Pizza Churro Taste Test ft. Post Malone

(animal noises) – You gonna eat it with us? – Hell yeah – Alright

– Yeah – Welcome to Good Mythical More, Post is gonna hang out with us and we're gonna eat the churro, but first– – Sudden Secret – You tell him, he'll tell me (whispering) – I knew it (laughter) Fine, whatever, it's not the first time and it won't be the last

(laughter) – Alright, so I didn't win, so before we bring in the pizza churro, which, you know, we did a Slim Jim churro combo earlier in the episode, that was a pre-tape, but now we're gonna experience a pizza churro, but first– – That's wrong – Alright, let's find out what I would've won I have not seen this, and then you can see if you can guess, Mr Meme-master, if I would've won, what? – Oh, I already know- I already know what this is – I think I know

– What? – Pink Neal – Oh wow, that's, you won But I was gonna use Rhett's name in it – What? – Met and Link, like metrosexual, like very (mumbles) inside – But that's just already Link, though

– I don't remember posing for this – Is Pink Neal correct? – It is – [Stevie] Oh yes, it's correct, yes yes, very correct – Let me see the laugh lines again because– – That's- Rhett Mclaughlines, that is absolutely– – [Stevie] I also said Rhett tired, Rhett-tired, Rhett-tired – [Post] Oh, that's good

– [Rhett] Is this what I have to look forward to? – [Stevie] Thank you – [Post] I think you look distinguished (laughter) – Yeah that's a generous term – Alright, so let's bring this in Oh my goodness, so– – And let's bring Mr

Punch in as well – Josh, this is your creation? – [Josh] It is, indeed – Alex Ale – Alex, come on in – [Alex] Hey! Just slide one way or the other

– Hello, big boy – What's up, boy? – Look, they're buddies, isn't that cute? – I've known Alex for my whole life (laughter) – At least a year, a beautiful year – Wow, what a year – What a year we've had, what a time we've had

– Wow – Wow (laughter) – Alex, how did you make these? – Well, I went to my buddy, Josh, and I said I'd really like for you to make these – [Link] Alright so Josh, tell us what we got here Let's each grab one

Well, there's all types This one's a lumpy one – [Josh] Yeah, no, I tried to make some extra lumpy just for you, so it's a garlic parmesan churro batter, there's a mozzarella pepperoni log stuffed inside, fried that up, I made my best Combo-style pizza seasoning to dust it all in – Yes – You guys grabbed the two best ones

(laughter) – You think this is a good one? – That one looks great and I'll willingly trade you, I'm talking about not the bulbous end, but the opposite end – Not the bulbous end– – That's a very churro-ish– – The crispy end – This guy, I picked this out for you actually – Wow, what a guy – That's pretty nice, that's a good, yeah

– Rhett, Rhett, pick yours – So, what'd you say about peppercorns? – Wow, what a smell – [Josh] I dunno that I said anything about peppercorns (laughter) – Can you say something about peppercorns? – Sometimes I just hear peppercorns – [Josh] I think you're just fine

– Okay – Gonna go with this thick boy – Wow, that's a big boy – That's a thick boy – I'm dipping in this one

– Like a Combo, yeah I do smell the pizza Combo – Are you a ranch guy, or no– – Are we going in? – [Alex] Going in – [Post] I'm a marinara type of lad – [Link] Marinara, can I– – I got a big ranch dip there – Here we go

– Josh – Hold on, no one's gonna dink it with anybody? – No – Listen– – This is well beyond dinking, these are too phallic to dink 'em – Can I restart? – Yeah – 'Cause I've always wanted to have said that I can dink it and sink it

– Yeah! – What's the double dip protocol? – Dink your other end – We're all friends here (laughter) – Just turn it around and dink the other end – Yeah – That's right

– Mine's fallin' apart – Dink it – Quadruple dink – Wow, what a dink – And sink

– Sink it (crunching) – Ooh – Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside – This is good for you right? – [Josh] Yeah yeah, it's got your macros (laughter) – Tastes better after the dink/sink thing

– Hey, this is fantastic – It is, isn't it? – Wow – You made these? – [Josh] I did, yeah – You should sell these – [Josh] A'ight, how much you givin' me for 'em? – I'd say for a plate like this, I'd give you 14 bucks

– [Josh] Hey, I'm all done though, I'm all done though I'm all done though – That's pretty good (laughter) – It's so crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside – It's got a hush puppy in it

Isn't it kinda like a hush puppy? – It's like a hush puppy that keeps going – That keeps on giving – An elongated hush puppy, which is kinda like a churro – Like a hush dachshund – I don't think I got any Slim Jim

– See, but we're not looking for girth, we're looking for the crunch – Yeah because that was earlier (laughter) – Yeah there's no Slim Jim to be found – There's no meat in there, I thought there was a pepperoni stick – [Josh] Yeah a pepperoni stick ground and infused with the cheese

– See, oh my god, wow (laughter and clapping) – See, I like cheese pizza – I see it right there, see the little bit of pepperoni? – That's a flaw, it's an imperfection – It's ground up, it's supposed to be– – No, that lets you know it's real – I mean I believe Josh

– It's organic – I really wanna eat another one, but– – Boy these are high, man – Probably shouldn't 'Cause thanks to you I just had a Popeye's chicken strip just a second ago – I'm sorry

– No, you don't have to apologize – It's the closest thing– – You're the only person that's ever requested Popeye's And then we're out there just chomping on it – I'm a fried chicken maniac (laughter) – The cool thing is you're not gonna eat all of 'em

– Okay, what's the best fried chicken you've ever had? – Raising Cane's or Zaxby's – Zaxby's is good, yeah I don't know about Raising Cane's – Raising Cane's is absolutely delightful, it's a bit of a trek – Is it with a C or a K? – A C – Okay, and is that like the proprietor's name or– – They got the special sauce

They got the special sauce that'll drive you wild – What do you recommend, do you recommend the strips, or just the– – They only have strips, fries, coleslaw, and the sauce – Does it have like a Cajun seasoning on it situation, or is it just more like southern-fried, no spiciness– – It's fried crispy, and then you're gonna wanna dip it in the sauce, 'cause the sauce is really what's gonna haunt your dreams (laughter) – It's a haunted sauce – And you like to be haunted in your dreams– – Yes, yes, I love being haunted

(laughter) – We should try to make contact with nar240 while we're here – Yeah we should, – No man – No, listen– – Austin's scared of that stuff – I watched the 10 feet tall and I heard the noise, and the noise was terrifying, and I wanna– – What was the name of that episode so they'll know? – It's possessed chicken (laughter) – There you go, a true friend, there you go

– Listen, I got my boy's back – And that's real and that kitchen's haunted, and we're gonna investigate tonight – Can we stay over the night at that place and lure– – Austin's been asking me about it for a while – Just give me a night vision camera and let me stay the night with Alex and Mike over at that place, and we'll find some spooky (bleep) (laughter) – [Stevie] Yes

– Yes, that's the yes I've been waiting for for so long – Thank you, Stevie, thank you, Stevie – It has been approved – Are you guys done with these, I'm double dipping – You can have another one

Very good work – Yes, thank you – And lots of fun, once again another one of these Wow You don't have a drink

– Wow

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