Reacting to Ridiculous Swimsuits

(rooster crowing) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Motivational speech

We're gonna give a motivational speech to, oh gosh The person that cleans out the porta potty using one of those suction hose thingies – Hey man, you suck But that's good – That's cool, man

You suck for a living – You suck crap outta porta johns for a living and that, I mean, that's important If you didn't do that – Think about all the piles of crap that would be all around if you didn't do your job, man – The more that I think about it, you are one of my favorite people on the planet because there's nothing better than the dread of going into a porta john

– Yeah – Being masked and surpassed and replaced entirely by the fact that it's freshly sucked – As a matter of fact – By you – I wanna shake your, you know what, actually I don't wanna, gimme a fist bump

– Thank you Keep doin' what you're doin' You're my favorite person Do it more often – Oh my goodness

– All right, so we're reactin' to swimsuits Here's one that the bikini top is – [Rhett] Hands – Hands This is like that Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover

– Whose, you know whose hands those were? – Hers But she was goin' like all the way around and – No, it was Justin Bieber's – No it wasn't – He was only three

– You can't mention him man That's against the rules – Oh, yeah, sorry – What, why you breakin' the rule man? – 'Cause it's Good Mythical More – But for that joke you broke the rule? – It's Good Mythical More

– Oh gosh – I'm actually, it was pointed – You're gonna have penance – No, it was pointed out to me that I, at least, have broken the rule several times – Yes you have

– 'Cause somebody was like it's not the first time that's happened – Just because you've broken it doesn't mean you can keep breakin' it – I'd never broken the rule in Good Mythical Morning, have I? It's always been Good Mythical More – Penance Shame

I demand retribution – [Rhett] Okay – [Link] That is just wicked wrong – [Rhett] Hold on but how does it stay aloft? – What is happening? – Well, I know – You know, I don't wanna know what's

– I mean, I have some theories as to what's happening but why it's happening is – How it's happening That's horrifying Take it away Okay, here's one

What's goin' here? So this is the – Oh hold on, we're supposed to be making decisions about these – I just didn't even wanna, my decision was take it away – The decision is no sank you As in no thank you but using the word sink because we're talkin' about swimsuits

Or swim fan – Meaning that we're, we wanna stalk the swimmers who are wearing this because we like it so much – Uh, well – This is a bikini, made to look like jeans – Yeah, I'm a swim fan

– Uh, I think that's novel, I like it Swim fan Whoa, what is this? Translucent board shorts Is that underwear underneath or that his shirt tucked in? – I don't think it's his shirt I do, I think thankfully it

– It looks like a shirt tucked in – Well, he has another shirt on – [Link] He has two shirts on He has a raspberry colored shirt and a white shirt – He has a shirt that gets tucked all the way down to the crotch in parts like shorts? I doubt it

– Stranger things have happened To that guy – I would say no sank you for this one – Yeah, that's just stupid No sink you

– I don't like clear clothes Oh god, what, this is not a friggin' swimsuit – [Link] That's not a swimsuit That's just, that's an athletic supporter – And is that a third drawstring in the middle? What is happening there? How do ya tie that knot? – You braid it

– Oh, gimme a second, I have to braid my, gotta braid my shorts No sank you – [Link] Somethin' about that guy's abs make him look simultaneously cut and fat – Yeah – I'm not tryin' to judge it, but like, there's a

– We call that fut – What? – Cut and fat – Fat, cut and fat – Fut – He's fut

– He's so fut man Fut sounds like a dirty word doesn't it? – I just wanted, I wanted to tear that guy down a little bit because he's so confident in his athletic support – You don't know, you don't know the look on his face He could be, like, really uncomfortable Imagine that guy

– Can you tilt up please? This isn't a live feed of this person posing? Here's one That's – [Rhett] This looks restrictive – [Link] Okay, now there's – [Rhett] Looks like a lotta trouble

– There's a lot of material there that they make it seem like it's not there because – Because if it's, it's like a skin match – It's a skin match – Now if you pull one of these things, the whole thing comes off Which that's interesting

– Now, guys, help me out here I remember my ex-stepsister when she was, like, in middle school – Boy, you really took her down a couple of notches – That's what she is – There's gotta be a better way

There's gotta be a better way to refer to her as ex-step It just sounds, she sounds so rejected – There was like this thing that you could get and it was a baton that had a ribbon and you would, and I think it was, like, there's like a Olympic routine where you can dance with one of these things and they were marketing them to kids and she had one – You're talkin' about like – Of those, like, and you could, you

– Baton peoples – But it's got a ribbon on it and then you can make the ribbon dance – Ribbons, like, what do they call it, ribbons, right? – You make the ribbon dance – Ribbon dancing – [David] Colors, like, it came in like pink and white

– Yeah, pink and white – Yeah, David did it – Yeah You had one of those, David? – [David] My sister had one – Yeah

– Your ex-stepsister? – His actual sister – Wow, okay – And is this an Olympic sport that like these kids are emulating? – I believe so, yes – And this woman's wrapped up in one of 'em That's what I'm gettin' at

– She was an, she was an accidental, she was a contestant and there was an accident and then she became a model when she couldn't get it off, is that what you're saying? – Yeah, that's permanently attached – That sounds, that's a sound theory I'm a swim fan now – What is it called in the Olympics? – [David] Rhythmic gymnastics – Rhythmic? – Rhythmic gymnastics

But it's a ribbon, it's ribbon gymnastics – [Director] It's category is rhythm, that's just what it's called – Oh, ribbon, ribbon, ribbon – That's so weird – I think it's beautiful

– Swim fan Last one here Wow that looks very constrictive in the front and very – [Rhett] Well what if you wore it backwards? – [Link] Open in the back – [Rhett] If you wore it backwards, you'd be really restricted

– [Link] That would really hurt That'd really hurt – That would be a punishment – Yeah, I've never worn a thong but what's the – What's the appeal? – No, well, yeah, what's the personal appeal? I mean

– The personal appeal for you the wearer? – Well, what's the – Very little, I believe – What's the, I think it's to not – It's to not show – 'Cause you're not show a, an underwear line

– The underwear – But what's the adjustment period for wearing a thong? Like – When does your butt ignore it? – Yeah, like, how – When does your butt crack forget that it's there? – How, like, when I started wearing glasses, it took me a couple of months, you know, to adjust to the feeling of wearing glasses for the first time What's it like to adjust to the feeling of having an Olympic ribbon cinched up in your

– I think it varies from person to person – Do you have experience with this? – Well, I once – Have you ever worn a thong? – I once wore a very long tie and for some reason, took all my clothes off except the tie – And the wind blew it really hard? – And then, and then I walked into a hurricane – Big gust of wind

– That tie was stuck up my butt crack for 48 to 72 hours I lost track somewhere in there – Anybody over there who has experience wearin' a thong? – And I would say that it – Or is currently wearin' a thong, wanna get – By the end of it

– On mike and tell us about it? Stevie? – [David] She's not here right now? – Stevie's not here right now? What? – She doesn't wear thongs – After we, after we got out of the swimmin' pool, she was like, I've had enough If she was here, she'd probably be sayin', uh, it takes approximately six weeks to get used to wearin' a thong At least that's how long it took me – I don't have a comment about this

I'm not going to try to offer any sort of insight as to what Stevie thinks about thongs – I'll just ask my wife – Well that would probably be a safer – What she thinks Stevie would've said – [Rhett] We're on Amazon! – [Link] Well, technically it's just our merch

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