Playing Mini Pool w/ Hulk Hands

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More! The wheel comes to a landing just like this entire episode Thanks for being here on the runway

Get out of the way! (crew laughs) The wheel has landed on Comment Takeover, but we're having difficulty grabbing it – Comment Comment Takeover is when we send you to a relatively undiscovered video and have you comment on it We're sending you to Dog Steals Bird Treat – Dog Steals Bird Treat? – Treat

Comment saying whether you are #TeamBird or #TeamDog – Be nice – Don't tell em we sent ya – And here we go doing something ironic We got some Hulk hands

Oh it's like that, aye! You know, I dunno what would beat this in a Would You Rather Wather – Rather Would you rather? – Would you rather – Root for the South or the North? (laughing) – Because I would actually love to have hands like this

Like ones that fully– – Yeah! Now that I see how big and awesome it would be to have big hands – They look so cool I just look cooler all of a sudden – Yeah! It's the guy with big hands – I would want the fingers to be– – Not attached? – Independently articulate

So, we have a mini pool table here and – Wow – we're gonna play it with these

So that's for you And here's for me – Oh gosh They have no grip at all You'll never get it up – Help me out here

– Here, I'll– – Yeah – Do this – Well this gonna have to be a team building exercise – See how I got it perched for ya? How'd you get mine so easily? – I don't know – Oh hold on, I can do this

– [Link] I got it I got it – This is gonna be so easy – Here you go, there's your We can, we can – Yeah, let's work together

You want me to move or you move? – You move – Good enough – Hulk smash! That means break You're gonna do that – You wanna play eight-ball? – Stars and Stripes

– Okay – I don't wanna have to use numbers – Eight-ball means you don't have to worry about the numbers – Exactly I wanna do that

– Meaning that– – I'll be stripes – No, you'll be whatever you knock in first – Right – Yeah (crew laughs) – But you gotta say, or I'll just say it

I felt like I was very decent in pool – Yeah, you're very good – Much better than darts – Yes – Which isn't saying anything

– Yeah, yeah We should go play pool sometime – But I still got out first Okay (crew laughs) – [Rhett] Oh gosh

– I'm not gonna get it No, don't help us! – How about this? You just grab those – You grab and I'll grab – Shoot – David, I didn't mean to yell at ya like that

(crew laughs) Would you please help us? – I think if you just, I'm gettin' it, I'm gettin' it Oh no, you're not helping No just– – I am helping – No you're not Seriously, if you just let go

Watch this I'll get it up and you get the stick under it – [Link] Yup, yup, yup – [Rhett] Yeah, go ahead – Okay, there's that

– There we go (crew laughs) – Okay, now you Hulk Smash – [Rhett] (chuckles) Get them back together – [Link] In a triangle – Yeah, do your best

You know what, you can just use this thing It's shaped like a triangle – This has gotta be the most frustrating Good Mythical Morning ever watched – Okay, here we go – Okay, there it is

Perfect triangle – [Rhett] I think this would be hard even, now I can't see the end of my stick – Okay Now Oop, you scratched

(crew laughs) Course, there's a little hole to get the ball out (crew laughs) – [Rhett] Yeah – We haven't even played yet! (Rhett chuckles) – I oughta stick my index finger in there – Give me this and I'm gonna do a– – You gonna chopstick it Oh! – Oh

– And I caught it! – Alright, now you scratched so I get to go anywhere – Go anywhere you want – Um – You have to keep the ball on this side of the table but, I'll tell ya right now, that five's in a good position Oh yeah, underhand

Actually, that's, no? Weird – I'm just gonna break these up a little more – Really? Oh, you dropped one – I sunk a solid That means you, my friend are solids, and I get to go again

– Uh, no that means you're solids (crew laughs) – Right – You're trying to hit your balls in – That means you my friend, are– Okay you know what? That's right, I am solids, Link – No I'm solids, I'm knocking my own in

– Yeah – I'm eliminating myself from the board and eliminating myself – Now, if you get the eight ball in, you lose – I lose And at the rate this is going, I'm kinda hope that happens

(Rhett laughs) Alright, I'm trying to knock my five in, using the eight to the ten to the five – Oh, you knocked one of mine in – Now it's your go – Thanks I'm gonna come back around here

– Thanks Thanks a lot ♪ I got a broken heart ♪ ♪ And that's all I've got ♪ Oh, you knocked one of your stripeys in So you get to go again Was that, was that? – [Rhett] Yup

– You're gonna run the frickin' table, Hulk – Oh, none for me – Thank you, thank you Now it's my go – You can get that six in

– Trying to get this six in It's an awkward way to hold a cue – That big hands ain't all it cracked up to be – [Link] We have to take back what I said (crew laughs) – Oh

Very nice – Okay When my mom was getting her EMT certification, I had to sit in the Rescue Squad garage for the hour and half every week, and they have pool table So I would play alone – Oh, you kept this tip from us

– And that is how I learned to play, but I'm self-taught – Oh, self-taught – But techniques probably not– – Now, did she get her EMT certification because you're so accident-prone? (Link chuckles) Or was it work-related? – She didn't tell me that But that's probably the unspoken truth – I gotta be ready for anything with this boy

– I never once received CPR though – That's good – Oops, nothing happened there – [Rhett] Okay, I gotta really work it here I gotta get in here and break it

– Break it up – Break em up – Oh, that was a illegal, but, okay, now for the sake of coverage – Rapid fire – I'm gonna handicap my, I'm gonna bounce it off the, nope, nothing

– Okay, alright I'm just, no thought, just quick – Oh my goodness You knocked a lot in I'm sure you knocked, – Oh gosh – You scratched

– You know, let's just create a new cue ball Think you can get it outta there? Just make that the cue ball If you can get it Oh, gosh You need help? Oh, gosh

Oh (Rhett and Link laugh) (Rhett groans) – Wow! Rhett was a soccer goalie in seventh grade – You know how many goals they scored on me in eighth grade? – [Man] How many? – The whole year? – Oh, eighth grade too? – Two – [Link] That's pretty good man You know why? – West League

– That's because I was the defender I was your, I was your Let's just quit! – [Rhett] I know we can do this

We can get it, we can get it, we can get it Alright, now I gotta my dadgum cue stick – Dadgum Dadgum! – (laughing) Oh God – Oh

(crew laughs) – Alright, let's just call it a draw (Rhett sighs) – Get em in That's what Hulk would've done – Yeah – Screw it! – Yeah, he'd smash it

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