Playing 2 Truths 1 Lie

(Cockatrice crowing) – It's kinda getting moved over – The wheels close to me

Check your voicemail – Welcome to Good Mythical More – [Both] We have a voicemail – Let's check it! – Just take your time, Zach – You know, it's cool

I mean, sometimes the voicemail box – [Voicemail] If you get out of the shower clean, and put on your towel, then why does your towel get dirty? – That's true! (crew laughing) Whoa, whoa, it changed into a philosophy line – I think it's because you don't get all of the bacteria off of yourself – It was a rhetorical question, not a Rhett question – All questions can be answered, my friend – If you let me ask 'em

Don't ask a question – You can't help but ask questions Alright, let's bring in the crew – I'm an inquisitive dude, man I'm inquisitive

– Let's bring in our liars Now technically, Emily you never lied in that game, right? – I never did, no – Have you ever lied ever? – Oh yeah! – And you're about to do it again, 'cause one out of the three things you're gonna tell us is gonna be a lie – Yes – Two truths and a lie

– Before you do lie, I would like to hear your assessment of your ability to lie Like do you consider yourself a good liar? – I'm very good at lying – Oh we know – Yeah, you saw the last game I can lie to you real good

I seem like an honest guy 'cause of the glasses and the mustache, but – Is that really what it is? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, see, look at that – It's very trustworthy – Trustworthy face – I think when I say true stuff it sounds fake

(loud laughter) duh, I like burgers! I do, I like them! – Why you lying about liking burgers? – I'm not – Come hang out with me, Matt And I'm like, no, you don't want me to hang out with you – I do! – You do? – Yeah, that'd be fun! – Okay – Wanna come over and play Nintendo? – I do, but I don't know if you mean it

– Wow, guys, work it out Or we can move on – Do you have any questions, Link? – So you didn't like the burrito? You know, I think we would've liked it – I wish you guys could tell that I was lying so that you could've tried it – You were lying about that too! Yeah, you loved it

– Oh, no, no, I hated it Every moment – Sorry, Josh – The rim of the thing was just red pepper flakes and it just burned for the rest of the game – Oh

– Yeah, yeah, it hurt a lot, but I'm glad to be here – Yeah, it was supposed to be a punishment – No, it wasn't – I mean, yeah, it wasn't – Alright, so two truths and a lie, let's go for it! Who wants to start? – I'll give it a go

Okay, here are my three things Thing one, I have been to the Renaissance fair Thing two, I have been on the Weezer cruise Thing three, I have been to Burning Man – Ohhh, Renaissance fair, Weezer cruise, which let's define that

That is a captive environment on the sea where you're spending time with Weezer fans, and Weezer themselves, right? – Uh huh, yeah And there's always just a bin of inhalers everywhere, just in case – In case Rivers shows up and you might have a panic – Mhmm – Wow, now it's more likely, first of all, the thing that is most likely to be a lie is the Weezer cruise because less people have been to the Weezer cruise than the Renaissance fair or Burning Man, for goodness sake

– Right, it's not only a captive audience, it's a limited capacity Whereas the Ren fair there's always openings – I know he's been to the Renaissance fair! No doubt – 'Cause you've seen him there? – We shared a big turkey leg, and our faces met in the middle – I feel like there's no doubt that Jordan has been to the Renaissance fair

To me it's whether or not he's been to Burning Man or the Weezer cruise – I'm a little insulted by how sure of that you are! (loud laughter) This nerd's definitely been! – I don't think he's been on the Weezer cruise 'cause I think that would've been like something we'd have found out in our initial meeting That's something you lead with – I don't think he's been to Burning Man – Alright

– What's the truth? – I have been to the Renaissance fair, and Burning Man – (excited laughter) dang it! – I didn't know you went to Burning Man! – Yeah – That's so cool! – It was a ton of fun! I'll tell you all about it when the cameras aren't on! (loud laughter) And I don't like Weezer that much I know I clock as a guy that who would love Weezer – Definitely! But I actually don't like them

– Definitely – You've never liked them? Not a single song? – I'm one of those dummies who likes The Blue Album and Pinkerton – That's liking them Did you like the Weezer SNL sketch, did you guys see that? – I thought that was pretty funny – That was very funny

So you knew enough to find that funny? – Yeah – Okay, I'm kinda that Weezer fan too – Yeah, I don't even make it all the way into Pinkerton – Yeah – Just Blue Album

– There's some bad songs on there – Who's next? – I'll go next – Alright, pants on fire! – Alright, my three things I was in my high school Marachi band Thing number two, Jordan and I went to college together

Thing number three, I am 6'6" but I have never slam dunked – I like the way he looked at Jordan when he said that they went to college together Did you see what Jordan did back to him? 'cause I couldn't see it – He was surprised (loud laughter) – I went to college? – Wow, so UC Santa Cruz, huh? – UC Santa Cruz, that's right

(loud laughter) That is correct The Banana Guys Slugs – Banana slugs What was your first lie? – My first thing, you mean? I was in my high school Marachi band

– And, so, was the lie that your high school had a Marachi band, or that you were in it? 'Cause that's a double decker – Hmm – That's weird, man But cool! I think they went to the same college I knew they know each other from something

– I don't know if you've dunked I could believe that you have not dunked – I'm sorry, man, you haven't dunked, dude You have not dunked – I could believe that

– Is that what you guys have decided? – Hold on, hold on, so he said he hadn't dunked, so that would be true, so we have to pick the lie – Oh, that's true! – So I think the lie is – The first one – I think the lie is the Marachi band – There's no Marachi band – I agree with this

– Your high school didn't even have one – Yes, it did, Hamilton High School Marachi band, that is real But I am 6'6" and I have dunked I dunked a couple of times, no big deal (loud laughter) Yeah, yeah, yeah

– A couple of times, two times? – Two times, two times, yeah – In a game situation? – In a game situation – Dang, son! – Yeah, one time, I traveled for the first time, but it still was a dunk because the ball went inside – Dang it, Matt! – The second time, it was just straight up, just like tomahawk, everyone was like cheering and stuff (loud laughter) It was pretty great

– And this was for the Banana Slugs? – No, this was just in high school – UC Santa Cruz does not have a basket ball team We have an ultimate frisbee team, and a hacky sack team (loud laughter) – So you gave it up? But you were dressed as Marachi when you dunked? – Yeah, yeah, yeah I had everything on

– Alright, Emily? – Okay, I do not own a car I have never left the country And I've never had any plastic surgery – Ohh, dang – This is a trap

(crew laughing) – She's never had any plastic surgery! – Or botox – My lie is, I don't look fat in these pants (crew laughing loudly) Which one? – Wow, okay Don't own a car, never been out of the country, never had plastic surgery One of these things is a lie

– It'd be kinda lame if she had a car That'd be kinda like, yeah Hey, guys, guess what? I do have a car! – Whoa! – Right, right, I think she doesn't have a car Never been out of the country, huh? – That could be true – You scared of leaving the country, or? – Well, I'm mainly just, you know, a nationalist

(loud laughter) – And by that I mean, I stay in this nation Oh wow, wow – Are we canceled? (laughs) – I think you've had plastic surgery, I think that's the lie – Alright – Yep

– I will take that as a compliment – Me too, because I think that's the bate – I have left the country – So you haven't had plastic surgery? – No, not yet! – Oh sorry! – Not yet, but probably will! – Okay, in my defense – What are you gonna get? – Probably get a little botox – This what I thought you were gonna say, I thought you were gonna say, well, when I was 16 I was in a wake boarding accident and they had to do this, and that counted as plastic surgery

– No, I wouldn't do that I thought you were gonna say something like that – There's no way you haven't been in a wake boarding accident (loud laughter) – Yeah, no, I don't own a car I've been to Scotland, and England, but haven't been anywhere else

– You didn't drive there – I didn't drive there I do have a license, but I just don't have a car – Haven't gone under the knife – Wow

– Not yet – And you've been in LA for how long without a car? – Almost three years – And no plans to get one, you're just an Uber lady? – I don't want one Well, I take the train, and the bus, and I walk a lot, and I also do Uber and UberPool – Okay, okay, I've heard enough! – I don't want a car! – We went to the Renaissance fair together, and I drove! – That's right! – Why didn't you invite Matt? – Exactly! – Well, dude was a (bleeped) to me in college

(crew laughing) – I dunked on you one time! – That's the one dunk! – Wow, the throw backs – [Rhett] Wanna paste my face in a text? [Link] Or slap what the crap as a response? – [Rhett] Now you can with Rhett and Link stickers for iMessage! – [Link] Available now in the Apple app store

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