Recreating The Taco Bell Volcano Burrito

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See like that hat's discontinued, this one's not You guys are repping the hats I love it – Oh you brought your pocket spoons – I keep spoons in my pocket at all times, cause you never know when you're gonna need them And then I try to sit down in a chair and then it hurts cause the spoons

– (laughs) Oh I left pocket spoons – It hurts because spoons – Okay so I didn't know that the – Slide on up, you can slide a little – The lava sauce and the volcano burrito were discontinued How long has that been discontinued? – It was a couple months before the fiery Doritos locos taco debuted right? – Yes – Oh the fiery Doritos, they still have that? – Yes – Cause they sort of functioned in the same way, kind of – They're both bright red, but one of them was but the volcano taco was bright red, with no flavor and all the flavor came from the sauce

And then they added a flavorful bright red taco shell and they couldn't coexist on the menu when one was so much better than the other – Also, the Doritos taco shell was like years in the making right? – Yeah – A lot of science – Had to make way for science really – I went to the midnight premier of the Doritos Loco taco – It was a movie? – No no they premiered it at midnight at select Taco Bells I believe you could only find out about it if you were a member of the Facebook group Make Taco Shells out of Doritos – That's the name of the group? – When Facebook groups just had demands as a name

– Yeah yeah – I was part of it – Cause that's what started the whole thing, user demand – Yeah and so, I went to it and it was a really great time – There's like four people on the cheesy core Facebook group right? – I'm three of them

– Alright, so what do we have here? – So we recreated the lava sauce which was genuinely really awesome and a lot of people think it's just a mixture of nacho cheese and fire sauce but, if you look at the actual ingredients in it everything basically starts with egg yolks and oil in the ingredients list which, lets you know it's a mayonnaise based sauce – Okay – Like so many of Taco Bells are – ♪ Oh dang ♪ – So this is a – What dang? What do you mean dang? – This is jalapeno and cheddar cheese – I just mean mayonnaise – Flavored mayonnaise essentially – You don't like mayonnaise? – No I love mayonnaise – Jalapeno and cheddar cheese flavored mayonnaise- – That's more or less what is was And it was pretty spicy

– So if you want to do it yourself at the actual location now the best people are coming with is mixing nacho cheese with fire sauce? – I would say take a little bit of the creamy jalapeno and mix that in, do it equal blend of all three Fire, creamy jalapeno and nacho – There you go you heard it here – Maybe a splash of the diablo sauce – Alright, do you want to cut this>? – Uh huh I'll do it

– Ellie you do it – I'll do it Oh look it's Josh's fancy chef knife that he doesn't usually let me use – (laughs) this one time rotisserie chicken and she was using it and I – Actually, someone else did it, someone else did it – I go in the writers room and was like who used this knife? It was Micah

– Do I go back and forth or do I just slice down? – This is why I don't let people use the knife – Back and forth or slice down? – Back and forth until you get to like a certain point and then you can slice Also you're gonna tuck your fingers – [Rhett} Yeah yeah yeah tuck those fingers – [Ellie] Tuck them

– [Josh] If you want to kind of like tuck the fingers in – [Rhet] That way you won't slice them off – That looks good though – Wow look at that Oh look at her

– Okay so this is the, what do you call this? – The volcano burrito so it's – You're calling that a her? – It's crunchy red strips – Mm hmm – Which after sitting in a burrito turned into red strips – Yeah – [Josh] Beef, nacho cheese, lava sauce, and rice – [Elle] Wow she's beautiful – [Josh] And then we have their recreated lava sauce right there Link could you grab me that bag of chips? – Yeah man – So are you supposed to dip the burrito into the lava sauce? – ♪ Mr

Lava Lava ♪ – Well there's a lot of sauce in the burrito but if you guys want to just try it – Smell dat – It smells spicy – The lava sauce by itself I'm pretty proud of it – Okay I'm going straight lava sauce

– Now Ellie you don't like spicy? – Oh yes but, I've made a lot of improvements lately I've been working on it I've been pushing through and so I'm interested to see how this goes for me – Were you hypnotized? – No I wasn't hypnotized, just like good old fashioned Mid-western like hardiness – [Crew Member] Hey hey, do you guys want a fact? – Yeah I want facts – [Crew Member] So the whole volcano menu was discontinued in late 2012

And Alex (laughs) – Is this a conspiracy theory I thought you were gonna be remember the end of 2012 the world almost ended – It's got some kick – [Crew Member] In 2013 the sauce disappeared – Okay I'm dipping – Yeah me too – I'm double dipping – And the Doritos locos taco would have been late 2011 the original nacho cheese

– You want milk? – [Crew Member] Correct – Thank you – I have milk Ill say that the sauce on the chip was a lot for me – Yeah it was hot man

– But I'm in for this – That is so good – Your hearty Mid-western whatever you said you were your jaw just popped wicked – (laughs) I know – Are you okay? – No I have TMJ from stress so, thanks – Thanks Youtube fan – Sorry

– No it's like not even work stress it's just like stress – Okay lets talk about it – No – On Saturday – I just feel like I hold anxiety and like – In your jaw – In my jaw and like specifically when I sleep I grind – Oh the best way to get rid of that is to eat really hot food – Okay – Have you ever tried wearing a grinder? – That's a healthy bite she just took

– (whimpers) – Ride the fire Ellie – Cause it's already hot in the thing huh? – Mm hmm – (laughs) – Yeah the mayonnaise kind of binds the rice in there – That's really good though – It is so tasty It's so tasty – We used to pack and snack – Why is my milk lukewarm – On the biscuit taco

I actually camped out at 4am before the launch of the biscuit taco – You're that guy – And live tweeted it – No one asked you to do that – No that would have been 2013 – What type of things are there to live tweet from a biscuit? – There's a heavy smell of bleach coming through and there's a lot of, I really tried to go kind of literary fiction with it – Do you think they killed a man – The funny thing is I went in and the employees had no idea about the biscuit taco

There was only a sign on the outside of the Taco Bell not on the inside so I had to walk one out and be like can I have that please And they were discussing it in Spanish amongst themselves And I heard one say empanada oh empanada de playa chicken empanada so that's what they called their chicken biscuit taco And I was like this kind of is an empanada – Whoo this is hot – It was the right item though

– Yeah it was – No it was launching – Whoo – Yeah – I'm finishing the whole thing – No one else was camped out either, needless to say – No one in the comments can call me – Whoa that's good I like it – I like the burn like the burn real good – My dentist told me to, are you gonna vomit? – No my mouth has so much saliva in it though – Swallow it – That's the good part

– But if I swallow it also brings more spicy down – Yeah takes the spicy down, take it down Um I'm just eating the chip with nothing on it to help with that – Is it helpful? – It's very good, I mean since spiciness kind of triggers me on a physical, I get a physical response now – What type of a physical response? – Just nausea, if not hiccupping

– Hmm – So um, because of the nasty hot stuff we've eaten on the show I mean that's a testimony to this thing actually being good because I think it still tasted good It's not too hot – I can't stop eating – And I also wear my mouth guard every night – For the grinding? – Yeah I grind my teeth

– We both grind our teeth – Yeah I call it my grinder – Wow – I really do I'll be like I forgot my grinder, gotta get out of bed and go get it – It's a term for something else too

– I grind my teeth – It's a like a sub sandwich in the Mid-west – Hmm – It actually is a anti grinder – Oh no I grind it I grind it down as I sleep instead of my teeth – If you – It doesn't stop you from grinding

– If you've really got anxiety you'll go through a mouth piece within six months – You guys both use them? – Mm hmm – Does that work? – Oh you have one? – Yup – Yeah they share the same one – Gross – Does yours go on the top or the bottom? – It goes on the top but I have to like pop it in so it's supposed to reset the way that my teeth are clenched – Oh that's something else – So that it's like in a different no it's not like a retainer it's just like because my teeth are clenched down that's why I get the pop and if I reset the way they settle on each other – Lets keep talking about this – So what's your jaw helper? – (laughs) Your hair and lips aren't doomed they may just need to be groomed

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