Playing Giant KerPlunk

( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More! About to get my eye poked out You know what? What? Now that I've got this corsage, I feel like I've gotten everything I ever wanted out of life

I quit Did you know we have bananas here? Oh, you're back! Is that joke? Okay You changed your mind? Yeah, 'cause we got bananas! Yeah, we got plenty, man Only here Mmm! What was I thinking? – Right

– What do we do now? We play Giant KerPlunk and the loser has to drink whatever Jodie left for us which is a lot of squid ink root beer – Oh! – ( grunts ) – Okay – I'm putting that right there So I never played this game I never played regular sized KerPlunk

Well, it– the bigger the better I'm gonna load this thing up with balls These are desiccated testicles of my suitors – And then– – Oh, wow! Got a lot of suitors And then I'm going to– We've already placed the– Sticks

The sticks that then we'll alternate pulling them out If when you pull one out a ball falls you get a point – which is bad – Point per ball If they all fall then you're a real loser Yep

Whoo! Okay I'll go – Gonna get over here – I mean, surely the first few balls– First few pulls are– Oh! You chose the yellow Are you only choosing yellow? Yeah, I'm a banana man

I'll only chose orange – Okay – I have a feeling that these– I mean, the first ones are– You know– What kind of music should they add underneath this – KerPlunk-ish – KerPlunk-ish? Let's go against type

– Let's go anti– What would be– – Sad? Let's make this the saddest game of KerPlunk ever Like the "Platoon" soundtrack? Well, we're gonna have rights issues with that – A soundalike – Yeah Something really sad

Like a– Like death scene in a moving movie It could be military No, yeah It's the scene in "Platoon" where Willem– You know his name's Willem – Dafoe? – Dafoe

It's not William Found that out last week Um– No Not last week, last decade And he falls down and the napalm is behind him and he's– that song

– We need a soundalike to that – Oh! The– I haven't seen "Platoon" – But you've seen that scene? – Yeah – You've seen that iconic scene – That's the cover

– That's the cover of the DVD – Yeah He's like on his knees and like his arms are up Oh, so you've seen the DVD and made a decision not to rent it – Shame on you

– Yeah, but I look at DVDs all the time and not rent them 'cause I'm– I go to Blockbuster a lot – ( music playing ) – Okay, pull it – I'm going low – Ooh! It's so sad Oh, my goodness

– ( sighs ) – Oh, wow! I can actually see– Get a sadder look on your face You're smiling Oh! I'm sorry I'm too excited ( whispering ) Actually, I think I can– ( whispering ) Look sadder! Look sadder! ( groans ) ( whimpers and sniffles ) I think you need to be able to see better than we're seeing right now

Oh, gosh! Oh, that one's got– That's got ball pressure on it Oh, that's definitely got ball pressure on it Oh, the ball pressure I'm not even looking I'm just pulling my color

( sighs ) The ball pressure is turgid ( laughing ) Oh, gosh Oh, gosh This is so sad I'm gonna– I'm breaking from our strategy

I gotta pull something besides yellow 'cause I wanna win I'm gonna go red here Well, then I'm gonna go yellow Yeah Pull it! Pull it! – Pull– – I ain't pulling that one, homie

– Homie – Imma pull this one – Oh! – Oh, there's ball pressure on that, too – Ooh! – Oh! – ( mimics crying ) – See, I'm sticking to my guns, man – Look at that

– Yeah I got one of yours There's no more red You can't play that game anymore There's only one yellow and you have to pull it next! – There's two– There's two yellows

– It's yours! – You have to pull both of them – That ain't one of the rules, man! Green Ooh, the track is switching up Now it's suspenseful No, because that makes too much sense

– No, makes too much sense – Now it's polka ( polka music playing ) We're so happy now KerPlunk Yeah! Actually– No! Oh, I just got a ball

– So that's– You hold that one – My blue ball – That's– That's– – That's a point for Linkster I'm losing by one point Ooh! ( sighs ) I mean, there's not that many sticks left

That ain't gonna do – That's not gonna do – ( humming ) Hopefully, that's the right BPM because otherwise I'm gonna look like a fool Oh, gosh Oh! That's Linkster's balls, man

– I didn't even pull anything – Yeah, but you touched it, man You touched– You touched the stick – Oh! You're 0 and 4 – Oh, dang it! I don't think it matters that you've already lost four, though, because the person who loses is gonna be the one who let's 'em all release

So I think it's still anybody's game But I'm so happy, though Nothing? – Nothing? – ( humming ) What are you doing now, though? What are you doing now? What kinda music do we got now? ( sighs ) Oh, gosh! Okay, that was another four My balls are dropping left and right I've only celebrate that once

– Is– – You only get to celebrate it once Is Link up to eight or seven? I think one of the balls fell on the ground – Yeah, one's on the ground – Okay – So he's up to eight

– What are you up to? Mm, zero The problem is is that at this point we've got problems – Yeah, you do – Houston, we have a problem You're about to lose! Drink the ink juice

Squid That squid squeezed it right into that bottle for you I am relatively sure that if I pull any one of these four they're all gonna fall But my best– 'Cause what's gonna happen is if I pull one of these that ball's gonna fall and they're all gonna fall Let's change the music to suspenseful – ( suspenseful music playing ) – 'cause this is meaningful

All right, Link, you're– You're screwed You're screwed, dude! Why'd you change it back to polka? That was very rude ( polka music playing ) – All right – Good luck They're– How are they even held in? You're gonna need it

You're gonna need it This one is holding that one that then seems to be connected to everything Seems to be There's no– – It's gotta be this one – I believe you can do it

Like if I pull this slowly – One's gonna drop, but maybe no more will drop – Yeah, do it Real slowly Not– They're not all gonna fall

Just as long as you go slow ( both groan ) Dang! I thought you had it It was like suspended animation for a second I thought I had it, too, man! – ( nervous chuckle ) – All right – Enjoy the soda

– All right, go back to the "Platoon" music ( somber music playing ) If Jodie can do it, I can do it She worked with those twins all those years You want a straw? Yeah Oh, that's horrible! ( whispering ) I saved ya

– Oh, gosh – They would've never known It can't be that bad ( gags) Oh! – ( gagging ) – Banana? The aftertaste– Jodie was doing all she could not to gag on our camera – Oh, gosh! – But you know me

Oh, gosh, the breath that I have! – Oh! – I feel– – I feel like we need to find– – Oh my, the breath that I have! We need to find her and apologize – Really? – It's horrifying! Wow! She took it like a champ – Whoa! – Maybe you should speak to her – and get some pointers – Whoa! That is bad! Whoo! – Wanna play again? – Sure All right, that's what we'll be doing the rest of the day, corsage boy

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