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– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) ( whispers ) Welcome to Good Mythical More Mind reading? Whoa, that's crazy

– What? – What are the chances? We've never land– have we ever landed on this before? Okay, write down what you're thinking right now and I'm gonna guess it because I am psychic This is a new wheel and it– on the freakin' psychic I'm not gonna watch Okay That's it? You've already got it

Just, uh– Are you fake writing? No Got it – ( exhales ) – What am I thinking right now? You You're thinking about your dog ( laughing ) ( laughing ) ( screams ) Oh, gosh, there's something in the air today, man "Petting Jade!" Oh What? Well, the dog– we saw the dog– I'm the freaking psychic, man We saw the dog in the video and he kissed his dog, and I was thinking about petting my– is that how you knew? Yeah, well, Ellie told me in the background

( both laugh ) But I got ya That's how it works, y'all realize right? ( clears throat ) That's how it works – That's how it works – We don't believe– I don't believe in psychic powers I'm not gonna speak for you

Do you believe in psychic powers? Um, you know what? I'm not sure Like, generally, no But we don't know everything that's up in the world – I think that it is plausible– – Speak for yourself – It's plausible

– Don't say "we" – You know everything? – We know everything that's up Plausible, but highly improbable Ellie, come in a little bit more Okay

Enh! Um, so because we don't believe in psychic powers, we're gonna get you to do my tarot card reading, right? Yeah, so this is an unprofessional tarot card reading So it'll be even better

It's fun, though It's a lot of fun I used to do this thing in junior high where I would interpret people's dreams for money Which was basically just, like, basic– like writing an English paper with, like, symbols and stuff And this feels not that dissimilar, so, um

But I do believe in dream interpretation in the most practical sense – Okay – As a baseline, okay? I'm not gonna say everything that I don't believe, but I'm gonna say what I do believe

What I do believe is that you could do a lot of research on what imagery in dreams means, and then, I think, as human beings, we tend to– you know, like, we were saying, well, you got the classic anxiety dream I think if you know something about a person and you hear the dream that they've had, it's a window into their subconscious And you can– you could probably, in an almost talk therapy kind of way, use dreams to access something that they didn't want to verbalize I think you're totally right about that The unconscious is real

We know that's true And we know that it has something to do– The uncon– yeah, like if you get hit on the head – Right, exactly – The subconscious is also real We have dreams we all share that– dreams that are all weird

They have to mean something It's weird to think that they might just be total brain gibberish But this is card gibberish Let's do it So these used to just be playing cards in Italy

And then they became, all, like, infused with spiritual intent Well, that's why, growing up in the South, no one really– no one really subscribed to this when we were growing up, but we knew the generation before us, they were very much against cards Did you know that? – Oh, yeah – Oh, sure Oh, all cards

If you went to the Baptist church, you didn't play cards and you didn't dance I'm talking, like, '50s, '60s, and before that – Yeah – Because they were evil They're the devil lies

I thought that cards– that was because of gambling, not because of tarot cards No, it wasn't just because of gambling It was because cards are associated with the devil himself Yeah, well, because– it's like, if spirits are talking to you They're against gambling as well, toothey're probably bad spirits – Anyway, so – Do I draw?

we're gonna enter a world where we believe in this stuff, and I'm sure there's people in the comments who are gonna be like, "She did it wrong" I know I did it wrong I'm not a tarot reader

Welcome to the comments section Let your voice be heard What I need you to do is I need you to pick a question A question, and keep it to yourself, and it should be more of a general question Not like, "What am I gonna eat for dinner?" You know, so, like, "What does this life have in store for me?" Or "How will my career go?" Stuff like that

So you pick you question, noodle it, and then touch the cards with your hand Have you picked it? Okay, yes All right, now, close your eyes Think about the question Only think about the question

Let it go from your brain down through your neck, to your right arm, down to the elbow, the tendons, down to the fingers, onto the cards The question is now seeping through the cards and the cards are listening to you and they're ready to tell you your future

– Ready? – Okay Okay, can you cut the deck for me? I'm not allowed to use knives Ha My goodness All right, so we're gonna do a simple

This could be you right now, Rhett – It's psychic-ing – Okay

Is that a good place? All right All right Link: Now, we've read each other's on this show before That didn't amount to much Okay, so we're gonna start– this is your finances

What you've got is the Four of Cups Now, because I'm not a professional, I'm gonna read it off my little card – Of course, yes – If you're trying to convince people you're a psychic, memorize the book, don't break out the book Yeah, that one lady, like, did it

– She was so good at it – She was a fake You could probably just make it up, but I want to be real So, all right, we've got the Four of Cups How's my riches? So we have, "A young man seated under a tree, and he contemplates three cups set on the grass before him

He expresses discontent with his environment An arm issuing from a cloud offers him another cup" – There it is – The old one-armed cloud So, "This is card of loss, but something remains

Three have been taken, but two are left" It's like a math problem "It's a card of inheritance, transmission, and patrimony It may be a card of marriage, but not without bitterness or frustration In reverse–" That doesn't matter, because it's facing you

Three are lost and two are kept? – Yeah, so– – What do you have five of? – Fingers – Okay, you're gonna lose two of those No, so, in my opinion– If I were gonna lose a few fingers on one hand, it would probably be I think I'd want to keep the pinkie – It'd probably be these two – You don't need the pinkie – It'd probably be these two – That's only losing two

I would want, like, a marsupial hand You gotta lose three Well, then, the choice is clear – You gotta keep index – Gotta keep the pincers

– Yeah, that's crucial – Yeah – Let's move on – Okay Well, in general, I think your finances are good, but there might be some shifting, there might be some disarray

But it's all gonna be okay I'm not worried Okay, now we're moving to career And career, we've got the, um – Seven of Swords – Seven of Swords Seven of Swords What do you have seven of? – Yeah, that is how this works

– Career-wise? Well, now that I got rid of those three fingers, I've got seven – There you go – That's right What is going to happen to my remaining fingers? – Okay, so you can see – It's all about the fingers "A man in the act of carrying away five swords rapidly The two others of the card remain stuck in the ground And this means design, attempt, wish, hope, confidence, also quarreling, a plan that may fail, annoyance

" – A lot of annoyance – And it's reversed, it's facing me It's not facing you, so it's reversed, which means "Good advice, counsel, instruction, as well as babbling" These are all very confusing – Babbling? – I would say that here's a man making away with a bunch of swords, right? But two swords have to be left

I think that, in your career, you're always making difficult decisions about, like, what you can carry and what you have to leave behind – Mm – And I think that that can sometimes be "You wish and hope and you have confidence in all that you're carrying" But then there's also slander and babble, and that's what you leave behind That's what I'm choosing to leave behind Yeah, I think that's a good call – He needs to babble less? – Well

Slander more Okay Keep the babblers away

Okay, do you want to go to romance or health and happiness? Uh, let's save romance for last – Okay – Health and happiness Okay, so those are the pentacles – That's the– – The pentacles? Seven of Pentacles

It's pentagrams that grow on a bush – Pentacles, you've seen 'em – Yeah, really good in a pie In Arizona Right outside of Sedona

This guy looks pretty sad with his pentacles – "A young man leaning on his staff" – His pentacle bush

"looking intently at seven pentacles attached to a clump of greenery" – A clump of greenery? – Uh-huh

That's what it says "One would say that these were his treasures and that his heart was there" So this is a very contradictory card "It's a card of money and business and bartering, but it can also mean altercation and quarrel" I don't know what that word means

"Purgation?" – Forgation? – Purgation – Purgation – Purgation I'm very purgatious Yeah, yeah

You're the most purgatious person I know I have to pay, I have to pay for my nasty – What? – What? – Wait till you get to the romance card – Oh, like purgatory Oh, boy

Yeah, what were you up to last night? Um, we've got– Just watching TV She was asleep – So, I think– – Fun night I would say, in general, your health and happiness is in a good spot, but it is– it wildly varies based on triggers in your life So, like, you can express one way and then feel another

You can feel one way and share a different feeling – I'm two-faced – You're a Gemini, right? – Happens all the time – I'm a June baby, yes – Junebug

– You're a Gemini I'm a Gemini I feel you – I just– I think– – We don't know what we want You don't know what you want, so it's always going to vary

But we're unhappy – Not always – that we have it

We're always, like, the toast of a party Geminis are great at parties So – And then romance – Romance Stevie: I really like the role that Rhett's playing in all this How would you describe it? 'Cause I can't see him It's like if you took your friend to a psychic and then they're just like, "Mm

Mm-mm" I probably memed myself a few times You can't say that, first of all That's like shouting out your own Instagram on our podcast every week That was– 2017 was the last year that you couldn't meme yourself

2018, people are like, whatever, who cares? Probably meme-ing myself over here – Uh, this– – Have you ever had a kid tell you that you were using a dead meme? – Oh, wow – That really hurt Using a dead meme Yeah, I had a kid over Easter, I was with my younger cousins, and I said a joke and they were like, "Ellie, that's a dead meme

" And I was like, "Oh, God, I'm ancient" I'm gonna make meme faces for the rest of this You can just capture 'em and use them however you want – All right – All right, so my romance is I'm a dead guy underneath three swords

Ellie: We don't know if he's dead He could just be taking a nap I guess we're about to find out Okay, so this is the Four of Swords "The effigy of a knight in the attitude of prayer at full length upon his tomb

" Okay I'm at full length upon my tomb Okay All right, so this means vigilance, retreat, solitude, hermit's repose, exile, tomb – This is a romance card? – and coffin

Dead, isolated, alone Reversed, it means precaution and testament

I don't know, man It's not the best for romance But these cards don't mean anything, so Oh, gosh I think you might need, uh– – she went to sleep, you watched TV – Just say it I think that's good You just need some alone time

At least I'm not gonna die in the lovemaking process I didn't know what was gonna happen No, this is just solitar– you're just hanging out with your sword habit Take time for your hobby of swords? Ellie, you've done great, especially given what you had to look at I didn't have to see him while you were doing it – Oh, my God – Okay, boy, this is not– this is not for me

Do you want to turn one more card? Is that part of it? 'Cause not really Maybe Oh, yes This means everything's gonna work out – Oh, thank you

– Yeah

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