Punishment Shake Taste Test

(crowing) (roaring) (slamming) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Gifticality! That means we're donating $1,000 to Children International to aid in their mission to make a long-term impact by helping kids and young adults living in poverty, please join us in giving at children

org – Thank you for being your mythical best Oh, my goodness I forgot – Congratulations, Link

– That by losing, I had to make a smoothie – I didn't forget – Featuring everything – Now, the problem here is that we have so much food that your portions are gonna have to be very controlled, ironically, to be able to make a smoothie that you can drink – And, you know what, I don't want to make it just for one

I think I'm gonna make it enough for two – Oh, good, well, your wife's not here (crew laughs) – But Jen will be 'Cause you know what day it is – Oh – You know what I'm saying? ♪ You know what day it is ♪ ♪ It's Wednesday ♪ ♪ And Wednesday ♪ ♪ Sometimes means mail ♪ – Not often, but sometimes

– Hello, Jen – Hello – Of course, mythical beasts from around the globe, and maybe the galaxy at some point, – Yeah, potentially, right? – Probably – send us things And then it comes across your desk

– Yep, directly to my desk – And you stop a few things that are worth noting – Jen's desk is a PO box – And you're gonna share those with us – Yes, do we wanna do that first, or do we wanna do this first? – Go ahead and get something started, and I always suggest smoothie making edit it– edit it? etiquette, that's the weird thing is that I said etiquette, but I'm always thinking about the edit

(lighthearted scoffing) – Yeah, you are Yeah you are – What, finish your thought – You start with liquid You start with the liquid, which ensures a good smooth

– And you mix it up? – Now, there's other liquids, too There's like some of this soy sauce ice cream – Go easy on that – It's teetering – That's gross

– There's, you should grab a spoon – I'm moving this on the table – Jen, grab that spoon – Spoon, please – Over there? – Man, the soy sauce is not, again, it's not that it was bad, it's just that, little too much

– Yeah, that's probably good, for starters – That's nice Taste that See what you think of it Oh, it's dripping, watch it

– Want some tapioca? Just a dash – Oh, gosh And then– – Hey, that's not bad – You should probably just bite off pieces of whatever you want – Oop, that was more than I bargained for, but

– Yeah, you went hard on the doughnut – Now, for the– – Chicken – For the Big Mac, I'm going for the middle piece – Little egg white I used my tapioca spoon

It's all gonna end up mixed together at some point – And then we've got, oh, look at that – Muffin tops? Just the tops? – Just the top of the cupcake – Oh, cupcake top Oh, gosh

– You're technically not allowed to enjoy that way – Oh, my goodness, that's a good cupcake – Yeah, 'cause Sprinkles Doughnuts – [Both] is a brand – Oh, my gosh, that icing is a-freaking-mazing – Un-freaking-mazing? – It's awesome

– There's so many pieces of food here – Yep That's why I'm working – I'm gonna save some of that 'cause that is a good cupcake – Now, you should really go, you need your protein

– You have to add this burger, too? – Go pretty heavy on the tuna – Oh – Good god – And a little bit of pizza – Always

– You've already– (imitates noise of pizza dropping into blender) Already bitten off of that And of course we need some ♪ Carrots and almonds ♪ – They make me so happy – Why don't you throw my wiener in there while you're at it? I'm not gonna eat it – Oh, gosh And then there's a little bit of this, Russell Crowe burger, I think it was

– Which is? – No bun, just burger – No bun, just burger – From a place that will remain nameless – Okay – Did you put apple in? – You're gonna have to just bite it with your teeth, and put it in, put the bite in there

– Don't put the whole thing in – Well, I'm gonna make Jen drink some of this too, so I don't wanna-mato-poeia – Here – You gonna fork it out? – I'm gonna fork some of this apple off – This is, okay, well, that worked

Yeah – It did work Hot potato! Hot potato, hot potato Okay – That's everything? – Did you get the doughnut in there? – Here, read this

– Oh, great You should've been reading that while we were making the smoothie – Nah, I'll wait until you start the blender – It's gonna be a thick smoothie – and I'll start reading – I feel like you should break that dog up

– I got a plunger that I'll put in there – Oh, okay, cool – Yeah, just start that, and I'll wait for you to start that – Okay – I'm kind of nervous with this in front of my face

– And then that So you want me to start this, and you're gonna read while I'm blending? – I wanna get comments about how inconsiderate it is to read the letter while you do that – Okay Good idea (blender running) – Rhett and Link

I hope this finds you well Jody McMullen, a mutual fan of both GMM and Wood Leon, contacted me and let me know you guys could rock some raw neck lumber on your channel (Jen laughs) – Raw neck lumber? – Raw neck lumber – Raw neck? – Raw neck lumber on your channel She told me that especially Rhett would

Puns of steel, too, over here – Yeah – Huh – I don't understand what you're reading – Would die for one

With wood Rhett would die for one, but "would" spelled like "wood" But I thought it would be cool to make one for both of you Rhett, because you're a fellow wood connoisseur, and admirer, I picked out the most zebra of all zebra woods for you, planned it, or planed it, ah, that's how much I know about wood Planed it, cut it, sanded it, boiled it, and then gave it a little hug

Link, the Brazilian cherry tie is for you It is one of the most dense ties in the world, fitting for your puns of steel – So this opens? – Cheers and giggles, Spencer H of Wood Leon – Check this out (laser zapping) What is that? – Oh, wow

So, which one is which? – I'm not sure I think that one might be the zebra – Oh, that's, this is cherry This is zebra – Look at that

I was actually showing the box as if the box was the thing – (laughs) I know – I wasn't really tracking with you here – I was gonna wait for you to figure that out – You know, I was wondering why you were looking so into that

– I was like, that's a cool box! Whoa, look at this – So, it's wooden ties, man – I think these are wood shavings? – Imma put this on, then I'm gonna drink my smoothie Jen, why don't you do the honors and pour a couple of glasses? Let's see Then I'm coming right around here

Now I can customize it to my neck size later, but for now, you get the idea Oh, yeah, look at that – Oh, this smells real gross – Yeah, because of the tuna, right? – Holy moley – Ooh, okay

– I think you have to take that, this bit off I think that's just a wrapping – Yeah, but it's got a seal on it, which is pretty awesome – I love wax seals – [Rhett] Okay

– [Jen] This is disgusting – I didn't quite get my collar right – Look at that Mine looks pretty good, look at that (high humming) – This, the neck is too big for this thing, so it doesn't really go back out to the right place

– Okay, it actually looks chocolate But we added no chocolate That's just– – It looks salmon That's what it looks like I think I just dropped some on my pants

– [Rhett] I'm breaking the seal – Okay So now we're going to drink this Oh, that's horrible – Are you gonna try that? – Thank you so much for these ties

They're absolutely amazing – Yeah, they're awesome – Very, very cool – Okay – Very flexible

How is that, guys? – Jen, you don't have to do this, but – I'll take a sip – I'll drink some water in solidarity – I'm gonna go along – You have your cup

It's the most full – Yeah I'll drink some water in solidarity I didn't win that game for nothing – Dink it

(cups clinking) – Aw, these are glass That's dangerous – And, sink it – Taste those carrots and almonds in there? – What the heck? – Tell me about all the things that are happening in your mouth right now – It tastes really weirdly sweet

– Yep (retching) Oh, gosh – And the aftertaste is terrible (Rhett laughing) It's all stuck in my teeth, like weird chunks that I'm not sure what they are – Can you taste? – That's the almonds, the first thing that you taste – the tapioca? – The first thing you taste is the hot dog, then you taste – Yeah, I'm glad I put that

– like the sweet, sweetness of something, like the top of that cupcake My eyes won't open – Yeah, that's it (crew laughing) – And then, when you swallow and breathe in, all you taste is tuna – No, and then there's a final bit where you find pieces of hamburger in your teeth

And that's what – And almonds – I'm getting right now – Almonds, carrots, and hamburger – Seems like you guys are having so much fun – That's for later

I do recommend just eating a carrot – Yeah, I love carrots – 'Cause it, y'know, if you eat enough carrots, you don't have to brush your teeth – Yeah, that's true – [Link] Dink it, sink it, drink it, buy it

Our double sided dink it and sink it mug is available at mythicalstore

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