Putting A Whole Cake In An Air Fryer (TEST)

(rooster crows) (roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More! – Superpower, this is when we are a superduo and then we figure out what our powers are We are the IT Guy and The Coffee-Mate

– (holds out the letter) I (holds out the letter) T Am here! To fix the technology And this is just the tropeish voice that I use for that – Where's the coffee? – This is not my actual voice

It's just my superhero voice It enables me to fix technology easier – Well, where's the coffee so I can mate with it? (everyone laughs) – I'll help you with this glove – (laughing) Oh gosh – Why is this glove here? – You don't necessarily have to be the IT guy, you could be the it guy

– Yeah, I know I'm too late (they laugh) – That's probably– – IT guy – That's probably – Coffee Mate an IT guy joke It's like, are you the IT guy? No, I'm the it guy Like more IT guys should say that joke

Maybe they get some dates – We have an IT guy Now – Does he want some dates? (everyone laughs) – We're looking around for, he's not in here, he's working on technology, man – Is he full time? – Yeah! – Wow! (everyone laughs) – He wears a vest

I can't remember his name right now But what's his – [Together] Tim! – Yes, Tim the it guy

– Tim the IT guy Bring Tim in here Okay – Let's bring that cake in so I can mate with it I mean, let's bring that cake in so I can eat it

– [Link] So, we have air fried a cake and here it is – [Rhett] And before we open it up, we want to ask you if you commute to work, treadmill at the gym, or ride in the back of the minivan, and pretend you can't hear your parents Well, you know what you should do? You should subscribe to our Ear Biscuits podcast on Apply, Spotify and anywhere you find podcasts! – Yeah, make us a part of your listening routine – Yeah, I mean, things get even more loose So loose

You wouldn't believe how loose it is over there on Ear Biscuits – My favorite thing about the air fryer before I reveal what has happened to this cake, course, you can also see it I'll do this – Before I reveal in the glass, that you can see – It looks like it's going to be good

– Is that red velvet? – [Man] Oh, sure is – Oh, that's my favorite cake! – It's the sure is? – [Man] My favorite too! – How did you guess? – My favorite thing– – We made your favorite – [Man] Yeah – Oh, okay – The air fryer is this

The satisfying click of the handle Which need not have been there But they added it (clicks) And you don't think it's satisfying? – Over engineering – But, do it, experience it with your finger

Feel the snap? – Oh – Pretty satisfying – Oh – It snaps – You know what would be even more satisfying? Eating that red velvet cake

– Okay – Can you pass those– Yes, that's how you pass a knife First of all, I don't think we need like a Ginsu knife – Is that a Ginsu? – I mean, no, it's a– It's a Damascus Steel fruit knife, though – Damascus Steel

Okay, so here you go – It's a good knife – These plates are nice! And room temp – Can you remove the top, Neal? – Yeah, magah – Magock

– Okay – Wow, so, oh – That is really, is it hard? – [Rhett] It's got a little crisp to it Let me– – [Link] It's got a bounce to it, too – [Rhett] Ooh

– [Link] All the icing– – [Rhett] It has a leatheriness to it – [Link] All the icing has melted down into the bottom – Oh, this is gonna be– (chime) (everyone laughs) Really not, oh, oh, oh It's, sorry – Well use the Ginsu, man

– Yeah, you know, I need a really strong – That's why you friggin' need the Ginsu! – fruit knife for this There's something hard on the inside (clangs) Oh That's the grate – [Link] Yeah, that's the air fryer

– [Rhett] Oh, hold up, you know what's happening? – Let's just pull it out – It's on a grate – Let's pull the freakin' thing out We're not a bunch of losers – Well

(clangs) I think you can grab it with your gloves, man Grab it with your tongs Yeah, and Morgan's gonna give you a plate to stick it on Well Do we have a clean plate? – We'll just put it right here

– Sit it on that plate – Move that plate Or we can hover it over the plate – Set it right on that plate Right on that plate

Yeah, that's perfect Yeah, see it fits right on there (everyone laughs) – [Link] And then I'm gonna show you this Take a look down into that – That's what I want

I'm a icing man – [Link] Kind of looks good It's a little wreath! Like it's a– – [Rhett] Oh, oh man – [Link] It's an icing wreath of Christmas – Is that cream cheese icing? – [Man] Yeah

Get some of that, Link Get some of the icing – Well I wanna eat the cake, too – I'll just– – I'll eat the icing – Fine

Look at the leathery top – Mm – It's what you do, you take that, and come in there, and grab some of that – Ooh Is that ice cream? I mean cream cheese? (they laugh) – [Man] No, I don't know, maybe

– Oh, that's not bad at all The– – What, the? – The leathery top of the cake – The brulee, the brulee top We bruleed it – The brulee-ification? – I'm gonna eat it without the, I want to eat the leather alone and see what that's like

Burnt cake – But good! – Oh, wow Yeah – It's so moist! It tastes like a cookie on top – It's very sugary

This is cool We've done a cool thing – I like the way you look– Josh is looking like he's taking credit for it He's like yeah, it was all intentional – [Josh] That was my intention

To brulee the top and turn it into a leather that Link enjoys – [Together] Cake leather! (Link laughs) Mm! – Oh, well – You can do that Look – I really like the icing

– You can– – Let's just eat cake Oh Man Get a lot of the leather, and condense it down into just a sugary– – [Link] Yeah – Gum

– Right Sugar gum Give me some of this But I'm tired – You still got a– What in the world? – Breathing that football has made me sleepy, permanently

– Yeah, I don't think– – You know what I'm saying? – That's not tired – I kind of wanna sleep forever – That's not tired, that's poison There's a difference You gotta know when you've been poisoned

(Link coughs) – And I'm choking! – Not my logical idea You never had a Foreman Grill? 'Cause that's what this thing needs This needs a heavy weight boxer like Buster Douglas To get behind it And then people, Buster Douglas comes out of nowhere

– Buster Douglas – What does Buster Douglas look like now? – This is like a 1992 boxing reference – Can you bring Buster Douglas up on the monitor? Is he, I mean, I hope he's not dead I hope Buster Douglas isn't dead – [Josh] Me too

– That's in his prime When he beat Mike Tyson I want, yeah, now we're talking Buster Douglas in a fedora! Ha ha ha ha – Wow, this is good, this cookie top

– But what if Buster Douglas – Cookie time! – In that fedora, – You'll always be– in that fedora told you– What if, could you see? – I heard you – Buster Douglas on television, saying, talking about cake leather? – (raspy) Cake leather You get yourself some cake leather – You'd be all over that – You put your cake in the air fryer, and it makes cake leather on the top

– All boxers talk like that – When you get hit in the head that much, your neck goes like that, and it makes your voice raspy – Right Man, we've really done a number on this cake – Mm, what number? What about a spiralizer? You ever have one of those? – What's that? – We got one of those in my house

– You mean a salad shaker? (Link laughs) – No, but, in a similar way – A salad spinner? – Not a salad spinner – Everybody got a frickin' salad spinner for their wedding Ben, did you get a salad spinner for your wedding? – [Ben] I didn't – Well, we can remedy that! – Well, you missed out

We each got one you can have Who needs a salad spinner? How wet are your salads? (upbeat music) – Oh is that what a salad spinner does, dry your salad? – You put the lettuce in there, it's wet and you (whoosh) – [Link] Hungry for some thought-provoking conversation? Feast on the latest episodes of Ear Biscuits Available now on Apple Podcast, or wherever you get podcasts

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