Playing Slang-Man (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (animal roaring) (Rhett and Link shouting) – [Both] Gifticality! – Welcome to Good Mythical More – That means we're donating $1000 to the Animal Welfare Institute to aid in their mission to improve the treatment of animals everywhere

Please join us in giving at AWIOnlineorg – AWIOnlineorg – Christine and Emily come in here so that we can play – [Both] Slangman! – Slangman's like Hangman, but it's slang

It's rad – I've showered – Good – You've showered – Yeah, I washed my hair three times

I washed my hair twice, are you okay? (Rhett laughing) (crew laughing) – She's trying to cheat nature right now – You have to be on it to make it– – You should stay up there It's better that way – I'm like the same height as you now – So we're face– – I have to tell this

I have to tell this story though, because I washed my hair twice in the shower – With what? – Shampoo and conditioner two in one – Don't believe in that – Well it was all that was in there And so I washed my hair and I'm like drying off and I look in the mirror and there is still fish guts just sitting on top of my head

I'm like how did I miss that? I had to wash my hair in the sink – Didn't you smell it? – So there might be fish guts on me, in me – I don't see any, I think you're good – I don't smell any – [Stevie] I feel like, Emily, you look different too

There's just something, you're like less black and yellow stripes – Yes, of course, that's true I've been de-beed Yeah, that's true At one point, the fan that was supposed to make me blow up as a bee fell down into the stinger

I was just whipping it around – That's when the bee dies When his fan falls into the stinger, it dies – My spam was falling down into my stinger – Oh God

– 'Cause the pants were too big – And you didn't have a belt – So, Davin, I think has taken the liberty of going ahead and writing what is our first Slangman This is a slang term that then you guys as a team have to try to get before– – The answer is on the top card – Top card, all right

– Okay, that's five letters – Is this a good spot for it? – Yep – Let me hold that – There's probably a vowel – Yes, so we'll start with a vowel

– Wanna grab a sharpie? – What's your favorite vowel? – I'm gonna go a good old classic "A" – Okay, "A" – Write an "A" up there – You're gonna make a small man – That's an eyeball

– Okay, well this is gonna take a while "E"? – Love a good "E" – No – No – No

You wanna skip "I"? "O" – "O" – We'll just, (crew laughing) I wouldn't have done that if I were you – Oh, I'm so sorry – What is this word (rolls tongue)? (crew laughing) "I"

Oh yeah, we got us a letter Slang – Slang – Thought maybe we should go, we should go– – Christine, he gonna let you guess anything? – We should go for a consonant at this point – I'll still, "S"

– I was thinking "S", I was thinking "S" "S" No! – I'm almost spelling a cool word up here – This is almost a Game of Thrones character right here – Aesop Fables

(Emily laughing) "R" – "R" Are we going to be hung? – Aeosr – Now technically you only have one more shot at this – No, you could do the feet

– Or fingers? – I guess you're right, one more shot – Do we get clues? – I'll give you a hint You can sip it – What? – I'm giving them a clue for– – Wait, I don't get – Apparently it wasn't a good clue 'cause your teammate doesn't understand it

– I'm giving them a clue for a letter they should guess – Oh, okay, all right – Oh, "T" That was easy – I'm gonna give you– – Well "T" was my next guess

That's all I'm gonna say – You're still in it – "T" Double "T" (crew laughing) – No, no, no, no, 'cause there was no "O"

– Oh, right – Now, if this were a "T", we'd be off to the races (Emily laughing) – Yeah, maybe try one – "Y" – "Y"

– Did I give it to them? – Yeah – I mean, the double "T" – No, you didn't, 'cause I still don't get it but somehow they get it – Sippin' tea and they guessed– – Yeah, but is it? – It all comes down to this – Bitty, kitty

– Bitty kitty, what do you drink? Sip, sitty? – You guys are off – The drink was for the "T" – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Oh – What's a slang? – I feel with the kids saying nowadays that sounds like this

– Hitty? – Hitty – Mitty – We need to final answer There's other ones to play, guys – Like it's litty, like it's like lit

– Oh, yeah, of course Litty, "L" – Oh, I totally guessed that – Okay, go to the next one Read the definition

– All right, litty, adjective Extremely interesting, fashionable, or impressive More lit than lit itself – More lit than lit itself – There you go

Oh, you have your own stack, I see – All right, Emily, you go first – Oh me? Okay I'm gonna go with "A" – Of course, of course you are

There's two of those – Cool – But we also went with "A" – Boy, this is a weird word Pajama

Pajamy Pajama – Is that your final answer? – You know what, it's pajama – Mine is, "M" (Rhett imitating buzzer) – Not today

So sorry – That's gonna be a big one – Let's see (Rhett giggling) I'm gonna go with an "E" – Oh

– Edamame – That's it – Some kid's slang – All right Something's tell me to do an "S"

– You're going to get this If you don't get this– – Where would an "S" be though? A-S-E? – It could be the first letter, you never know – "S" Oh you know this? – No, I don't know I don't know

– You should get it now You're definitely gonna get it anyways – Salami (Rhett laughing) – Yep, that's it That's it

– Nope, nope – Salame – Well there's already, an "M" isn't in there Salame God, no, I don't know it

– Sack – Sack – Sacase – Sacase – You wanna guess more letters? – Yeah, you can keep adding, you only have a head

You can just keep saying letters – Salade "L" – "L" (Rhett imitating buzzer) Not today, here we go

– Dang it – Letters? – Satane – It's satane – Satane – Satan's the brother of Satane

– I'm gonna guess "T" – Oh – Could it be a "V" like– – MLT, mutton, lettuce, tomato Princess Bride reference, sorry (crew laughing) – I'm just gonna say words that aren't words

– No, that's already in there, damn it Oh, dang it, sorry guys – Sabay – Sad (Rhett and Christine gasping) – Is it sad? – I mean, I'm just trying to guess it

We should be able to guess it at this point – No, but you got, look, two arms and a leg Maybe a third leg, I don't know – I think "D", they started to lay down – I'm gonna guess letters and see if it fits

"B" – "B" – No, oh I was telling her letters I wasn't guessing the letter

– Wait, what? – You said I'm gonna guess letters and you said "B" – Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on – I was starting at the top of the alphabet – Very definitive – What is slang? What is slang? – Philosophical question

– Sacajawea I don't know – I'm worried about y'all now – I know, I feel like this – I want it to be Santana

– The artist? – Okay – Sarapay (Rhett laughing) – Sriracha? (Christine gasping) – Guess "R" – "R" – "R"

(Rhett laughing) – Dang! – Oh, you got one more guess – Now, I gave you guys a hint that gave you two letters – Well, we're not gonna do that (all laughing) Your first two letters, your first two guesses were "A" and "S" and you had half of it done And then the next one was "E"

– I know how the game has transpired I don't need a play by play – We couldn't even get started – "V" – Okay, okay, okay

– You jerks – Savage – Savage! – Yes! – Yay! – All right, so let's do another Let's do one more All right, speed round

No thinking, just guessing – Where's our cards at? – We're tied up If you win, you take it If you lose, we take it – Okay

– You're about to be taken – We don't even know what it is 'Cause the cards are gone – Someone call Liam Neeson – [Stevie] Okay, I have the card

– Just bring it around to us All right, guess – "A" – Bring the card around, guys I want to know what the friggin'– – [Stevie] I'm sorry, I forgot what my role is

Wait, this is not gonna work Someone has to, well, 'cause I, what am I gonna do, count out where the thing is? – I just want the card – Okay – So wait, was Stevie gonna? – Yeah, this is the tie-breaker – "A"

– Oh my God – We got this, we got this – "A" "A", "A" – Last letter and third to last letter

– It is pajama – Oh, no, wait – Oh – "S" – No

– "S" "T" Oh, Tatiana – "I" – It was here too

– And "I"? Oh – Oh, I think I know what it is – Thotiana – Thotiana – Wow, very good

– Dang – A woman known and respected for her style, beauty, or sexual prowess – Boom – Boom – We won because we gotta go twice

– What's the other def? A shawty you want to see bus it down – I'm short – Like clean a table? – I identify with Thotiana – The previous people left their food here – Can I get a sexy, independent woman to clean it up? – It's a table cleaning fetish

– Okay, can we do one more? – Nope – Nope (Rhett laughing) – We're winners! – [Link] Get a grip, on your phone Mythical and GMM Popsockets available now at MythicalStore

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