Recreating Oddly Satisfying Videos

(rooster crowing) (lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – 10 Word Story

– Oh, we're good at this – Okay, so, we're each gonna say one word and just go Bobby – Hello – (laughs) – I

– Just – Had – Fourteen – Of – Chips

– Because – Cool – What was that? – Bobby, I don't know– – I think I ruined the story, I'm sorry – I just had 14 chips because cool – I got nervous – That's pretty good, you know

– 14 of chips – Yeah, 14 of chips – Bobby hello I just had 14- it's like really weird 911 call – Bobby! Hello I just had 14 of chips because– – Because cool – No, it's a conversation, it's Bobby, hello I just of 14 of chips because

You know, because, and that's guys like– – Cool – Cool – Yeah, yeah

– It's a dialogue – You know, as long as we're opening dialogue here that's all that really matters It smells great under my nose – Is it good and chippy? – Okay Janel, you're on the show that's called The Perfectionist but are you an actual perfectionist in real life? – I am – Oh, I love it, me too

– Oh, one of your little chippy mustaches just fell So sad You gonna eat it? – This'll make you happy – As a perfectionist that should bother you – It did, kind of – Oh, oh, there's glue (laughter) – (retches) – Yep

Those are glue flavored – Oh no Oh no – Why you using glue flavored chips? – [Josh] Because I used glue – You gotta use glue, man

How else you gonna do it, Bobby? – Uh oh – Hoo! – Okay, so we're going to watch some very satisfying videos and then see if we can perfectly recreate these things – Ooh, okay – Okay? Let's watch the first one This is drawing a perfect circle

Oh my gosh, this guys gonna– – [Janel] Whoa, whoa, whoa – [Rhett] No, no, no – [Janel] That was really fast – I've never seen it with the thumb – Can you do that one more time? – [Janel] Wait a second, ow, how

– Okay – First of all you can't do it with a sharpie – You know what, let's just try it

Janel, I'm gonna move your water – Okay, but is her wrist okay? (crew laughs) Certainly, that must hurt, right? – Well, she keeps doing it so it must not hurt too much – So, I'm gonna try to reach – There you go – Thank you – Now, I remember back in, like the early days of the internet there was a guy who could walk up to a chalkboard and do a perfect circle– – Full arm – And he would it like that I have not seen this one

This one seems much more intuitive – I don't understand her arm – Yeah, I think you've gotta– – Yeah, maybe we must stand – Maybe like this – I'm gonna practice like this, watch

– Right So it's – I'm just gonna do it

– This is not humanly possible – I think I'm all over this (laughter) – Yeah, that's pretty good – That was actually pretty good I'm mad I don't watch your technique

Okay – Alright Janel – Alright – I beat Rhett, so now it's up to you – What if I go the other way? I'm gonna go – See, look, it was, oh You're gonna do that

Okay There it is – Yeah, I think, yeah – I think we're about even – Look at that! – My kinda looks like a bird, it's got a beak

– Look at that, now that's pretty good – Whoa, how'd you do that? – How'd you do that?! – I just put the mug on there (crew laughs) – Okay Alright, so– – That was a good technique – We need to keep practicing

– I just – Let's watch the next one This one is what? Card shuffling

Okay – [Janel] Ooh, okay – [Link] Ooh – [Janel] Whoa – [Rhett] That's really nice

– [Janel] Oh, that is very satisfying – [Link] Whoa! – [Rhett] Hold on, okay – [Janel] Whoa! – [Rhett] Okay, now you're just rubbing it in – [Link] There's three steps to this – [Rhett] That part alone

– [Link] Slink it out – [Janel] Flip it up like a little – [Rhett] Now, we each have our own felt

– [Link] Flip it up, and then let it domino down – Okay – Alright, so – Oh, on the felt, okay So – Oh, look at that

I've already done something – But the fact that our felt is – Okay, okay

– Is a little bit smaller – There's a few disadvantages here, I would say – Um, okay, so – Yeah, just keep that on a loop because we're gonna need every Jack! That's my trick Jack! – That's pretty good Janel

– I don't know, I don't feel– – Move it over here so the people can see – Oh, okay – And then I think this is gonna be a disaster – I always got low scores in fine motor skills – Oh no, no, no, no, no, no Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait – Whoa, whoa, whoa, that's pretty decent

– Hold on, that's was very – Ready? Boom! (laughs) – That was pretty good – I mean, it didn't fall beautifully like his did though

I'm gonna try it again – So then, if I go like this – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – (gasps) That's beautiful

– Hey! – That's beautiful work – Now what do you do? – Pull them up like a little house and then do the magic trick (laughs) – Success! I did it This takes a lot more practice than, like just impromptu – Look at that See, mine just goes back down on it's own – Now, I may have shared this with you before As an only child, there were many a day, and night that I would just sit in my room on my well made twin bed

and I would just– – Hold one, well made as in the construction of the bed was respectable? – No The sheets and comforter – Walled up with cherry accents

(laughs – And I would I would just shuffle cards and play poker with myself – Play poker with yourself? – Play poker with myself

– [Stevie] Is that what you called it? – There's a card game– (laughs) (crew laughs) – I didn't hear what she said – There's a card game designed to play by yourself – Solitaire – It's called Solitaire One time, my dad– – That's a little too depressing

– Well, one time, my dad was playing Solitaire and my cousin came in the room and said Uncle Jimmy, what are you playing? He said Solitaire, and he said Uncle Jimmy playing Solitaire by himself Get it? – As he should – Anytime someone plays Solitaire in the presence of a McLaughlin they say ha! Playing Solitaire by himself – Well, I just think that doesn't really prepare you for playing Solitaire with anyone else but if you play poker with yourself– – Meaning my cousin did not understand the concept the Solitaire – I got two Kings and I got two Jacks

– For the people in the back – I don't know how to play poker – I don't remember either Let's move on to pulling the thread What is this video? – [Janel] Okay, so, stitching up the pants

– [Link] That's the side of a knee? With a five dollar bill underneath? – [Rhett] No, that's a person who has money skin – [Janel] And then pull the thread Oh, that is satisfying – [Link] Ooh, ooh! – [Janel] Oh! – [Link] Ooh, and it disappears – [Janel] Very tight, mhmm – Okay

All we need is just– – The frickin' thread disappears – A leg of some kind – Dreams come true, look at that! – Look at this, we have our own little – Oh, it's beautiful Okay – So, we can pull apart a little bit to get- to reset it there – Can you guys see? – So, the hard part's been done It's already been threaded

– It's been stitched – The non-satisfying part's been done – So, now we just enjoy – Take your needle – Everybody, here we go – Well, I'm gonna

Let's go, Rhett, you go first – Yeah – Here I go – [Link] Pull, oh yeah

– [Janel] There it goes, yeah – [Link] Nice – And then what? You put this in your mouth? – That really worked – That is satisfying – Wow, sewing! Sewing really works! – I'm gonna move yours over there

– Okay, here we go – You can give it a nice little tug – Can everyone see? Okay, should I go? – Just a gentle tug – [Janel] Gentle tug – [Link] What? Okay

– [Rhett] And the way it just disappears – [Janel] There's one more, one more little friend – [Link] Pull it – [Janel] Come on! – [Link] Yes! – [Janel] Yes! – [Link] Up and – It's not as seamless as yours

– Yeah, I mean, I did a great job – You did, you did – I'm a really good sewer – So, I got mine down here at the ankle You know, a lot times you have, like, the tight britches and then you'll cut the end here so it'll kind of flop open

That was thing for a couple of years – Like the bell bottoms? – Yep, yep – Yeah – Bell bottom vibes? – Yeah, but now that that's not in style you gotta sew it right up! – You gotta cinch it back up – Okay, here we go

– [Link] Now, I was holding this in such a way as to– – [Rhett] Put it into your palm? – [Link] Let me do this (sucking sound) – [Janel] Beautiful! – [Link] Yeah – [Janel] That is very satisfying – Now, everybody picks it up by the thread How satisfying is that? – Woo! That's just the leg

– We were good at this one, but I think we just sewed I think that's all that just happened – Yeah, well, that was my first sewing experience and I didn't do anything but pull on something – You know what's satisfying? Sewing Watching someone sew on the internet

– Oh yes – It's so satisfying – Okay, there we go – Let's get rid of that You wanna take that that way? You wanna take it this way

– Alright, be careful, it's got needles – Alright, and – And finally, folding a quilt

– [Janel] It looks quite difficult – [Link] Okay So, she folding, then she's folding then she's turning, and she's cinching, and she's rolling – [Janel] Like a little pillow – [Rhett] There's nothing to it really

– [Janel] Oh, whoa, it's still going It's still going! – [Link] She's jamming it She's jamming it inside itself – [Janel] Whoa! – [Link] And she's made up, like a Hot Pocket out of a blanket – [Janel] Like a little ravioli

– And now she gets inside of it – Look how happy she is – Nope, she just holds up the pillow – She is very happy about it – Ah, we can do this guys

– That is proud woman, and she– – We saw it one time, let's do it! I think the key is you just keep moving – Oh, boy Alright, um – Where we gonna- where do you wanna do this? – How are we – Well, in the end, it's gonna be perfect pillow, so – Okay, so– – Well first of all, there was only one of her – Well, we got– – There's three of us we really have an advantage – We should be that much better – How did she make that one little beginning- okay, so like that

– She kinda goes like this Yeah, that – Alright, so Rhett's out – Okay, wait, so First, it looks like it goes – She folds it on itself

– Lay your side down Janel, this is kinda gonna be your thing – My thing? – So, you know grab the end, and then waft it and lay it – Wait I'm gonna watch her

– Waft it and lay it – It folds on itself like – And then pull it back – Waft and lay, okay – Waft it – Waft it

– Lay it – And lay – Yep, see? There you go – And then you pull– – Okay Now what? Waft and lay

– Then you pull it back on itself – Then you pull that whole thing back? – Yeah – Like that? – Like that, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh – She didn't really do anything – Yep, yep, yep, and now you fold it over

– Now you fold this over – A third of the way – Okay – A third of the way – You fold over again

– And then this too? – [Rhett] Fold this over again – [Link] Fold this over again And then a third time – [Rhett] And then you turn it into a pillow – [Link] And then, that

Okay, now it rolls up on itself – [Link] So, roll this up – [Janel] Okay – [Rhett] Like this – [Janel] And then we tuck

– Let's pull this– – Then Hot Pocket it, right? – Now, we're at this point We're at the Hot Pocket point So somehow

– How does she do this? – Somehow, this – Oh, wait – No one will know if we don't do that and we just hold it up If you just hold that up – Don't you want the satisfaction? – I think what she did was she – (laughs) – Right, she was faking that she was doing something That's exactly what was happening

– That's looks pretty good though – And then Look at that! – Well, especially from this angle if we just do this

– Yeah – Look at that! – Yay! (crew applauds) – And then you just stand there and smile – [Cotton Candy Randy] Hey daddies, I'm a pin now I still spend most of my time in hell but you can also find me at mythicalstore

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