Pringles Churro Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (monster growling) (spinning) – I know where it's gonna land – Welcome to Good Mythical Mor

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org – Thank you for being your mythical best and thank you to Children International for being and amazing organization Check 'em out and support them – Let's move this out – So we had our churro adventure We're leading into our three week break

And you know what? Like I said, you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you can watch episodes every weekday along with other mythical beasts Come on in crew members – We can sit in the back We're women after all (laughing) – Come on in here

Stevie's on camera – Hey (clapping) – Because it's – The season finale of season 13 – Right after this she's leaving to be in the middle of a dust storm (laughing) – Yes

– Pull out the scarf? – It's true – I think I'm a little farther up than everyone else – You wanna scoot back? – Yeah – I don't think you do I think you like it

– I'm burping and it's like – Soapy? – Bubbles, like Irish Spring is comin' out – Yes, it's still there – Smells great We have – Water – remnants of the churro, come on, bring it in

– So you're gonna bring in all of the churros we just tasted and then a new one, right? – [Crewmember] Oh yeah, if you want me to – Nope, bring in what you're gonna bring in – [Crewmember] Okay, you want me to bring it in? (laughing) – Bring in the ones that were under the heat lamp because those look fresh (sliding) Oh, so there's two different ones – [Crewmember] Yeah, we got Pringles right there and then chocolate chipless cookie dough

– Oh, yes (laughing) – Let's go Pringles first – What? Okay, I didn't know there were gonna be chocolate chipless cookie dough churros – Wow – So this churro is made completely out of Pringles

Nothing but Pringles in this? – [Crewmember] A little bit of flour to hold it together – Okay – And then what is that dip? – [Link] Come on up and help us – [Crewmember] Actually made with the caramelized shallots that I put in the thing that we made the other day – Break off your own piece

We can pass the tray – Yeah, pass and, you know – We're also gonna continue our podcast Ear Biscuits – I want this one – If you want to be listening at us over the next three weeks then you can count on that

– That smells really good – [Rhett] Huge episode comin' up – Huge episode comin' up? But they're all shallots Pretty huge in your opinion, right? – Yeah – [Link] Oh my

– We're just talking about it – [Kevin] It's a little dry – I thought we were waiting – Okay Kevin – Wait, Elle didn't get any either

– Did you dip? – No, should I've – Yeah man – I thought we were waiting for people – I'm not waiting for anybody 'cause Kevin said it was dry – Well you know Kevin had something to say

Surprise, surprise, you know – Is it salty? – [Link] Kevin's coughing – What? – Kevin is choking on your churro – [Link] You need some water? – Little bit, maybe – Here you go

– Holy crap that's delicious – Do we have any water for Kevin? – Have some Germ-X man – It's good – It's great – Are you gonna choke? (coughs) Are you choking? – Go like this if you need help

Someone will do it, not me (laughing) – I kind of learned to do CPR – You guys (coughing) – You alright? – Yeah, it's pretty good – You okay? – Who got trained in CPR? – I did not have any of that

– I did – I did – Alright – I was like, how did you kind of learn and then learn? – Hold on, we had CPR training here? – Yeah – Yeah

– Yeah – We talked about this – Wait, where were we? – Not there – I think the CPR training is mostly for us (laughing) – Oh

– I think it's just in case something happens to us – What you're saying is no one wants to trust me doing CPR on them? – Yeah – You know it was also like a six hour seminar so it was kinda hard to get you guys – That was all day, that was more than six hours – She was almost a lifeguard and I feel like we need to know what that means

– I got a different summer job than I wanted more I also was bad at it (laughing) So I sort of learned CPR, but when it came down to it I got three of the key things wrong They were like, "You're gonna have to do this training again to be a lifeguard" But I got a different job instead

– She doesn't even know how to do it (laughing) – She didn't make it (laughing) – Where you put your hands, – What song you do it to? – and the rhythm and then – It's "Tainted Love" – No tongue – It's just for a "ugh" effect

It's "Stayin' Alive" (laughing) – I'm gonna kill somebody with "Tainted Love" ♪ Tainted love ♪ – It's such a slow beat (laughing) – It's not "Tainted Love", it's "Stayin' Alive" ♪ Ha-Ha-Ha ♪ That makes a lot more sense

It's intuitive – I was reading on Reddit the other day about CPR and all of the comments are, on Reddit, are of course people who know things or think they do They point out that, you break a number of ribs when you give somebody CPR, but the response is always but they're dead anyway – Yeah – I mean, you don't give CPR to somebody unless they're dead anyway

– [In Unison] No (laughing) – This is why Link was not a part of the class, and was not allowed to be part of the class, and did not know about the class – I'm sayin' no to your no Mr Lifeguard because if you didn't give them CPR, they would die – That's true

– So, breaking their ribs is fine if the trade-off is breaking their ribs or they're dead anyway – That wasn't' what you said You don't give CPR unless they're already dead now Hey, is he dead yet? (laughing) Hold on, give it a second Alright, get in there

♪ Tainted love ♪ (laughing) – Alright guys, I will be vindicated in the comments because you don't give CPR to somebody unless they're dead anyway – No, what you said the second time makes sense – No, the first time even I'm going back to that You don't give CPR to a living person

– What signifies death? – If somebody is in trauma – If your heart stops, that doesn't mean you're dead – I'm with Link on this one Your heart stops dead – If your heart stops, you're dead

– No, your brain is still alive – You're not brain dead – You guys don't get what we're trying to say here – [Black Scarf] You're just trying to start the heart to pump the blood – Help me out Kevin

– I mean, I kinda am with Link too on this one – Yeah, guys you know – You're dead – You gotta be dead – Or they're dead, you're not dead

– I've read it on Reddit – You have to have one foot in the grave in order to get CPR – Link Lamont (laughing) – I think Link Lamont was taken by someone (laughing) – I actually don't know the ramifications of answering that question

– Don't answer it, don't – Because it's a username I've never used anywhere and I made it up spur of the moment – We can censor it – No 'cause I'm sayin' I don't want you to know (laughing) After all the ridicule about not being dead

– All the GMM subreddits Actually, Link is really cool – That's a girthy churro Don't pass that around – I don't want any chocolate

– I do, I think that's gonna make it exactly what it needs to be – That is a large churro – Got it? – Yup, I got it – I just figured I outta chase his hand instead of waiting for it to come to me – Alex has no regard

– It's very interesting because it's almost equal parts churro and cookie batter, in a good way It's not fully cookie It's not a cookie It's still very much a churro with the taste of cookie dough infused into it (laughing) No, that's great

– It's a cookie churro (laughing) – Cock-a-churro – If you sold this like this If you sold it as a cookie churro, people'd be like, "But it's kinda just a churro, right?" You'd be like, "No, but there's cookie dough in it" I feel that you'd have to put, I feel like you gotta put chocolate chips back in it and that's what will make it sell

– You know what, I'm actually they did it for me but you dip it I won't double dip, I'll just By the way, the reason why I got into that Reddit thread was somebody posted video of a device that you wrap around somebody and then it does the compressions for you Did you see that? – I saw that one 'cause it was people gettin' ready to do CPR on the dummy, and then they brought in the machine – And it looks scary as crap

– Was it alien lookin' kind of? – It was just a strap around a dead dummy 'Cause they're dead already – It's not scary at all – I mean it was violent – Who has that on them? – Because when you're dead, you can't be scared

It's not even there when you're scared You can't be scared when you're dead – Where they're pressing on a chair in Ikea They've got that machine that just presses on the chair and it's like, "Look, it can withstand so many sits" That's what I'm imagining

– Do you know how CPR started? – Just picture a strap around you, and the strap just like starts – Do you know the origin story of CPR? This is not made up The origin story of CPR was a woman beating on her dead lover, 'cause he's already dead It supports your theory Already dead and she's, "Blah, Jeremy

" I don't know what his name was, "Jeremy come back "Don't die" (banging) (gasping) Jeremy was back (laughing) – It would've been awesome if you didn't know that your chair spun around and then when you sat back down That would have been the season finale, finale

– I made that up by the way

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