Playing Shocktato (GAME)

( rooster crowing ) ( lion roaring ) ( squealing ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" Q-T-M-B-A

"Question That Must Be Answered" The question that must be answered is Oh, are they monogamous across all nine lives? Cats do not have the capacity to love

– That is the answer to the question – The question– – Rhett, the question– – The love that you think you feel from a cat is all in your mind You are anthropomorphizing your cat, okay? It's a freaking cat It is of the devil It hates you and hates everything else, including itself

Rhett, the question was for them, not for you – Oh, what? Sorry? – So you guys feel free in the comments below to answer the question Is that where we want them to answer the question? Thank you, Davin, for taking the wheel out that way as the Mythical crew members that have been selected to play Shocking Hot Potato with us file in I specifically requested that Jen join us for this – Yeah

– All right – Can dogs feel love? – Oh, dogs are full of love – Oh, yeah – I'm sympathetic to cat people because my dog is basically a cat, so I feel like I'm a dog cat person – Yeah, well

– 'Cause I have a dog cat Try having a cat for a couple of weeks and then tell me if you want Jade back or not Um, so this thing here has silver dollars pasted all over it, and I assume that when you touch two of those at once when the music ends, it shocks you

– I don't think the music has– – Completing the circuit has the– I think it just happens Well, maybe the music does stop when it happens, – but you can't anticipate it – You cannot anticipate it – Which way do we want to go? – Is it random? Or is it– Tell him how to play Hot Potato

– I've never played Hot Potato – You just kinda toss it to people – You just have to get it out of your hand – Toss it to people – Yeah

– Yeah, it's random What if no one catches it? – What? – You have to catch it If the music goes off while it's in the air, you have to catch it and receive the brunt of it Like, you throw it, and everybody's like, "Nah But it'll break it, Jen, and that'll have to come out of somebody's pay

Now we did play with something– Ooh Is that a threat? We did play with some sort of shocking device at some point – Do we– – After all you put Link through – Link: I know! – ( laughter ) She's slathering it on I mean, you're setting yourself up for– – Yeah, you brought me in here

– you're just carrying it on We did play with some sort of shocking thing at some point, – and it hit the ground – Yeah, and it broke – It broke – It did, yeah

That's why I'm stalling, 'cause I have every reason to believe this is also gonna break No, it won't break What are the settings on it? The settings are "normal" – Good – "lame," and "extreme" – Jen: Extreme – Whoa – We're going extreme

– Oh, man! – From the first round? – To the extreme – Why would we go lame? – My heart's racing real fast – Because– – You're not gonna die 'Cause we're doing this for entertainment purposes You're not gonna die, unless you catch it, and you put it against your heart

I– and I will say, as bad as that shock hurt – Chase: Yeah, the belly – the carpet burn was bad, because you put the carpet here, but then you tilted it, so only the top edge of the carpet– so you were sawing me in half with the top– – with the edge of carpet! – Yeah, yeah

– We had talked about that ahead of time – Yeah, yeah If it had've continued for a few more seconds, his entrails would have ( blows raspberry ) – Three, two – Hold on, I gotta– – Oh, shoot – one Hold on, I gotta hit "on/off" You were very firm when it was enough with the– – Yeah – So, we're just passing it around randomly? – Did it get you? – No, it just turned on – ( laughter ) – Okay, here we go

– Oh, there is no music – Whoa! Hold on, guys, it's not going Now, you gotta catch it Whoa You gotta catch it, and then you've gotta throw it

We're not playing volleyball – Is it on, guys? – It's not on! – Is it on? – Scary, though – Ow! – ( laughter ) Link: Seriously? Is there a remote? – Got 'im! – Is there a frickin' remote? Where was the music? There's no music It's not a musical hot potato – It's just Hot Potato

– That was fun – Thanks everyone for joining us – Yeah, good times – Did you ever catch it? – Yeah Stevie: I've just been informed that for the "extreme" setting there's no music, but for the other two, there is music, so

– "Just been informed" – Should we play music? Add music in post Hey, was it really bad? It

wasn't great Was it worse than a dog collar? I– I was– it went from this hand– I was holding it with both hands, which I highly recommend "Why isn't it working?" And it went through my body

Like, including something down there – I don't believe that

– Your feet? It went all the way through Maybe you're just attracted to potatoes – You shocked your feet? – Okay, ready? – Is it normal now? – Two hands Nope All right

You and me, like, go– jump backwards – What the heck? – ( potato buzzing ) Oh! I got me again! There's five of us! Jen: Alex, you kept on almost hitting me in the face I took a statistics course You were getting so scared, you were like– What are the chances? There is a 4% chance that that happened – What do I do? – Four? 20% times 20%

– I got the same thing – No, it– – It resets every time – All right, ready? There's a 4% chance that it happened to you two times in a row, right? – I don't know – You're gonna get murdered for that – There's no way

– ( laughter ) Okay You have to catch it, guys You can't bat it ( laughter ) You can't do that! Stop it! Catch it! Catch it! Oh, it's on his crotch! Did it get it? Did it get your crotch? You're not– did it go? – ( screams ) – ( laughter ) – He held it that long? – Chase is like, "Aah!" "It didn't hit my crotch" Of course, once it touches your crotch it goes away! I was like, "It's still going

" I saw it light up on you, so I didn't want to touch it – Really? – Man, that would've been incredible, Chase! Why didn't you just let it stay there? – It's under there – Here, hand me that What the heck? There is a 2% chance I think it did get me a littlethat Chase would put it on his crotch, not get shocked, then smile, and hold it, and then be shocked – This isn't on, but – 2%

rip it apart like an apple Yeah, oh, I remember

That's a good throwback That's a throwback, y'all Rip it apart– rip it apart like an apple ( yells ) Is it started? Ow – ( yells ) – ( yells ) God, that hurts a lot

– Okay, it was on – I saw you hit the button "Rip it apart like an apple" If you guys don't know, there is – Still feel it – It's an amazing– an epic Good Mythical Moment from years ago – Two years ago – Just for kicks, let's play with the– – Chase ripped apart an apple with his bare hands

– With the music? – With the music – Or tried to – No, he did – ( potato plays music ) It's more fun with the music – ( potato buzzes ) – ( all exclaim ) Got her! Yes!

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