Reacting To Creepiest Ice Cream Trucks Ever

(animal sounds) – Somebody's gotta make ice cream sandwiches – Absolutely

Welcome to Good Mythical More – Wild gesturing – Oh oh oh oh Um Okay I'm, I'm putting on my shirt

But it's inside out, but you know what, I'm just gonna own it – How'd you get that? – That was brilliant man – Was it this part? (laughter) – It was the whole package But mostly that part – Okay

– You're good at that – You ever done that? – We're really good – You ever shown up at work and your shirts inside out and you just own it? – Yeah – That's how you own it? – Right – All right (laughs)

In the interest of ice cream truck drivers, let's bring ours in This is Josh, not mythical chef Josh But Josh the previous version with a mustache You look like a 1950's milk man – Thank you, it's unclear where mythical chef Josh and me kind of bisect, and then re kind of conjoin

– You will be the third opinion in us rating the creepiest ice cream truck photos, that could be found on the internet – I feel equipped to do that – How do you feel about, – It's so thick – Is it hanging from your nose, like from your nostrils? – Yeah so it's kind of a septum piercing situation, and I can't stop doing that and it wiggles like a rabbit And people keep laughing at me

– So you know what a bull feels like? – Yeah – So basically it's just sculpted nose hairs It's not even a mustache – More or less yeah, that's what my girlfriend said my actual mustache looked like (laughter) just a bunch of nose hairs on my lip

– How do you feel about where we stand after day one here? – Drum stick in the lead – I have very teeth as well And so I don't like to bite down on things I love orange cream-cicles, are like my favorite flavor combination But it's like torture every time I try to eat one

And there's no way to just, what do you call it? Donkey lipping? – Donkey lip – Donkey lip – Donkey lipping – That's how donkeys eat, have you ever watched one? – I appreciate you saying that, 'cause I was actually having an internal dialogue Like man, I was really complaining in that episode

(laughter) You know it's like, I read comments sometimes it's like, man that Link guy is annoying, I think that's why It's like why is he so, he's got so many problems with things – I mean I think you deserve empathy for that I'm right there with you – I think his best friend deserves empathy

(laughter) – You're a sensitive teeth man – Yeah – Welcome to the club – Thank you – Let's see the first picture

Oh wow – [Rhett] Noting creepy about that at all – [Link] Chevy van with just decals all over it – I've seen one of these I've definitely seen an ice cream truck just like this

This was the kind of one that went around the Thousand Oaks neighborhood that I grew up in, for a few years – Did you let your kids go out to it? – No I was a child – Oh (laughter) – That I grew up in – Oh, I missed that part

I thought you said Sherman Oaks Where you at one time lived I guess – Yeah, but my parents let me go My parents never, you know what, they never told me to stay away from strangers – My granddad had that exact van without the stickers

You would kind of sit on the motor The motor was like right there in the middle, and it would get really hot That can't be good for ice cream – No no no no, ice cream is typically served cold That's another fun ice cream fact that I have

– I don't know how it could get creepier than this I think this is creepy to the max – [Rhett] Well okay, how about that? How about a prison? How about a prison built into (laughs) a cage built into the truck? – [Link] Candy chips, toys – I think it's just candy and chips – You're getting desperate when

Again, it's all the decals But what is the, what are the bars? – [Rhett] It's so you can see what's inside – [Josh] Is it keeping things out or keeping things in? – It depends on what time of day it is (laughs)

I believe it's keeping things in, after the sun goes down – I just don't think it can get any creepier than that – Okay, keep saying that – [Link] Oh, this one's kinda cool – [Josh] I like that they're an ice cream man that values privacy, they have the curtains in the back

– The first time I saw this photo, I thought that it was two identical vans, parked in a parking lot – That's what I was thinking – One in the foreground, one in the back ground – Or just a really big one and a really small one (laughter) – They come in pairs

– [Rhett] Look at the bumper on that thing – [Josh] Somebody's been stepping up on that bumper – [Rhett] Well that's too much bumper – Too much weight on the bumper – At some point, you have to realize you've got too much bumper

The manufacturer put too much bumper on that thing That's really the only problem I have with that Oh wow – [Link] What do you think about this one Josh? – [Josh] Oh, I like the artistry, you know what I mean? All the other ones that have the stickers on 'em, from far away it just looks like somebody who has a lot of upsetting political beliefs Like they just look like a Dodge Ram van with like bunch of bumper stickers on it

– Conspiracy theorist type vibe – Yeah, but I like that this one like clearly, somebody had a vision of like a decapitated driver in the front, you know it's a woman with just a, some horrible deformity – I don't think saggy boobs are a deformity, it's just a reality – You said it, now what arm is clearly eight feet long? – Oh you're talking about the arm – That's upsetting

Yeah no, but that said, I'd buy ice cream from any of these places if we're being honest though – If I drove this van, I would just feel obligated to never leave the passengers seat, because that gets really disturbing – [Rhett] I think as long as you line up in the right way, you could look like you're in the passengers seat from the drivers seat It's probably got the same thing on the other side But I'm just kind of curious about what Aurora is

Is that the woman's name who's licking the ice cream? All these are for me, I'm Aurora – Oh, you bring your ice cream to Aurora, and you pay her to lick – She licks it for you – Okay, not creepy at all But this one

– [Rhett] Children crossing I thought it said children missing for a second (laughter) – It might as well – I was very concerned – Oh man wow, this looks like an ice cream truck from Plants versus Zombies

My kids play that – They have three items They have an ice cream sandwich They have some white thing And they got a bomb pop

– How much do you think Hawaiian Punch paid them to put that big ole advertisement – Hawaiian Punch is bankrolling that whole operation – Why is the truck that color? It's like the color of slime or the Ghost – You know what, we're talking about it aren't we? – Yup – Mission accomplished

– Why does it say so many things about children? It's like, you know what, it won't be suspicious if I just put a lot of things about kids on the truck Stop for children, children crossing, children crossing again (laughter) I'm not creepy kids – I care about their safety only Oh my goodness, is this one abandoned

– [Rhett] Yeah I hope so You gotta come to me kids, I can't drive around anymore I'm still in here – There's a bucket full of pee in that truck I can't explain how I know that, but there's a bucket full of pee in there

– A five gallon bucket – Yeah a big one Hasn't been changed in a long time – It's a vat – Someone lives in there

– Oh my goodness I think with a good harsh power washing, that thing could be well on it's way – I think you'd power wash all the items right off of it though – [Link] Oh my lord Those clowns

– [Josh] This is just the Insane Clown Posse tour bus This is just ICP out to, I don't know where they play Detroit Regional Auditorium – What does it say on the drivers, As Ice Cream? – This is As Ice Cream, we have things that are as ice cream It also says, warning children crossing, again on the back

– [Link] Oh my goodness – [Rhett] Ice cream, ice cream ice – [Josh] I thought it said LLC (laughter) I guess they wanted us to know they're a limited liability corporation – Ice cream from ice cream LLC

(laughter) – [Woman] This is the last one guys – What are the pink dots about? – [Link] Something tells me that they decided to make this an ice cream truck, very spur of the moment – And I believe it was a child who's decision it was – But there's a decal and then the spray paint Which came first? – I gotta put it on the kids level

They can't read it up there – It needs a dot You know what, it's not getting a lot of business We need a dot or two – Two, definitely two

– Let's do this again on Wednesday – Yeah, I got nothing to do – Sadly, I don't either – [Link] Hungry for some thought provoking conversation? Feast on the latest episodes of Ear Biscuits Available now on Apple Podcast, or wherever you get podcasts

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