Ridiculous Action Movie Quotes (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (animal roaring) (slam sound effect) (laughter) – That was disappointing (laughs) Actually, yeah okay

– Let's do it New selfie face Selfies are fun and important, and we want to be on the cutting edge Today's new selfie is called: Oops? Did I Start That Trash Can Fire? (laughter) This one What about that? – I think that's, yeah yours is good

– Yours is good too – I like to clench the jaw – Yeah, that's good That's a good jaw – Yeah

Well, let us know if we nailed that – Yeah (laughter) Or we could try it all over again, who know? – Yeah Alright Okay

Oh yeah, don't miss all the perks of Mythical Society, including summer content and insane limited edition collectibles, mythicalsocietycom to sign up All right, we're gonna play a game – Are we? – Yeah – What's the game? – So, there are some real and fake movie quotes on here

I think some of them are not so great (laughs) – Oh, okay – Or hilarious or whatever – Uh-huh – And we're gonna try to figure out if they're fake movie lines or if they're from a real movie

– Oh, okay, yeah 'Cause action movies have like victoriously cheesy lines – Oh my God – And, they could be real, could be fake, who knows? – Yeah, all right – I'm excited

– You ready? – Yeah, you wanna start? – Let us begin – "I hope you've got fridge space, 'cause your about to become dead meat" Whoa – It's pretty good, and if I had to guess if it is real, it's definitely from the movie Total Recall – Nice! – It just makes sense to me, it just seems like something Arnold would say

– Okay – (impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger) Fridge Space I never said I could do accents well – (laughs) I'm never gonna hold you to that – I just felt real uncomfortable as soon as I did the accent

– (laughs) I – (impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger) Fridge Space – I want it to be real 'cause it's really bad

– (impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger) You're dead meat! – So, yeah, I'm gonna say it's real – All right, it's real – Let's see – [Stevie] You're both saying real? – Yeah – Yes – [Stevie] It's

Fake – Oh – Oh! – I kind of knew it was fake but I wanted it to be real

– That's how I felt as well – Yeah, all right – You go with the next one – Okay, let's do it "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and knife"

– Oh, cool – I love it That's something you say to someone right before you– – Stab them – I was gonna say cut the wedding cake – Oh! – Because, that would be sweet, but most likely it's stabbing

– Yeah, definitely (laughs) – It is an action movie, yeah That sounds fake to me I mean, just kind of based on the last one – No, I think it's real – Really? – I feel like it could be in like Kill Bill or something

– Well first of all, Kill Bill is more than just an action movie, it is an homage to an entire genre (slight laughter) And, I'll thank you to give it it's proper respect – Oh, boy – I'm Sorry, I'm a nerd But, no you might be right

It could be real, but it just seems When it goes real pun heavy, I think to myself that a writer wrote it, like a comedy writer in the Mythical studio – From here

(laughter) – Yeah They love the puns – It does seem on brand – Yeah, I'm saying fake – Okay, I'm gonna real, we're gonna split on this one – All right

– Stevie – [Stevie] It's Real – Whoo! – [Stevie] It's from Expendables 2 – Oh, I love it! Can we see a clip? – (speaks in foreign language) – [Lee Christmas] By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and knife – Nice, it's Statham

– Yeah! – I love that it's Statham – He really nailed it, too – (impersonating Jason Statham) By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you – Man and knife – (impersonating Jason Statham) Man and Knife

– That was pretty killer, that is not an easy line to deliver and crush it – With a straight face – That was amazing, I love that – He's very good – Expendables is a great franchise, by the way

– It's great – And I hope there's more – I love it, it's like the Oops! All Berries of action movies (laughter) You know? – Yeah All right, here's the next one

"I'm gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent, to the blood bank" – That sounds familiar So I'm thinking it might be real – I was immediately seeing like Trent Reznor in like a Mayors suit – Yeah, Senator Trent

– Trent Reznor – Nine Inch Nails (laughter) He's just a sad senator singing to himself – Yeah, definitely – Yeah

– (laughs) his closest advisors are The Chemical Brothers – Right, (laughs) yeah – I think this is real – Yeah, it sounds familiar, so I'm gonna go with real It's real

– Yeah, real – [Stevie] Guess what? It's real – Whoo! – Yay! [Stevie] It's from Hard To Kill And hey, we have a clip – Yay

– [Movie Character] Now and lot more when I get into that office, you can take that to the bank – [Mason Storm] I'm gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent To the blood bank (dramatic banging sound effects) – (laughs) I love how he continues to stay in the bed He's still sitting in the bed

He's like, (impersonating Steven Seagal) later I'll take you to the blood bank Right now, I have to brood – What you can't see is that there's like a bunch of empty Bud Light Lime cans, just like all beneath him He's just drunk talking to a screen – There's just a dude on the other end who's just a dominoes pizza guy

– (laughs) So no peperoni? – No peperoni? – Okay – All right, fair enough – (laughs) all right, your turn – Okay, let's see "I'm just looking for a warm place to keep my saber

Oh, your guts look nice" – Ooh, that's really cool – Yeah, 'cause he's gonna put a saber in his guts – That's really cool – All up in them guts

Yeah, that is cool It feels – Too cool

– Almost too cool It feels like if I saw that in an action movie, I'd be like, "that was pretty good Who wrote this, Paul Haggis?" Great screen writer, anyways (slight laughter) I don't know if an action movie writer would actually write a line that good – I'm gonna say it's fake

– Yeah – It's just a hunch – You think it's fake? – Yeah I hope it's real – [Stevie] It's

Fake – Yay! – Hooray! Nailed it [Stevie] Do you see how like I'm saying "It's" and then I'm pausing a little bit and you're like, oh my God, what's the answer? I just wanted to, you know

– Really, yeah I know – [Stevie] Thank you – Also your S sounds are (chef's kiss) – [Stevie] Oh, thank you so much – Wonderful – (laughs) All right – It felt fake, and it was

– Oh boy, okay (laughs) This is fun, there's a lot of exclamation points "Die, Peter! Die again! "Die three time, Peter! Keep Dying! Die forever!" Definitely a stab – Yeah – "Die, Peter!" – "Keep dying!", yeah

– God I hope this is real – Yeah – Because it's so bad When people repeat things, where they go, I don't know, Peter, I don't know – Yeah

– No one talks like that – Yeah, especially when they keep mentioning the person's name – Yeah – Yeah, I just wouldn't say the name of the person I'm currently stabbing – I think this is real, please let this be real

– I say it's fake, it just sounds fake – All right, what is it? – [Stevie] It's Fake

– Yeah! – No! – Da game, da game – (laughs) Okay – I love it, okay – You go, we're down to the wire here – All right, "I guess we found out his weakness, bullets"

(laughter) I love that, I mean that is a weakness That is definitely, for most people, bullets, you know – Or an allergy, depending on– – Yeah, with me it's, "I guess we found his weakness", peanuts – Yeah (laughs) – Guinea pigs

– Peanut butter bullets, coming this fall – Guinea pig bullets, in theaters now – You're allergic to guinea pigs? – Yeah – (laughs) Oh my God, so lame – Yeah, I know

I eat like ten of them and I just, ugh Yeah, I can't be in a room with them – I mean, that's gotta be real – Yeah, weakness, bullets – Gotta be real, yes

– Yeah that's real – Yes, show me that clip – [Stevie] You're right it's real – Yay! – [Stevie] It's from Mindhunters, here's a clip – [Gabe Jensen] I guess we found out his weakness

Bullets – Oh – She is giving the same face that we did just (sighs)

– Yeah, she's almost mad in that, like, just going, God, the things I do for money – Yeah, if I didn't need health insurance – (laughs) Yeah, right – I would do things very differently – Was that LL Cool J? – Yeah, heck yeah! – God, ladies love Cool James

– Yeah they do – They really do love him – It's the lips – It's the lips (slight laughter) – All right, last one

Do you wanna read the last one, Sir? – Okay, sure "Killing me won't bring back your (beep) honey" – I think I know what movie this is from Is this from Christopher Robin? – (laughs) No – (laughs) It's not the Pooh bear movie? I didn't see it

– I think this is from Wickerman with Nicolas Cage – (impersonating Nicolas Cage) Killing me won't break back your (beep) honey – So many bleeps – I can't do it Oh we bleep out GD? Good to know

– I mean, I would, because The Lord – [Stevie] I mean we don't bleep out GD – Yeah – But we do bleep out (beep) – Ah, (beep)

I said (beep) I'm sorry – (laughs) Let's just get it all out – Yeah! – All right show us the clip – Oh wait do we think it's, oh we think it's real, yeah

– Yeah – [Stevie] Well, wait, hold on, Matt, do you think it's real? – I think it's real because she said she saw the movie, which to me says it's real Unless she's lying and she wants us to both lose this for no reason Which by the way, would be amazing But I don't think that's it

I think it's real – [Stevie] Okay, Emily called it and the movie, here it is – [Edward Malus] Killing me won't bring back your (beep) honey – [Sister Summers] But I know it will (Matt laughs) – Ooh, the knee! – Yeah

– Not the knee! – (impersonating Nicolas Cage) Not the knee! – The knees (laughs) – That's right, this is the famous bees scene – My favorite thing about this little clip is he looks like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz, and they're stuffing the, it's like obviously a fake leg – Yeah, I love it – But, isn't that tan on Nicolas Cage the tan of a man who gets work done

– Definietly He gets a lot of work done – Oh, man, that was so much fun – Oh, I hope he gets a heart – Yeah

– The scarecrow – Well now this is over – [Voiceover] Dude, check out these far out swirly colors on our summer tie-dye tees Available now at mythicalstore

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