oh, there's something going on there What's going- Oh, what's my finger been in? What? – That's a pretty healthy nail Now mine– – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Not that part – [Link] Ooh, that's not good – [Rhett] There's so many little things on your hands! – Let me get my nail, because like, I basically eat the corner of my

– [Rhett] Oh! Oh, it's shredded, man – [Link] Yeah that's like flesh meat, that's flesh coming over nail That's what I eat when I get nervous

Look at that, going around the top – [Rhett] Look at that, you've been sticking your hand somewhere too, look at that Little hair, little hair sticking up out of there – [Link] It's like an insect – [Rhett] What is that? – [Link] It's an ins– – [Rhett] We have these little like, threads all over us

Where do they come from? Ugh – [Link] That's gross – [Rhett] Man! – [Link] I think this is good for me, 'cause this reminds me not to put my fingers in my freaking mouth Or anyone else's – What about the old hole on my ear, where I used to have an earring when I was cool

– Yeah, let's do that Let go – Hold on Do it like this, so I can actually see it – Get your thumb

– Behind it like this? So you can press against it? – No, just let it go – Oh, there it is Oh gosh

Ew Is that the hole? Oh there's stuff in it! – [Link] That's where you used to have a ear piercing, dude – [Rhett] Why is there crap in in it? – [Link] It's a cylinder of dead skin cells You need to pluck that out – What if I press on it from the back, will it, what happens? – Pop it out

Oh, gosh, that's so gross – [Rhett] Turn it Oh oh oh oh! – [Link] It's coming out! – [Rhett] From the side! – Stop All right, stop a little bit – Ugh

Oh gosh, I pressed on it and it came out a little bit Well you can't find it now – Let me see if I can find it – Oh, gosh! I hate myself – Just trying to find it again

– You're pressing down really hard There it is, there oh! Whatever you just did Oh! Yeah, and now down Yeah there it is, now zoom in on that What in the hell is happening? – [Link] It's really hard to move it around

– [Rhett] Why do I have a plug in my ear? How come it didn't just heal up? It's been 20 years! – [Link] That's accumulated dead skin cells – That's so nasty, Siri you're holding– – Try to pull that out Try to like, reach in there with your fingertips – No, you can't do that, man – Right let's get some tweezers

– [Randy] Hey daddies! – Oh hey, Randy – I just wanted to say maybe don't disturb those in there They're the eggs I lay when I whisper a sweet nothing So don't hurt our babies! – Sorry, sorry, I apologize – All right, I am inevitable

Bye! (crew members laugh) – It's Cotton Candy Randy baby eggs – I just scraped it with my fingernails Just see if it's still there – Did you kill them? – [Rhett] Yeah I got it, look, I got it If you can just land on the hole, I think I got rid of it

No, you're not aiming very close to it right now You're way too high There it is, there it is! You were on it You were on it You're too high

To the left, there it is! Look, I got it I got it out with my fingernail – Stop moving (Rhett laughs) Stop moving! I didn't get a good look at it – [Rhett] There it is

Yup I got rid of it – You pulled out Cotton Candy Randy's eggs – I'm sorry, Randy Really really sorry about that

– What a gross experience – Why did we do that? I regret every decision I've ever made – [Link] Pick it, and stick it With our Mythical Sticker Four Pack available now at mythicalcom

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