Pop Rocks Taste Test (All Flavors)

(rooster crowing) (animal roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – 10 word story

Big (both laughing) Big – What? – Big – Is – My

– Signature – Move – When – I – Smell

– My – Own – That was it, you gotta change it What is it? – Signature – Big is my signature move when I smell my own signature

(both laughing) That's good – I messed it up on Rhett Well, I thought we were counting every big that you said – Morgan's doing, he's counting – So was David

I just wasn't looking at him I thought it was like stop He was like whatever you do, don't say signature He was counting – So from now on, you know that he's gonna be over there counting every word so you don't say own

(Rhett laughing) – We coulda stopped– – That was good though Big is my signature move when I smell my big, my signature – What? – My big signature (crew laughing) – Big is my signature move when I smell my signature – I wanted to start with an adjective

But actually, I kinda started with a noun – Lake Bell had to run off She was a great guest Great sport She, oh my gosh– – She took that licorice stick and (snaps fingers)

– It still tastes so horrible in my mouth Ugh So bitter – The technical reason why the licorice stick tasted so bad It isn't because Link doesn't like licorice, though he doesn't

We were told by Mike that they used canned air to get the– – To cool the– – To cool the hot glue really quickly and there's a bitter agent in canned air so kids won't huff it Well, (crew laughing) let me tell you right now kids, it's not worth it 'Cause I'm tasting a little of that bitter agent right now and I don't want to huff it – Pop Rocks, it's the candy that– – Keeps on giving – It's the candy that swept the nation and nobody really cares about it anymore

Do they? – They care about it– – I mean, you clicked You clicked for this – Dunwoody Park in Atlanta, Georgia Okay, so we've got cherry favor– – Retro pack from the '70s – We got tasty explosion, strawberry flavor

We got green apple, we got watermelon, and we got tropical punch – Last time we did this, you got a hole in your stomach and we haven't done it since – Which you wanna start with? – Original Original flavor in the retro pack – The original flavor is cherry

– I mean, my stomach's hurting, too Lake is gonna hate us Okay Slide down the hatch Well, just on the mouth

I'm gonna put it on the tongue, I'm not gonna swallow it I'm gonna let it pop But I'm gonna focus on the taste, you know – I'm gonna eat some more of this thing (candy crackling) Okay

Sounded like something frying And then if you, oh wow – I got way too much (candy crackling) – You like that, Ben? Ben likes mouth noises – It tastes like

– Whoa! – A popsicle that doesn't have ice in it Cherry Always end by saying the name of the flavor

(crew laughing) – Cherry Like a spelling bee? – Yeah, like a spelling bee Tropical punch That's how we start and we end the same way – Tropical punch

– That's how you do it – 40 calories How many servings? – Big is my signature move when I what? When I smell– – When you smell your signature – What is big? What is the big move? What is big? – Big, it is your signature move It's like you're at the bank like signing a loan, you're like, you're signing and you're like

Come up big (Rhett laughing) You come up big when you're singing something, yo Most people get deflated when they sign– – That's a power move You sign a big loan And then (sniffs)

– Come up big Come up big from smelling– – Man, you're gonna intimidate the bank – They'd be weirded out when you smell the signature But then when you come up big, they're like, man – Man, you see that guy, he smelled his own signature

– Came up big – He wanted to fight (Link laughing) – Yeah man, I love it I'm gonna smell my signature every time Mark my word

For the rest of my life, I promise, every time I sign something – You're hearing it here – I'm gonna smell it And I'm gonna come up big And you're gonna do it with me

– Ow, man These tropical punch pops harder It's hurting the back of my throat – Don't put it in the back of your throat – How else you gonna swallow it? – On your tongue

Put it on your tongue, man – I did It's subtle – Try to crush it and it will still– – I'm done It's a subtle flavor compared to the cherry

– I like it better – I think I might as well Tropical punch – You think you might as well like it better? Tropical punch Tropical punch moves to the– – You got the rankings over there? You do the rankings on that side

– It's the spot – Watermelon? – Strawberry – Strawberry Strawberry – This whole thing is a serving size

– You all do that now Next time you sign something, smell it – Smell it And don't stop there 'Cause after that, you gotta come up big

– Oh, oh, lots of popping (candy crackling) (candy popping) Oh my God! (crew laughing) – Those were two huge pops – Oh man, there's so much pop in the strawberry Yeah – Ah, it hurts

Ow It really does hurt – I do not like the flavor though It's so fake-y Whoa! One just flew out

– It's going everywhere – Okay, get it down But what do you think about the flavor? 'Cause I think the flavor's horrible I think the flavor's the worst yet I think it's worse than cherry

It's got the best pop, though Strawberry – It says taste the explosion Of course, it says that on all of them – You gotta quit when I say strawberry

– Sorry Watermelon? – Watermelon – Because when you're signing something, it's always so serious, usually And usually there's like a sad, like smallness to it You know, you're like signing something usually like signing like, why am I signing this release? Or I don't know what world you live in, but I have to sign releases all the time

I'm like I don't know what I'm committing to here, like how you're gonna use my likeness, but uh, I'm getting small about it I've never smelled it either, you know Most of the time I say I need to let my lawyer look at this but now I'm gonna say, I'm gonna need to smell this I'm gonna need to sign it, and then I'm gonna smell it – I am gonna sign it, but then I'm gonna smell it

Watermelon, did I say that? – You did – Oh I like this flavor – Like my broker's gonna go in like have to grease the skids and be like okay, my client's coming in in a little bit, he's gonna sign your paperwork but I just wanna let you know that every time he does, he is going to lean over, he's gonna smell his signature – And then he's gonna rear up

– He's gonna get large Just don't say anything Just act normal – And if he's got his, like when you buy a home, you have to sign like 35 signatures It's like (sniffing)

First of all, do you sign and smell or do you sign, sign, sign, and then smell, smell, smell? 'Cause like smelling and coming up big a bunch, that would be impressive too – You know, on a lot of pages, you just have to initial What is that? Like a snort? – You don't smell that That doesn't count – I don't like watermelon flavored anything

Except watermelon itself – Really? – Don't like it – This tastes like watermelon gum It tastes like watermelon gum, exactly the same flavoring agent they use for watermelon gum So if you're into that

But I'll let tropical punch stand, but that has been watermelon Green apple, I got high hopes for this – That's why we made it last, because we both feel– – You either got a booger or you got a pop rock (crew laughing) I don't know what it is I don't know if went through and came down

– It went up the elevator shaft and came down the escalator Is it gone? – Yeah – You got one, too – Hmm (crew laughing) I bet I don't

– Fine (candy crackling) – [Crew Member] Do it when you sign an autograph – An autograph isn't a signature – [Crew Member] Oh, it isn't? – Yeah, Link – An autograph is not a legally binding

I can't be smelling people's You know what people give me to sign? I go to like NASCAR and I sign boobies You can't be smelling boobies

– You go to NASCAR? (crew laughing) – I don't, but – That's what I'm taking issue with (both laughing) – Listen, I was just making a joke because I think about people who sign boobies and it's either like rock stars or NASCAR racers – Yeah, we've never been asked to sign a boob – Never been asked to sign a boob

– I'm a little disappointed But don't ask! Don't ask, 'cause I won't – We won't – I won't sign it, I won't smell it (crew laughing) But I will come up big

(Rhett laughing) – There it is! Alright, so yeah I don't care why or how, but that's the number one Because I was eating it while you said that (Link laughing) – Green apple's the best – Oh, that's wrong

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