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(rooster crowing) (animal roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Gifticality

That means we are donating $1000 to the Animal Welfare Institute to aid in their mission to improve the treatment of animals everywhere Please join us in giving at awionlineorg – AWIonlineorg is how I remember that

– [Both] Thank you for being your Mythical best – Go ahead and open up this clutch I wanna give you guys a reminder Basically we're gonna play this Girl Talk here in a second We're gonna invite Emily and Christine in

(coughs) Oh gosh, the powder– – The powder is everywhere – Come on in guys We can set up the game – It's in our lungs – Wanna give you guys a reminder that our final live show dates for 2019 will be, keep moving over a little bit

– Wait, Christine, I can't get in – Make a semi-circle – Houston, New Orleans, New Orleans– – New Orleans – Birmingham, Jacksonville, and Tampa, Florida, this September And in November, we will be in Albuquerque, Phoenix, Sacramento, and Southern California

(Link coughing) – Tickets are on sale Friday morning at RhettandLinkLivecom (girls laughing) – Now ladies, we have this bro-mein I'm sorry, you can't have it, it's for dudes only – That's fine

– This is for feminine monkey butts – Yeah, that's interesting We never heard about powder for a ladies anything – Oh yeah, well you can have the rest of it – We'll add it to the list of stuff we've been told to buy our whole lives

– Seriously – Yeah, that's definitely just for dudes, I can tell The spices – So Girl Talk, Girl Talk, this was– – Very popular in the '90s, yes – I personally never played it

But it looks fun – I've definitely played it The girls look like they're having a great time – It's interesting that none of them are talking – No

Not at all One of them is taking off glasses One of them is shocked She's taking off a hat– – They're talking to you They're responding to you

– Girls communicate telepathically– – Right, it's all intuition – That's neither here nor there – Outrageous stunts, fun secrets Are we gonna share some of our fun secrets? – It is kinda like truth or dare That's kinda what the game is, but with a little– – Prompts ready

– Yeah So we have a little wheel here that you spin – I love wheels – Familiar with that – And it will land on something and it's either gonna be like a truth or dare

If you don't want to do it, then you have to put a zit sticker on your face – Seriously? – Yeah So you get zits when you don't do a challenge or answer a truth – So whoever we bought this from used You can tell how often they didn't play this game

– I like to play I also, I went on Ebay not too long ago to look for extra zit stickers from Girl Talk because I thought they would be the perfect webcam coverup sticker – Oh, wow – Right? I did not find any, so Yoink! – They're all on webcams across the world

– So what have your stalkers been seeing? – Well, I have other stickers I have chicken stickers I put on from like a thing – Let's play – All right, cool – Wait, you also get points for each thing? – Yes, we can keep score but I think that we just– – What's the fun in that? Girl's don't care about keeping score

– They just wanna have fun – Yeah, very good Great song Rhett, would you like to go first? – I would, but first I would like to see the commercial for Girl Talk to know what I'm getting into – Yeah, we have a commercial

– Kelly's not goofy like other girls ♪ What kind of Girl Talk girl are you ♪ – I play to win – [Announcer] They're playing Girl Talk – Judy's more sophisticated ♪ What kind of Girl Talk girl are you ♪ – [Announcer] The game of truth or dare

– Call a guy and tell him something gross Never, I'll take a zit sticker ♪ What kind of Girl Talk girl are you ♪ – Kelly would never kiss and tell – My first kiss? Sure, I'll talk about it ♪ What kind of Girl Talk girl are you ♪ – I'm a winner

– And a flirt, a gossip, and boy crazy ♪ Girl Talk ♪ – Can we talk about this? – Oh my gosh! So anybody who's obsessed with Firefly or Serenity, that girl who said– – Yeah! – She's from that show Or from the show and the movie – And she's wearing suspenders – She was also in Space Cases and Flash Forward

– Which amazing phrase did she say in that commercial? – She said, what is it, I'm a winner or was it the last? – Or I play to win? – Oh, I'll kiss and tell, like that – I thought she said I play a witch – [Stevie] She was like let me tell you about my first kiss It was with a girl (all laughing) – Let each player make, you wanna spin? – No, I said Rhett spin first

– Oh, I already spun Just to practice – Okay, what was the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in front of a cute guy? (crew laughing) – Oh, dish – Who's the cute guy, number one? – Well, I mean, I've had some weird things happen in locker rooms – Such as? – You know, just like prolonged eye contact

– While you're putting powder on your? – While I'm powdering myself up, accidentally looking at a man and realizing that oh, I'm just thinking, I'm not looking at anybody right now I wasn't just rubbing myself and looking at you (Emily and Christine laughing) Would I get points for that? – For sure How many points would you have gotten? – Three – Three, all right

Three points for Rhett – What are the girl cards? – That'll be at the end Right? – Yeah – The spinner is a bit compromised What was the worst punishment your parents ever gave you? What did you do to deserve it? I was never punished as a child– – Hell yeah

– I was the only one that my mom had So she was like, I don't want to punish that one – Really? – I feel like he should get a zit sticker for that, right? – I was an only child Basically the only way I was punished was when Rhett would get punished for something that we did together by his parents and my mom would just give me the same punishment – Do it out of solidarity with those parents

– Yeah, it's like, Rhett's mom, I think, would call my mom and say– – This is what we're doing with Rhett – Rhett's getting, he's getting grounded for a week And his dad's gonna spank him My mom would say you're grounded for a week – Did you get the spanking? – No, it's like we're not gonna talk to your dad about this

– Oh, there you go – Matter of fact, we're not gonna talk to your dad at all (Rhett laughing) – You should get punished some more though – Wow, that was a good one – You never received a punishment, let's punish you now

– All right, and Link? – The worst punishment he's ever gotten – Yeah, the worst – Girl Talk is so fun – We're learning so much about you guys – Okay, let's see

Take a Girl Talk girl card from each corner – And you give it to the person who you think matches it They're not supposed to look at it yet – So I take all of them and then I give them to people? – Who you think it matches what the card says – I looked at one

– Who I think it matches? – And then we look at them at the end to know what she thinks of us – Oh, 'cause a bunch of people might do this, hang on – This is how friendships end – Let's see – The subtweeting of the '90s

– That's yours – But I don't look? – Not till the end of the game – I don't wanna wait – There you go – I really wanna know right now

– That's not Girl Talk – This is you and this is me – And then we have to wait? – We wait till the end then we reveal what each card is Someone else might give you cards – Oh, so that way it's not personal

– Right – And also, you don't get points – I don't get points? – All right Christine – Call the cutest guy in your class and tell him jokes He has to laugh before you hang up on him

Do I call someone? I don't have my phone on me – Who's got a phone? And who's got a cute boy? – You can just yell something to a guy in here – Just pick? – I guess just role play – Talk to Mike – Okay, um, tell him jokes? I can also choose zit stickers

You know what, I'm gonna do zit stickers Give me the sticker, I ain't calling no one – All right Rhett, it's your go again Let's pick up the pace I spun for you, I don't know why

I just can't resist not spinning – Stand on all fours and bark like a dog for 15 seconds – [Rhett And Link] Hilarious – Oh my God, are you gonna do it? – No, this is so embarrassing I can't believe I'm gonna do this in front of you guys

– You're such a bad girl – Maybe I should get a zit sticker – No! – Really? – Bark! – Maybe I should get a zit sticker- – Bark! – Bark! – [Link] You're already on all fours – Oh guys (Rhett barking) Was that good guys? – That was really good

– Oh my gosh you did it Who timed it? – I'm kind of embarrassed by the way how I got into that – This is the best slumber party ever – I love it – Raid a clothes closet

Model the tackiest outfit you can put together – Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go – Okay, you can spin – While he's putting together his outfit, I'll spin Okay, jump like a frog for one minute

If you topple over, you have to start again Listen, I don't have teenage girl chest anymore, so I'm not gonna be jumping up and down for y'all Sorry internet, not doing it – Zit sticker – Zit sticker on me

– Teenage age girl chest – Not giving you all what you want (Rhett laughing) I'm very full of myself thinking that's what people want Let's be real – Let each player make up one part of your face

So you have to get like, one player applies lipstick, the eyeshadow, et cetera Dude we need makeup – Are there things from the last segment with makeup that we could do? – Do we have makeup? – [Stevie] I feel like we deserve a spin again – All right, okay, okay – Spin again

– Spin again Okay, I got the exact same thing – Hey girls, look at me I'm a dad on vacation – Oh my gosh

(all laughing) – Yeah, that's my shirt – You look like you like pina coladas (crew laughing) – Anybody got a mojito? – I'm gonna secure this – Mine is turn on the radio and lip sync and dance to the first song you hear – How embarrassing

– Who's got Spotify? – [Stevie] Demonetized Demonetized – Oh, okay, go okay Christine – [Stevie] This is the last last chance spin – Okay

Tell each player what she does that annoys you Give me like five of these I feel like that, like, we're not gonna do that, right? – Okay, let's read our cards and see what Emily thinks about us I will anchor network news – I will bubble personality

– He has a bubbly personality (crew laughing) You will bubble personality – I love the phone That's right – I love the movies

– Aww, you and the movies, I knew that about you – When did that get there? – When you were doing your little wardrobe change – I don't have any zits – [Rhett] Choose to buy our chew toy and we'll choose to donate proceeds to the Humane Society Get the Will It Taco? chew toy at Mythical


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