Reacting to Thrift Store Art Ft. Emma Chamberlain

(cock crowing) (lion roaring) – Don't be afraid – I'm scared

– Oh, motivational speech – Welcome to Good Mythical More – We have to give a motivational speech to a – Listen I know this is shocking, that everything you thought was in your dream world is in the real world of your co workers But, don't panic

– Because now your co workers really know you – Yeah, every single day, actually – Really know you And you know that thing about how, when you wanna feel not nervous, when you are talking in front of people, and you picture them naked, well that's not a problem when you're in the audience – Should I add to this? – Yeah, you should

– You know, the thing you have to remember is that everyone's naked sometimes – Uh huh – You just happen to be naked right now, at work – Oh right now, yes – That's totally fine, because everybody

– Everybody's naked under their clothes – Yes, exactly – That's what we mean

– Like, so, you know what, a butt cheek is a little bit weird to see at work, but it's not that weird – Not too weird – Because when you get home you're gonna probably see your own at some point – Right – You'll be okay

– If you press really hard with it on the copier that's just kind of, something everyone does – But not too hard, trust me (Emma laughs) – Alright – So we have some- took a deep breath (all taking deep breaths) The deep breath is the transition from the wheel ending about nakedness, to now talking about thrift stores – Hey, that's a nice coat of many colors – This is the type of robe that you steal from the Airbnb you've been staying at for four days

– Well it's the kind of robe that- – This is mine now – When you played- you played Joseph in the church play, they put you in that – Okay – Yeah, that's a deep cut (laughing) – This is a bit- Well I guess, he was in a tribe, of sorts

– Oh yeah, right It's a little South-Western-ish – Arizona Grandpa vibes for me – I'll take that as a compliment – Okay, yeah

(talking over one another) – Certificate of authenticity on the back there – Now, but can't you just put any certificate of authenticity- – I can hold it? – Yeah – Like, for real though, can't you just put any certificate of authenticity in anything? – Yeah you really can, it doesn't really mean anything – Here I have a thrift store item, I want you guys to take a look at it, and tell me- I can see the price on the back – That does seem- I mean Cobra- (together) Carebear LLC

– How much would you guys be willing to pay? Don't stop looking at that, but also look at this, for this amazing item? Thrifted for- from uh the American Way – That is almost a diorama – Yeah – 75 cents – 75 cents? – Really, no look, there's basket weaving involved

– I just hate it – That's baby's breath – I just think it's ugly, so I would only pay 75 cents for it – Oh, I would gift that to someone – How much do you think- – Don't do that

– They were trying to get for it? – Uh, I'd pay, I would pay eight dollars for that (Link scoffs) – Yeah – Really? – Oh yeah The little basket alone is worth eight dollars (laughing) – Alright, so you get this one because it's three dollars

(gasps) – And we can rank these at the end – Oh, $299? – Here's another one – Ooh – Look at this guy

– I stand behind this one – Alright so, Emma, you hold this one, and Link and I will guess, we'll run down the line here – Maybe peek on the bottom to see what the price is We won't look – Alright

– What is this thing? – That is an amazing dolphin wave, it is something that happens when you drop an orb into the ocean – The dolphin's come out in a and then they curl That's a geyser, that's a dolphin geyser – It's when you drop a dolphin orb into the ocean It used to be at Seaworld but not anymore

– Right – Ever since the controversy – They just have books there, you go there and you just read books about how they've changed their ways, I think – Really? That's what's at Seaworld- – It's just a bunch of- – Seaworld is a library now? – Yeah (all laughing) – So what are we thinking? – It's a happy one though, I've not been

– Let me see what kind of- – It's got a lot of girth – Yeah, well I mean you could- – You could definitely throw that one though and it would break – You could prop yourself up You could threaten people I just showed you the price

You could show your buddy the price – Yeah, I like that – Uh, I would pay- – It's like it flashed – 'cause you still haven't seen it – You flashed me

– You still haven't made it out yet Uh, I'm gonna pay- I'd pay two bucks for that – I'd pay $299 probably (Emma gasps) – Ding ding ding, you win

Oh, 'cause you saw it – Everything's $299 – Twice Emma – Okay, I- (she laughs) I was like, Link is so smart

(all laughing) – Yeah, don't make that mistake – Okay, now hand me another one – I think we were holding it upside down the whole time Oh, here you go Rhett, I'm not- no peeksies Irene

– Oh no This just went down five dollars because it's someone's name meaning that only like one person in the population- no – No let me guess – Point zero one of the population – Irene

– Yes, her, only her And there's probably only like three of them- – Hold on but I think you can – I almost looked – Hold on, there's other names that you can spell with these letters, and you could just rearrange You could be Rene – I-Rene – You could be- – You don't even have to rearrange them Rhett

– You could be Ne- Nerie? (laughing) You could be Reine? Reine? Reine? – Renei – [Stevie] I've been informed – Not right

– [Stevie] That- is my mic on, can you hear me? – Yep, you're on – [Stevie] Oh, hello – You're on Irene – We're taking calls and we have Irene on the line – [Stevie] Apparently there were two of these

– Stevie I'm sorry, can you say long time listener, first time caller, Irene – And then in a certain place, in the Unite States – [Stevie] Um, long time listener, first time caller This is Irene from Michigan – Hello Irene (talking over one another) – [Stevie] It's the state of Michigan, I'm from Alex's town

– Oh, so right in here – [Stevie] Um, and it's called Alex town I did indeed leave two of these in the thrift store, but the Mythical crew only got one of them I have shed my name, I'm not dead, but I probably am dead, and that's why they're in the thrift store – Oh, hold on

– There's two of these – It could be Ernie (all laughing) It could be Ernie! – We're not doing that anymore Didn't you just hear what she said? There were two of these at the thrift store – It could be Ernie

– There were two of these at the thrift store-e – Hold on, so, Irene had two of these? – [Stevie] Yes – One for the kitchen, one for the bathroom – [Stevie] Irene did have two of them – Are those cherubs? – [Stevie] And I'm calling you from the afterlife

– It's kind of aesthetic, that's very trendy right now – Is that the same cherub in all of them – Is it? – Yeah, like a bunch of girls have stuff like that on shirts and stuff, including me – Because it's so ugly – Yeah, I almost think that's the trend

– These are different cherubs This isn't the same cherub, there are slight differences and that doesn't weigh up in my mind – Um – Ernie – A dollar 99

– What? – Okay, this frame has so much detail, I'm gonna have to go with five dollars – Emma, it's yours, 'cause it's $699 (Emma gasps) – Yeah – $6

99? – Yeah, look at that – Oh, oh, brace yourselves, people Look at this porcelain piece of awesome – Ew – This is two- two ladies on a love seat

– I think that's a guy – I think it's a dude That was the time when the men had the ponytails Is he eating ice cream or is it karaoke night? (Emma laughs) – Like I said, two ladies on a love seat – No

– [Rhett] Hold on, what has he got in his hand? – [Link] A microphone – [Rhett] This is before microphones It's an ice cream cone – Yeah, but I feel like it's before ice cream cones too – Yeah, it's weird

– Wait, hold on, let's really think here It's a rose – Ah – With a pink stem though? – He's gifting her a rose, she's a little embarrassed by her cleavage – [Emma] Yeah, I know, I was just thinking about that

– [Rhett] She's covering it up a little bit – [Link] I got a great angle on her cleavage (Emma Laughs) – And she has- is that a paintbrush? Or is that- – I think that's a fan – Wow, the details here – The details here? How much are you willing to pay for this thing? – I'd pay three dollars just to throw it off the roof

(all laughing) – That would be very entertaining – It would – Uh, there are 400- 14,635 people in the US with the first name Irene More than 999 percent of people with the first name Irene are female

– I'd hope so – That's what they call a throwback I just happened to read the screen – How much would you pay for this Rhett? – I'd pay $199

– What did you say? 3 dollars? – Yeah – Well you get to throw this off of a roof of your choice $899 guys – Whoa, really? – $8

99? – I mean, there's craftsmanship to that – There is craftsmanship – Actually I think it's just a mold – Alright Emma, introduce us to this lovely- – Oh no, this is a woman from Texas kitchen accessory Um, love makes our house a home

Ew, hate this Sorry, it's not about my opinion, or is it? – I don't like it- – What does hate make a house? – In general I don't like expressions, on things in homes – [Stevie] Hello, this is Irene again, um I also donated that and I left a special message on the back if you'd like to read it – Oh my god, many- okay sorry, I'm bad at reading cursive Many happy memories in your new home

It's not even like- okay whatever, love mom, 2017 – Oh my gosh, a mom gave this, just a couple of years ago – This is a housewarming gift – Yeah, this was like a new couple that- – Who let mom go to Marshall's again? – Love makes our house a home And she saw it and she was like, ooh

– She's like, oh that's cute – That is real nice – Love makes our house a home, but this board makes it look like we have no taste – Ugh – That's it, that's what the other board says, this board makes it look like we have no taste

– But just having wood in general, like having a good, sturdy piece of wood, I mean I didn't look at the back (knocks) That's sturdy, that's one piece – That's a plank – That's pine – How much are you gonna pay for that then? – I don't know what I could do with that? I could make a table, I could leverage something

– You can karate it, for sure – Oh (Emma imitates karate chopping) – You think I could? – I did karate, that's why I know – Oh, karate? – I don't talk about it – Ha! – Ow

– See how strong that is? I'd pay- – You could karate it – I never learned how to do that – You could burn it – I love karate as a verb, by the way – I'd pay $2

50 – The best way to use that word – I'd pay $250 – I thought you were going big with the wood

– Well I mean, you gotta pace yourself – 50 cents (Emma gasps) – I actually don't know, I didn't look yet – $395, I get it

– What? – Love makes our house a home Look at that, stands on its own – [Voiceover] Keep your friends close and your phone closer with the Mythical and GMM popsockets available now at mythicalstore

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