Real or Fake Rollercoasters (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (lion roars) (wheel clicking) – How's that bucket? – Great – I can tell you it landed on anything and you wouldn't know

– That's true Welcome to Good Mythical More – Don't Google that Whatever you do, don't Google dirty earbuds Oh, no

Oh, ew! – I'm not looking at it – Oh, come on! No, that's gotta be fake That can't be from somebody's ear Oh (thumps sign) Don't share your earbuds

That's what I just learned – Ew – And don't Google dirty earbuds – Okay there's some weird rollercoaster names I gotta take my glasses off if I'm gonna keep these on the whole time

– That didn't make as much of a noise as I thought it was gonna make – Uh, stop – Okay so Stevie you're going to tell us the name of a rollercoaster, and we're going to tell you if it is up, real, or down, not real – Okay – [Stevie] First one? – Yep

– [Stevie] The Screw Coaster – (chuckles) Not real – I think it's real – [Stevie] It is real It is at Nara Land which is a now-abandoned theme park in Japan

– [Rhett] Oh wow look at that – You sure it's not in, what's that resort? – Hedonism? – Hedonism (bucket thumps on Link's head) All right (crew laughs) – Or hedonism two That's what I prefer

– [Stevie] What about fire in the hole? – Uh, ooh – I don't know, I think that's a good one, yeah – I'm gonna go with not real on that one – [Stevie] It is real, and it's at Silver Dollar City – Dollar city? We've been there

– In Branson, Missouri Really? – We sang the Barbecue Song, an oldie but goodie with the Homestead Pickers, the official bluegrass band of Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri I wonder if they're still there – Barbecue Song, watch it It's in 4:3

– Yes (chuckles) Now in 4:3 – [Stevie] What about The Invasion of Privacy? – I'm going with not real – Not real – [Stevie] Fine

(Rhett laughs) – Yeah, you try You try – [Stevie] Whispering Giant's Whip – Whispering Giant's Whip – That's a bit wordy

I bet this is in Europe (Rhett sighs) – Whispering Giant's Whip Yeah, why not? – [Stevie] Ha ha (chuckles) It's fake – Oh, really? – Ha ha

(Rhett chuckles) Ha ha Ha ha (Rhett chuckles) – [Stevie] Okay, what about Afterburn – Afterburn – Afterburn

– That's definitely real – Yeah – Isn't that, it's at Magic Mountain, isn't it? No it's not Where is it? – [Stevie] It's real, it's in Carowinds in Charlotte – Carowinds! You remember that, man? – Oh man we used to go to Carowinds

Back on the South Carolina border right there It was in North Carolina though, right? – Yeah it was a little bit of both it seemed like – The winds would take your cares away That's why they called it Carowinds – Oh, looks like Carney Chase has got more, you got more tickets? – I got the winning ticket

You got yours? – It's not a raffle, it gets you on rides, right? (Chase burps) (Chase mumbles) – You want a ticket? – Uh, no – I don't– – Are you sure? (crew laughs) – What do I win? You got the ticket, that's the problem (crew laughing) – What do you want? – I just want you to take these tickets and go find something to do Go find something to do with yourself – Is he going? All right– (Rhett sighs) Give us another one

– Okay – [Stevie] What about Family Inverted Coaster

– Family Inverted Yeah, it's real (chuckles) – [Stevie] Yeah, you're right – Oh it is? – [Stevie] Yeah – What is that? Is that a translation error? – It's in Shanghai

(sign thumps) Shanghai, and we have a video – Oh we do, is it an inverted family? (upbeat dance music) – Wow Family Inverted, man – You don't learn much when you don't see the rollercoaster, when you just see the perspective – I will say that it's much better than Family Perverted Rollercoaster

– Yeah, uh-huh, yeah – [Stevie] That's all I got – Oh really? – I don't understand, yeah I don't understand the perspective rollercoaster videos 'cause it's not fun, you just get the nausea but you don't get the fun – Yeah, and also, the camera was not inverted on that There was nothing inverted, I didn't see a family

– I think that it's just hanging below the coaster – Is there like a family that hangs upside-down that's just, you can constantly see? Are they like welcoming you there? Is it like the inverted family? – I think you're the family – Or is the family, is their last name Inverted? The Inverted family welcomes you to Silver Dollar City Mr and Mrs

Inverted Little Bobby Inverted Little Tammy Inverted (upbeat theme music) That'd be okay Now you can dink it and sink it with a friend using this double-sided mug

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