Prongles Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (animal roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More We got a special guest hanging out with us today

– I remember, I grab this – Yeah, yeah You gettin' it Damiel and Richard – Check your voicemail

We have a Mythical voicemail and it's time to check it What is the message? – [Male Caller] Hey y'all I just wanna know which one of y'all wanna get slapped in the face with a guitar over and over about a hundred times? Take your time, bye – Okay, I'm gonna take my time with this (crew laughing) – Is he speaking of either Damiel or Richard? – Yes, definitely

I'm definitely not involved (Link clearing throat) – Let us consult – Take your time Thanks for being here, by the way I know that Rhett's kind of burned out so he needs a little bit of a break and I really– – Richard would like to be slapped with a guitar

– Okay (crew laughing) I'm not gonna do it, I mean But it's nice to know if– – Was that what they call a hypothetical? – That's what, yep, exactly right – Richard told me about those – Damiel, you may have been watching earlier when Rhett was here and– – I was in the restroom

– Okay (crew laughing) Well we're going through knock-off brands – Richard was in the restroom but that means I was in the– – How does that work exactly? – You don't want to know – Okay – Yes

– Just kinda kind of, or does it, I guess I don't wanna know – There's a reason there's this much hair – Oh – Let's just say that – Okay, so there is a knock off of Pringles that came out around Black Friday of last year

– Can I put this down? – Yeah, put that down – Called Prongles, and you know, when I first saw this and knew that were gonna try these and I'm gonna allow you to taste these and tell me which one is better There's a backstory The Pringles slogan, which is not on the can anymore is once you pop, you can't stop I think that they went away from that

But Prongles still says once you pop, that's great It's got a– – That's a good slogan – It's got a skateboarding warthog on it and this is salt and potato flavor We also have (crew laughing) We also have Pringles sour cream and onion versus, I'm gonna turn these the correct way here, versus the Prongles onions and cream

Would you like to try these? – All of them, yes – Now Damiel, the thing is, I'm gonna pop this, it's harder to pop, right off the bat Now, they're a little compromised These are shipped via Ebay, paid three dollars apiece and these are no longer available in stores You're gonna do that

So let's taste an original That typically doesn't go on a chip – Then why do you have it here? (crew laughing) – It's fine You can do it, you have a fresh perspective on things I like it

Oh gosh These are all messed up because they were shipped to us but I'm gonna give you a big piece here Gosh Here you go Now that's a, (crew groaning) I can't speak for Damiel but– – Taste like nightshades

– Which is deadly – I love nightshades – These Prongles are significantly crunchier But they're not expired I think that's a legitimate difference

– I prefer the buttery one (crew laughing) – Well try one of these without putting perfume on it – Oh I thought it was a sauce – There you go

Smelled it first? Wanna let Richard have a little bit? Of the Prongle? Also wanna open these There's an interesting backstory here The makers of Cards Against Humanity– (Rhett growling) (crew laughing) (Rhett growling) The makers of Cards Against Humanity actually made Prongles – Richard prefers the potato ones – And released them around Black Friday in order to cause a marketing stir

And once that was over, here, here's a normal sour cream and onion Pringle Eat it – Oh – Mm, that's good And this an onions and cream

These are slightly more intact Eat one of those, tell me which one you like better A lot crunchier, like it's the, the problem is they're actually thicker – The pig one – The warthog? It's a warthog

On a jetski You want another? – [Rhett] Can Richard try? – Um, yeah, let me get a few more of these because I don't know if I'm gonna wanna eat after Richard There you go – Can Richard try both? – Absolutely I don't think the Prongles are as good

They're a little too thick (Rhett growling) (crew laughing) – He had trouble with this one – He all right? – No, he's not (Rhett growling) Richard – You upset? You're not having fun? You okay? What's wrong Damiel? – Richard is upset

– [Link] Why? – Which upsets me – Richard, why are you upset? Can I talk to Richard? – Yes – Richard, are you upset? – Richard says he would like to whisper the answer to the question into your ear (crew laughing) – I don't usually do well with people whispering in my ear on this show But okay

– He assures me he will be very gentle (crew laughing) – Okay – Could you lean a little? – Like, you mean? (Rhett growling) (crew laughing) – You scared him See how he's hiding from you? (crew laughing) – I'm sorry, Richard This is clearly my fault

– He'll be fine He just needs time And a little crazy lady – Don't do that (electronic music) – [Rhett] Wear a different Mythical tee every day of the week

Head over to MythicalStore and pick your favorites – [Link] Hint, it's all of 'em

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