Passover Matzo Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Win face, congratulations to Jenn with two N's, you win a mythical shirt! Whoa, look at that win face

– Whoa, you earned it, that is a winning face – You're ready for some raw egg, you just toss 'em right in there (Link clucking) Okay, let's bring in Stevie and Josh – And some matzah ball soup 'cause it's not just Easter, it's also time for matzah ball soup – We also want to let you know as– – This here I'm flying in

– As these things are flying in, if you'd like to check out the Ear Biscuits podcast, but you aren't an audio person (chuckling), the video is up every Sunday on YouTubecom/EarBiscuits Subscribe today, yes, Ear Biscuits is its own YouTube channel – So even though it wasn't in the egg, there is a Rhett-bearded turkey leg – Just for fun, just for funsies

– Well, but it does go to show you that that, that turkey leg could have fit in that small egg, but that surfboard, that would have been tough – You want to be taller? – No – The surfboard could have been smaller I guess – It's too crotch forward – There we go that, I feel good

– That game is so I know that you're going to do the, "What would they have done?" And like, you tried really hard this year to trip you up, but then you do the reverse-reverse sometimes back thing – Yeah, I mean we're playing mind games ya know

It goes both ways I goes both ways – I mean we were, so how many did we get wrong though? – You got more wrong this year than I think you did perviously – Oh, well then you succeeded You continued to succeed

– I got three out of five wrong You got two out of five wrong, but one of yours that you got wrong was two eggs so we both had three eggs – That's right – It was, I mean, we won (laughs) – The house won – We're tasting matzahs

The Jews and the non-Jews, that's you – We're educating the goyim Two people laughed at goyim Two people know what that means – Does that mean gentiles? – Yes it does

– Is that like a muggle? – (laughs) Yeah pretty much, yeah – So ya know, during Passover you're only supposed to eat matzah – This smells horrible – Unleavened bread And so there's like different kinds of matzah and

– Do you know the history of that, Stevie? – Oh my God – Do you know why it's unleavened bread? – Probably some kind of umm(low speaking) – I'm just very sensitive to smell after those guts I'm just not feeling – Moses in the desert, wandering 40 years – They had to leave so quickly that they didn't have time to let the bread rise – Yeah, Old Testament, Old Testament – There ya go – These I will say, okay

– And I'm a gentile! – I have, do you have a favorite matzah? – I exclusively grew up on just the base level Manischewitz – Yeah – That said, I went to the biggest Jewish market close to us, normally huge extensive matzah selection, and we just got there after the matzah rush and all the Manischewitz kosher for Passover matzah was gone so I had to get the like, non-kosher for Passover matzah

– So when you bring egg and onion – This is the Manischewitz brand – to the meal, are you looked down upon? – Yeah that' no longer kosher for Passover, so we're just doing a, this is recreational matzah

– Mmm-hmm – Okay, got it – But I usually, so Manischewitz egg is my preferred matzah – Let's start there – And we don't have that, that's the problem

But also – We don't have what either one of you guys – We don't have Manischewitz anything – This is B-list matzahs – But basically, you just use matzah in place of bread for everything, so like I would have just like a sandwich, but like no bread just matzah And in the morning, like butter with cinnamon and sugar on matzah

I would say like butter on matzah is pretty good – I can't get this out! – It's just butter on a cracker – This is so frustrating – PB&Js on matzah and then the jelly would just soak into the matzah and it'd be in a bag and you'd have to kind just squeeze it in your mouth during lunch, and then That's how, yeah on Passover and – So is matzah ball, matzah balls are these ground up and mixed with egg? – Yeah, it's like you make a meatball except you use this instead of beef

– Oh – Here, take it What is this one? Gluten free, we started with the best – Oooo – Yehuda

(crunching) – Honestly, I'm so hungry it's not bad at all – Yehuda-best – That's a good, solid matzah – That's pretty good – Just tastes like a cracker

– I think it's all the years of wandering the desert, ya know all the strife of our people over thousands of years, make this taste really good – Mmm-hmm – It's a specialized taste bud – Right now, this is first place – Okay, Yehuda

– Yehuda-best – I tried to back an artisanal matzah startup on Kickstarter and it never came it fruition It was like, stone ground, ancient grains some Orthodox Jews up in Vermont and they had this awesome mill – Using Kickstarter? – (chuckles) Yeah they were like – They're so woke – Amish, ya know – This is distinctly different

I mean look at that The burn marks on this one, the toast marks, are elongated These are all – Whoa! – The burn marks on matzah are like a signature – This has a lot of onion taste – Yeah it does! – Hey now – Yeah – I kinda like it

– Me too – I don't like the crisp factor though Compared to the other one – The texture of the other one is better I will say – But the texture of this brings me back to those school lunches, ya know

– Mmm-hmm yeah – It's always like you left a Saltine out for like three days in the open air – It's somehow dryer than a Saltine – So I like the taste of this better, but which on are you guys voting for – I go taste

– Sure, I'll go with that – Okay, this one is now in the lead Yehuda's in number two da – Guess who's back? (light Spring music) – Hello Chaser Bunny – Hey guys

– Chase is back – Do one of you two wanna eat a raw egg? – No, Chase – Since you didn't get to – No I'm good, thanks – I've been doing the Rocky thing every morning and so I'm like really

– Don't do it, Chase – I've actually never done it – Do it

– Oh you've never done a raw egg? – I've never done a raw egg actually I lied when I said I did the Rocky thing Should I do it? – That's unbelievable to me – It's not good if you think about it – You know Josh is not gonna have a problem with this

(bouncing noise) – Wow! – (laughing) The sound! – Oh my God that's not bad at all (laughing) – The first one that I had wasn't bad, I actually thought it was so bad afterward You know it tastes good, but then when it hit my stomach – What do you mean it tastes good? – It actually tasted not bad – No it just tastes like super, super creamy

I thought you'd get a lot more of that bacterial egg white taste, but it's just all pure yolk That's nice – Yeah – Crack me a dozen more Chaser Bunny – The problem is the accumulative effect

– Oh please don't, not I see a million – This is your number one now, we just added this – I know, but oh This is onion and poppy this is, this is egg and onion (crunching) – Um – Oooo

– Egg and onion (crunching) – It's not bad – Not nearly as much of an onion taste – I personally still like the first one the best – I kind of feel like this is a third

– Yeah – I'm not authority – It coats your mouth, the egg – Original, unsalted matzos Or is that just how you say matzah? – You can spell it in different ways

– But does it always have an S and you just don't say it? – That's why it's so fun – Look at the perforations on this one – Are you denying using this piece? – (laughing) No I was trying to explain that matzah is spelled in a series of characters that go right to left – Yeah – So there's another way

– Flavorless Flavorless – Oh God! – Unsalted: bad idea – This is horrible – What? – This is bad guys

– What is this? Schwartz – This is horrible – Cause' it's unsalted – It's not supposed to be great It's supposed to hold you together in the desert

You know what I mean? – It also tastes like very traditional – Yeah – It's just a cracker guys – So are you saying because this is the worst, it's the best? – No – Oh, these are Manischewitz

– These were a request from Micah I didn't grow up on Tam Tams, did you? – We had Tam Tams I mean, there was a period of time in my life where I was like very much a practicing Jew and I did not eat any, I did not cheat, ya know? Now I'm a big cheater! – This is a way to not cheat? – Well, so there's different products like that you can, this is supposed to be different than matzah cause' it's a cracker, but it's not It's still matzah It's just little pieces of matzah

– Well it's the best of all of em – So there's – Yeah, but it's cheating

– There's some rabbis that believe that a tortilla is technically considered matzah Because a matzah is just defined by grain, water, and no leavening agent So a tortilla would count as that – Yeah – And that's been like a huge schism in the Jewish community, at least among the people that I know

– Oh gosh – The tortilla rabbis? – Yeah – I'm voting this to be number one – That's actually a rap duo (laughing) – The tortilla rabbis

– I think we need to have a comparison – Stevie, what's happening on L Tap this weekend? – Do you wanna take a (background laughter) Well Link, let me think

We are doing a lot of egg things – I'm not gonna have to drink more eggs am I? – Look how beautiful that was – We are smashing eggs against our faces – We're smashing eggs against our faces? – Yeah – If you do that on Passover, that's good luck for four years

– I agree this is number one – Oh, oh yeah look, whole spelt – I mean when you put a cracker in the mix guys it's gonna win – This is whole spelt – Uh oh, this cannot be good

– What is whole spelt? Whole is spelled "w-h-o-l-d" (laughs) (background laughter) I can't even spell it while reading it – Oh my gosh, cardboard – That's absolute – This is back to that classic, more classic, horrible taste – It's not as bad as the other one, but it almost is So I think now that we've ranked them from best to worst, we know that the actual best is the worst and it's that one – I don't know – Because as Josh said, that's the point – Yeah – I agree with that So that is the best because it's the worst

What is it? – Stick with the original Matzahs Matzos – Part of the Passover meal is literally like, you physically drink your ancestors tears in the salt water, ya know? It's supposed to remind you like, things haven't been this good for ya know awhile – So you agree? – So yeah, you wanna taste the suffering – On Good Mythical More More, we'll be tasting our ancestors tears

– Taste the suffering Our stories are now wearable Check out Post-Apawcalypse, a mythical storywear collection now at mythicalstore

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