Playing Star Wars Catch Phrase Game

(roster crowing shifting into lion roar) – He's dead I'm sleeping in him tonight

– Check your voicemail! – Even though I didn't win it – We have a voicemail and we're going to check it – [Female Caller] Hi, Rhett and Link Can you help me with a problem? I can't find my pants – Uh, look at your legs

– [Female Caller] Don't know where they are And I'm at school right now, and I'm not wearing pants – Oh, come on – Please [Female Caller] Help me

– I'm at school right now – I don't believe you Pics or it didn't happen No, no Don't do that

– No picture – Don't do that Whoa, that was a bad idea, bad idea – I think the answer is, you're dreaming Cause that's a common dream

– Yeah, yeah, I've had that a few times Now I've got my Star Wars adult diapers Never be naked again – Okay, so we got this – Tess, come on out because you really can't play catchphrase with two people

– We've got to get the new pilot of this thing to come in Rey's going to come in here – That's right, I am – So there is a difficulty level on this thing: (ship powering on) Apprentice and Jedi Master What we're going to do is we're just going to round robin this sort of thing

– Okay – This way? – Yeah, because with three of us, you know – There's no teams – There's no teams – I already know how this is going to go because who's gonna lose? – We're playing a hot potato and then you get a point and it's bad

That's how we're altering the game – Do you know how to play? – No – When it's handed to you– – (laughs) "No" – When it's handed to you, you click next and then whatever's up there, you have to give us clues without using any word that we have to guess – Oh, God

– You've never played catchphrase? – No – That's great Now I know why this is going to be entertaining – This is going to be horribly bad for me – You were too busy twirling that staff of yours

– That's right – (laughs) "That's right" – So do you want to start with Apprentice? – Let's just do it since she's never played before – Oh it makes a noise – It makes lots of noises

– You can't look- – Okay – Because it would be cheating – Got it Sorry – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Only I can look, and then when I had it to you you'll see that what you guess is up there

– Okay – Then you hit next Just hit next – Don't hit anything but next – I know I hit next and – then give it to you – Because a lot of times– – Hot potato If the buzzer goes off then you lose

– A lot of times what newbies will do is they'll hit the wrong button Don't hit the wrong button – Newbies – Yeah – Here we go Okay this is the color of the milk that we drank

– Blue! – Oh – Oh this is going to be easy Easy – He's a Darth Vader man and he's covered in a color that is not red or white It's defiantly a specific color

– A Darth Vader man – What is he wearing? – Star trooper? – No, the color of what he's wearing – A black cloak – The next thing is like when a knight goes and they fight people, they are protected by – Black shield – But also rhymes with, it's like deodorant – Black – Black guard – Black

– Black yard – The-odorant – It's a specific brand of deodorant Or baking soda Wait, is it? – Mitchum (laughter) My dad wore Mitchum

– Can I tell him? Is that allowed? – No, no you got to keep going – What's this? – An elbow – Arm – A bicep (Chewbacca roar) – Black arm

– Arm guard – Black armor (Rhett laughs) – Black Armor Okay, so you just got a point That was bad

– I was thinking Arm & Hammer – You know what? – We're still on Apprentice Let's keep going – You know what? – Arm and hammer – This is all expected

We knew this was going to happen because this is the first time you've played the game Not because you're just inherently bad at catchphrase – Okay – Go Rhett – I said go

Are we going to start now? – Yes – Okay, this is orbiting our earth the international– – Moon – The international – Space station – Sta-Oh

(audience laughter) – This is what the government puts out against another government in order to prevent trade – Embargo – Close to embargo, but I think it's also – Indentured servitude? – It can be a physical array of ships that– – Flotilla – Prevent – An army! An attack! – This is a tough one – A barricade? – When you're a child you build with

– Legos – Blocks? – Yes And then you added something to the end of that – Blockade! – Yes! – Okay Oh, God

(laughter) – I don't want to see it – Sorry (laughter) – It's a– (Chewbacca roar) – Two points for Tess! – Just a little catchphrase school here Don't panic so much (laughter) I mean the panic sets in as soon as you hold the ship

– Padawan – Padawan, okay – You can't let that happen – Okay Sorry I won't do that

I won't panic – It's going to be okay – It's a child learner who could potentially become a Jedi but probably not, let's be real – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Right

– I'm going to Jedi Master – I totally knew that – We're goin up? We're getting more difficult? – Yeah, because we're doing so well (audience laughter) – Wow – Here we go

– So we're just going for the jugular – Okay may the blank be with you – Force – Force! – You're not dead, you're – Alive

The force alive-ens – No What's another way to say that you're alive – The force awakens – You already said that

You're not dying, you are– – Dead – Awoke – You're not dying, you are – Dead, deceased – No, another way to say that you're alive – You're gone Oh, alive – He's not dead, he's still

– Alive – Living – Yes – The living force

– Yes – Right, that's like the field that the Jedi was talking about – They're, it's what, okay Darth Vader was bad but there was, they sensed some – Good – Yes, good, where? – Within him – Yes – Okay good

– There was good within him – Yes, some good in him – Some good in him? (laughter) Sorry Um (Chewbacca roar) (audience laughter) – Three points for Tess

– I wouldn't have gotten that – That wasn't your fault – Constable? – Zuvio – Okay – I don't know

– Yeah Yeah, that's it – Let's go back to Apprentice and you can start – Go – Oh, my God! Okay, it's not 2002, or 2003 or 2004 it's – 2001 – 2005 – Yes! Yes

– Pass it – Okay – Don't hit the button – I'm sorry – Each movie is called a

Every series is called a Star Wars– – Episode – Right, and what's the first one? – Episode one – Yeah

– You can fall down one of these– – Stairs– – If the door opens and– – Hatch! – The box isn't there – Rabbit hole! – Open hatch – If the box isn't there when the door opens you can fall right down in it – Trapped door – Basement! – What's the thing that takes you up and down

– An elevator – Yes, and then if it's not there and you fall down the – Elevator – The cliff – Shaft! – Yes

– Oh my God! I'm the opposite of warm – Cold – Cold (android beep) – You hit the wrong button You hit stop

– I'm such a noob (laughter) – You got a point for that – If you get super, super mad, you are filled with – Rage – Rage – Yes, got one

– What are the things that fly through the air that could also be in water at other times – Birds Velociraptors – Space – Junk

Rockets Torpedoes – This is so easy guys What's a thing that floats on the water and there's a battle – Boat – Battle blank

– Battle boat – Battle ship – Right, and then the first word to take something from one place to another a blank ship – From point A to point B – Yeah, it's a– – Ship or freighter – Steamship! – Close, but– – Close! – A ship that takes you from place to, takes things from place to place– – A cruise ship! – A carrion ship – Like a carrion ship but

– A dinghy – I think they stowed away on one of these Obi Wan ( Chewbacca roar) – What was it? – Transport ships – That wasn't easy

– Tess, don't worry We each got a point But you still got three of them, which means you still loss royally – We all lost a little bit, but you still lost the most – It's okay

– Thank you – May the force still be with you – Okay, bye

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