Ridiculous Coffee Shop Names (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (roaring) (wheel clicking) – [Both] Random disturbing fact – So close to charity, but instead

(chuckling) Instead you get this – Sorry, charity Random disturbing fact We always want to learn new things, so here's a random disturbing fact Barbie and Ken are related! Yup, it's true! – I actually know a lot about this

– Is it a Jon and Daenarys thing? – No, no, but it's in the narrative of Ken and Barbie in the doll world – Right – Of course, they're not related, but Ken and Barbie were the names of the Mattel founders' children who are siblings, and how weird is that to grow up with your brother and/or sister? – Yeah – And like, one of the most popular doll couples is your brother? – So wait, is it weird that when I was a kid I made them get it on? – No, no, no, everyone did that – Oh good, okay, okay

Good, good, good – That was sex ed for anyone – Sure – But for them, for those two kids specifically, they're like, that's us, and they're siblings – Now, that's a disturbing fact! (chuckling) – Wild

– Cool, so do you just throw those on the ground? – [Ellie] No – I hate those – [Ellie] Oh my gosh – I'm sorry Someone was making that and I just hurled it to the ground

– [Ellie] Jordan, I don't know if you know this, but I've been in charge of the wheel for many years now – Oh, sorry – And so that hurt me – Yeah, I could tell I apologize, I've just, I've had three pints of coffee so

– Yeah, okay, can I just say that all the blood in my body has moved to my temples? – Yeah – And it's just pulsating right here, (chuckling) and I'm shaky still? – You are red-faced like a drunk uncle – Touch my face, see how hot it is – Ooh, hot face, hot face – Especially right here

– Hot temple, hot temple, ooh ahh – Yeah, okay, so we both won slash lost spectacularly – Yeah, but the audience won 'cause they had a great time (laughing) – I really hope you did – I hope you guys had a great time

– I hope you did – And if not, tell us in the comments Don't tell us in the comments! – No, keep it positive – Keep it positive, guys – This is a tres coffees cake

– [Jordan] Yes – [Ellie] Which is a fun play on tres leches cake – [Jordan] One of my favorite kinds of cakes – Very good, but instead of three different types of milk, it's three different types of coffee, and it's supposed to be delicious – [Producer] Yeah, so the three coffees, you have cold brew, which I, you guys are familiar with, yeah

– Mmhmm – Oh yeah, I'm made of it – Yeah – I was born of cold brew – That's in my tummy right now

– I was born in a sea of cold brew (laughing) – In a cold brew womb – I was selected by the gods to become a cold brew woman – [Producer] That's great, and then there's normal brewed coffee and then there's actually two venti Starbucks Java Chip Frappucinos that have been reduced into a syrup and that's in the cake so, and there's just whipped cream I think – Okay

– Do you know that's my Frappucino? Did you know that? – [Producer] No, I had no idea – Wow – This cake's gonna jack us up – It's my birthday now Oh

That's a really big bite, I'm sorry – [Jordan] I'm gonna use my hands – [Ellie] Okay – So we've got a game to play about coffee shop names Stevie, can you read us the rules? – [Stevie] Oh, I can

– Okay – [Stevie] Really, how this is gonna work is I'm going to say a name of a coffee store and you're going to guess if it's real or fake – That's really good, by the way – This is really good – [Stevie] I'm gonna talk like this the whole time

Were you guys listening to anything I just said? – Yes! – No, I heard you, but I was also at the same time thinking about how good this coffee cake is, how my heart is probably beating too fast – [Stevie] Are you saying all this stuff because internally, you're trying to remember what I said? – No, no, no, no, I could say it right now You're gonna be saying coffee shop names and we're gonna be guessing if it's real or fake, and you did a fun announcer voice, and I think you should do that the whole time (giggling) – [Stevie] Okay, I will – Ellie, you could be the next Micro Machines guy

(laughing) Remember him? He talked fast Anyway – [Stevie] Okay, time for the first one – I'm an exennial, it's an older millennial – [Stevie] A Latte Fun Indoor Playground and Cafe

– A Latte Fun? – That's gotta be real, that's just too easy – That reminds me of the Austin Powers character name – Oh! – We won't say it – We won't (laughing) Hey kids, check out Austin Powers at your local video store

– I just rewatched it, it holds up more than you would think – The first one's good, they get a little silly as they go, but the first one, a lot of fun – I'm gonna say real – Yeah, I'm gonna say real too That's a pretty easy pun

I think, I would say that there's several coffee shops named A Latte Fun – [Stevie] This is real – Hey! – That's right – [Stevie] It's in Wellington, Florida and it has 15 stars on Yelp

It's been permanently closed for three years as well – Oh no – [Jordan] Not bad, the kids had a lot of fun Some of the stuff in there is getting old – [Ellie] Oh no

– [Jordan] I also thought it was very overpriced Not really worth it IMO – And in Grand Rapids, Michigan, lots of things That's a low bar for it to not be worth it – When he says some of the stuff in there is getting old, I wonder if he means the food

Just like, these are old muffins – Totally – Anyway, Stevie? – [Stevie] Ready? – Yeah, what's the next one? – [Stevie] The next one is Let 'Er Drip, okay – Yeah – Gross

– It, yeah – Normal body function but gross – Yeah, it makes me think of a discharge which is probably not – Let's just leave it there – Yeah, we'll just leave it there, it's maybe not something you want when you're looking for things to put in your mouth

I'm gonna say that's fake – I'm gonna say it's real just 'cause I wanna see what their sign is – [Stevie] It is fake – Hey – Aww, okay, I could've guessed that

– Hey, out there maybe you Photoshop up a sign that Ellie can look at – [Stevie] Okay – Do we have another one? – [Stevie] Here's the next one, Steamy Beans Cafe – Yeah – Oof, Steamy Beans? – Steamy Beans, that's another

– That's what my Prius is gonna smell like on the way home (laughing) Steamy Beans – Glad you took that one over, 'cause I was going to an explicit place – Oh, you were gonna do like a testicle joke – No, no

– You weren't? What were you gonna do? – Bean is a term for lots of different, you know – Ohh, yeah I know what you're talking about – Anyway, after a long bike ride, Steamy Bean – You got a Steamy Bean

– [Stevie] Guys – Too much? (laughing) – I think just enough (laughing) I think Steamy Beans is fake It's too gross These are too gross

– No, it's real – There are comedy writers on staff at GMM, they're coming up with these – This one's real – Gross name I think it's fake

– [Stevie] It is real – [Jordan] Whoa! Steamy Beans? – [Ellie] And that's oh, 'cause it's outside in a – [Stevie] In South Africa – [Jordan] Oh, wow – [Ellie] South Africa! – [Jordan] Those are fun little coffee cubbies

– I like that, I like that blue color – All right, that's a fun space You know what, next time I'm in South Africa, I'm going to Steamy Beans (laughing) – You know when you see the meme of the galaxy brain versus normal brain? – Yeah – Or high functioning brain? – I'm familiar with this meme

– My brain is whatever, is the one that's galaxy brain but stupid – Mmhmm – Where I feel like it's exploded out into the universe but I can't think or say sentences – I thank you for explaining it in meme terms I know know where you're at

(laughing) – Thank you – I'm that anime guy holding a butterfly Is this being too jacked up? (laughing) Stevie, do you have another coffee shop? – [Stevie] Oh boy do I, Jordan This one's called Muggles Mug – Real

– So it's a Harry Potter thing, right A muggle is the term for a no-mag – It's actually a slur, so – Ooh, sorry Sorry, if we were in

– We're gonna – If we were in Harry Potter world, we'd be canceled – Yeah, yeah – But we're not so we can just say muggle all we want to – [Both] Muggle, muggle, muggle

– Yeah, let's see Is this something, 'cause like at Universal Studios they have that Harry Potter world Do they have? – What is it again? – [Stevie] Muggles Mug – Wow, it just went (imitating wind) gone – Yeah

– Muggles Mug – I think it is, I think it is a real place and I think it's in a Harry Potter amusement park either here or in Florida – And its thing is that it's coffee but not magic – No, it's normal-ass coffee – Magician's Mug? – Brewed for humans

– No, no, no Muggles Mug – Welcome humans – For that reason I'll say fake – Okay, I'm saying real

– [Stevie] It is real It's in Pennsylvania – [Jordan] Oh, wow – [Stevie] It's Harry Potter themed – [Jordan] Kind of looks like a bummer inside

(chuckling) – [Ellie] That's where Taylor Swift is from – Oh yeah? – Yeah – Think she's been to Muggles Mug? – Absolutely not – Huh, yeah this looks like someone's living room Maybe it is

– [Ellie] No, it looks like a church basement – Oh yeah, right Yeah, sure, they would have punk shows at noon there – [Stevie] How 'bout Beanie Boys Coffee and Cake? – Beanie Boys – Like Beastie Boys? (chuckling) ♪ Listen all y'all, it's a coffee cake ♪ (laughing) – I don't know the next verse

– That's okay I don't know many Beastie Boys songs either – Cool, cool, cool – Beanie Boys – Wait, touch my temple now

– Okay – Back of the hand, you can't do the front of the hand (laughing) Crazy, right? – Yeah – What's wrong with me? – Hot, hot temples – Anyway, I'm gonna say fake

– I think, yeah I think Beanie Boys is fake I think it's fake – [Stevie] It's fake – Hey, all right – [Stevie] What about Java the Hutt? – Real

– Yeah, that's gotta be real – Java the Hutt is something that, I've seen a cartoon of, I believe – Oh yeah Oh, maybe it's something fictional then – I don't know

– Can this be, Stevie, can this be a coffee shop that occurs in a fictional world? – [Stevie] I think you guys might be overthinking this one (laughing) – Okay, I think it's real, I think it's a real – What is real? What is fake? – Whoa (mimics exploding) – Honestly, where does the line stop? Is it a line or is it a circle? – Uh, yeah I think it's real – Fake, in by we're all fake

– [Stevie] It's real – Hey – [Stevie] It's in Roanoke, Virginia – How, you know, how real could it truly be, oh – Average coffee shop

They use powder for all the lattes Overpriced hospital drink Do not recommend Hospital drink? – From Rikin K – Mm, yeah

– Wow, and this is in Los Angeles – Oh yeah, well I guess Rikin K is maybe from, maybe he visited while he was traveling Where is it, Stevie do you know where it is? – [Stevie] No, it's in Virginia, but that particular person is in LA

– So, yeah Well, I'm sorry – [Stevie] Okay, this is your final one – Okay – [Stevie] So really, Ellie, at this point you can't win, but it's fine, you can still participate in this round

– Do I get a nametag if I win? – How dare you – [Stevie] Brew Velvet – Oh, like some sort of David Lynch themed coffee shop? – Like Blue Velvet? My friend went on a date with David Lynch's son – How'd that go? – Fine – Yeah, I'm trying to find some coffee pun for Twin Peaks, but I can't do it

– Twin – Perks, Twin Perks, like Central Perk That works, that's pretty good – That's pretty good – C'mon, everyone you should have laughed at that

(fake laughter) There you go – A minus – Thank you Very generous, very generous Yeah, I think it's real

– I think it's fake – [Stevie] It's fake – Yes, so I did win – [Stevie] No, you still lost, but you won that round – I will bend space and time to make sure I win

(laughing) – [Rhett] What goes together better than biscuits and gravy? – [Link] Our Ear Biscuits mug and tee, baby – [Rhett] Get both now at mythicalstore

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