Playing 5 Second Rule Game

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (cannon bangs) (wheel spins) – Hey Welcome to Good Mythical More

I knew you would click on through to us You never let me down – Don't Google that, whatever you do, don't Google 19th Century Halloween kids – I gotta google that – Oh yeah

– 19th Century Halloween kids? – You've done it Look at you You've already done it – Well I'll be blast What is it? – What do you get? Oh

– Oh Oh – What in the world? – Oh my – Don't google that – Don't Go- Oh gosh! What? – Whaa? – What were the children thinking? – Actually, kinda Google that

– Kinda – Alright Five second rule is a game that we haven't played, but it's for ages 10 and up – Alright, we qualify – Yes! I love it how they, you got this nice box full of just this and this

We got this, and then we got this fancy schmancy timer (timer squeaks) – Is that five, what, wait, did you say something? – That was this (timer squeaks) – Is that electronic, or? (Link mimics timer) It could be a JAY-Z song (Link laughs) You know, he likes that kind of sound – Yeah, he did

– Okay, so you're saying that that is the five seconds – Yeah So what we're gonna do is, this is discard, so that's the front, you're gonna go first, so you turn this over and I'll read the first one to you I will give you an assignment, and it'll be like- – Why don't you, why don't the guy who's guessing he just guesses, and you- – I read out the assignment – Read it and land it, so you have time to control – Okay, you ready? Here we go

– Okay – Name three things – Oh, no hold on – What? You wanna wait until after I read it? – You gotta say it and then set the timer – Okay – It's gonna take you five seconds to get through the question – You're right

Name three things you would give to Goodwill – Old shoes, underwear, and an old desk – You can't give underwear to Goodwill – Yeah you can – No you can't

– I have I have – I've seen the inside of your underwear – They objected, but I give it to them – You cannot give that to them, so you don't get a point

– That counts! – That does not count – I could give it to them, they may reject it – You can't return stuff to a store that you've, underwear that you've wore or bathing suits Am I right? – Name three things you shouldn't do at a funeral – Laugh, fart, and giggle

(Rhett laughs) And smell – Giggle and laugh's the same thing, man – Smell the body – You can't do a different kind of laugh – Laugh, fart, and smell the body

– Okay, I didn't get a point either Okay, this is so fun, though It will stop being fun – So you're not giving me a point for the underwear one? Okay – Can you give underwear to the Goodwill? Yes or no? – [Producer] You can give it, but they might not take it

– They said, what would you give, and I said I would I got lots of old underwear – But they won't accept it, and that was the, so no, you don't get a point You can't give it to Goodwill – What if I told them I had really washed it? – You can't successfully give it to Goodwill

Really washed it? – Really washed it, never sharted in it – [Producer] Oh, they will take clean underwear, according to their website – Bam – Alright I'll give you the point, but I had to know

– Okay – Do I get a point? – No, 'cause laugh and giggle's the same thing – Name three animals that can swim – Fish, dolphin, and platypus – Platypus? Okay

You're right You get another point – Alright, here we go, here we go, c'mon Let's up the pace – Name three salad dressings

– Thousand island, ranch, and blue cheese – Name four – Italian – (laughs) I got Italian – If we do more, do we get more points? – No, let's keep this simple

– Let's keep it simple – But that was great, you kept going – Name three gifts given during the 12 days of Christmas – A goose, ducks, and pear trees – You didn't get it

You didn't get it You didn't get it – What are they? What are some of them? Partridge in a pear tree, so that was technically a partridge and a pear tree, you- – Golden ducks, I don't know That was a tough one – It's not the right time of year for that

– Yeah, it's out of sight out of mind – Alright, so how many points does he have? – Name three professional soccer teams – The US (all laugh) How sad is that? – The U

S – Not only did I not know soccer, but my only answer was the US – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – I'm sorry

I'm sorry the entire world who loves football, aka here soccer – I'm an Oiler's fan, not a soccer man Okay, uh – Hold on, I gotta think of one Arsenal

– Isn't like, Manchester United, that's one – Manchester United Brazil – Just name countries Your go or? – My go

This is hard Do it, guys What do we do now? Name three ways to procrastinate at home – Pick your boogers, scratch your butt, and watch television – Alright, let's keep going, you got extra time

Name three honeymoon destinations – Antigua, Jamaica, and Peru – Name three large US cities

– Chicago, New York and Los Angeles – Name three famous bald people – Jason Alexander, (breathes with spit) – (breathes with spit) is not an acceptable answer – Cojack! The guy who played Cojack – That's what we gotta do

Keep going – Keep going 'till you can't go anymore – Yep, yep, yep Howie Mandell – Name three comedians

– Howie Mandell, Seinfeld, and that guy who hosted Family Feud (everyone laughs) – You didn't even say Steve Harvey, man – Steve freakin' Harvey Give me another one Come on

Let me get a roll going – Name three things that may need ironing – A shirt, pants, and a tie if it's crinkled – Name three things you had to learn on your own – How to shave, how to ski, and

I learned everything with help – How to shave and how to ski You learned to ski like two weeks ago

(everyone laughs) – I was in a class, too, but I didn't listen – It's so fresh – I ski- – Did you learn how to shave two weeks ago? – Name three American- – You can't do that – Name three American Idol champions – Christie Underwood? What's her name? Candy Underwood? (everyone laughs) What's her first name? – It's Candy Underwear

Carrie Underwood – Carrie Underwood – And what was the girl who was like, her name was like, Rhianna – Kelly Clarkson, and then Justin, man The first one, right? – Name three types of sports balls – Lacrosse, basketball, baseball

– Name three California universities – UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Riverside All three of the best ones – Name three rock bands – Metallica, Black Snake, and Black Sabbath

– Name three polite phrases – Excuse me, sorry, would you like more fries? (everyone laughs) – Name three blues bands or musicians – Ray Charles, The Blues Brothers, and – BB King Give me one I'm on a roll now, I can feel it Going out on top, kids – Name three ways to wish someone Merry Christmas

– Happy Hanukkah, Happy Christmas, and what's in your stocking? – Name three parades – Rose Bowl Parade, Christmas Day Parade, and New Year's Parade – I don't think these count, but name three amusement park rides – A roller coaster, a tilt a whirl, and the concession stand (everyone laughs) – I'm gonna keep going

Name three brands of purses – Dulche Cabana, Aldo, and Nike (Rhett laughs) I'm sure Nike makes a sports purse – Nike makes a purse Name three rivers

– Cape Fear River, Massachusets River, and Colorado river – There's not a Massachusets River – I'm sure there is – Okay Link? I win

– Good work Name three vegetables – Cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage (upbeat electronic music) – Name three farm animals – Horse, pig, and dog

– Cartoon characters John Travolta movies – Staying Alive, (groans) Face/Off, Angel Man, and Michael, and Pulp Fiction – Angel Man Watched that one, I recommend it

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