Ridiculous Weatherman Names (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Lonely hashtag

This is when we send you to, what do we do? This is when we– – Brain too hot – This is when we find a very lonely hashtag on Instagram and then we add to it, that's right This one is #shoppingcartjail – Mm, shopping cart jail I can picture that and I'm surprised that it's very under-tagged

– Post your photo that makes sense with that hashtag so it's not lonely anymore – You know Iceland is greener than Greenland is icier than icy – Yep, but you wouldn't know it from that video – No I wouldn't (Link sighs) – [Stevie] Are you guys ready for some thrilling weather person names? – Yes

– Yeah, a little back story here – [Stevie] Oh – As a child– – You're giving back story? – I wanted– – Got it – I wanted to be a weather man I didn't wanna be a meteorologist 'cause I was smart enough to know that I wasn't smart enough to be a meteorologist

But a weather man's on television, Bob DeBardelaben was my jam He was bald – Is it Bob DeBardeladen or Bob DeBardelaben? – Bob DeBardelaben Baduh-duh-duh-buh-buh – Are you sure it's a ben? I mean you should know

– Bob DeBardeladen, delaben? – I thought it was a deladen – Deladen? – I thought it was deladen? – Bob DeBardelaben – Can somebody look up Bob DeBardeladen? – WRAL weather man Bob– – 80s – Bob DeBardelaben – It could be DeBardelaben

– DeBardelaben – Is it DeBardelaben? – [Stevie] It's B, laben – DeBarbelaben DeBardelaben – DeBarbelaben? – DeBardelaben

DeBardelaben, nope – [Stevie] DeBardelaben – DeBardelaben – [Stevie] Guys, he died – When? – [Stevie] In 2014

– Link, you didn't even go to the service, man – I wasn't invited to the service Greg Fishel took over, he's still big there – Is Greg Fishel– – Shout out to the fish – Still official? – He's so official

– [Stevie] I gotta look for that one – I think without knowing anyone who was like in the entertainment business, that was as close as I could aspire to be an entertainer was being a weather man – Yeah And it was the path, it was the path to entertainment David Letterman was a weather man

– And as entertaining as Bob DeBardelaben, the name is, there are even wackier names I'm told And Stevie's gonna tell them to us and we're gonna say if she's making them up or not – But before she gives us the first one– – [Stevie] Greg Fishel is the current WRAL meteorologist – He's still fishing – [Stevie] Along with Mike Moss, Mike Maze

– Mike Maze, Mike Moss – Mike Moss is a little shaky – [Stevie] And Aimee Wilmoth – Mike Moss is a little shaky – Out here the weather people are totally different

– [Stevie] Two of those people were fake Who are they? – Mike Moss? Mike Moss was fake? – [Stevie] (chuckles) No – Mike Maze (stutters), they're all real Give us– – Correct! – Hold on before she gets– – [Stevie] Link got the point! – Okay Link got the first point I don't know if we're playing or not

You're talking about weather man history I have to tell a very quick story which is, Pat Sajak was also– – Can you tell it after I win the game? – Pat Sajak was also a weather man out here in Los Angeles I lived in Thousand Oaks from 1980 to 1983, and I thought my dad was the weather man because my dad looks like Pat Sajak I swear, I'm not making this up – You thought– – Pat Sajak was doing the weather on television and I told my mom, "Why's Dad on the television?" It's such a weird memory because usually, but my dad looked exactly like Pat Sajak at one point and I thought that he was doing the weather

– Now your dad looks different but Pat Sajak looks the same – Pat Sajak is, you know, he's aged pretty gracefully – Gracefully All right give us some names, we'll go real or fake – [Stevie] How about Larry Sprinkle? – Larry Sprinkle

– Real – I'm gonna say that that is not real – [Stevie] He is real and he does the weather for NBC Charlotte Here's Larry being introduced by an unsettling Elvis to the spooky tones of the Monster Mash – Wow

– He sort of looks like Elvis if Liz Taylor had a love child – I'll take it as a compliment – (chuckling) That's what it looks like – But you know what, I'll give the signal, it's time for some weather My friend Larry Sprinkle, Larry take it away, buddy

Go ahead, go ahead – Good morning, wild morning here As far as the weather goes, nothing wild going on now (laughing) – I thought that– – Great segue, Sprinkle – Was Elvis until I saw Larry Sprinkle

– Once you get over to Charlotte, the news quality goes way down from Raleigh – That's true – You can see in this map, over there to the east, Raleigh, that's where DeBardelaben was – [Stevie] Sick burn How about– – Sorry Stevie

– [Stevie] Lucy Breeze – I'm gonna go with fake again 'Cause I was wrong the first time – Fake, Luce Breeze, real Lucy Breeze, fake – [Stevie] Fake

You're right What about Ken Weathers? – That's real, definitely – Ken Weathers the weather man, fake – True – [Stevie] He's real, he does weather for ABC-6 in East Tennessee and here's Ken doing what he does best

– Yes – All right, meteorologist Ken Weathers, I'm experiencing the fair in full force We're at Jolopy Junction here (laughing) – He's driving that car, look at him – Is that his family with him? – With no hands

– Are they hostages? – That little girl's like, I wanted to have fun, not ride with Ken Weathers – That microphone is bigger than his head All right, let's keep going – That's how they do it in Tennessee – [Stevie] What about Johnny Mountain? (chuckles) – Real

– Johnny Mountain, weather man extraordinaire – Johnny Mountain Real – Fake – [Stevie] He's real, he did weather for CBS-2 right here in Los Angeles and retired in 2010

Here's a classic Johnny Mountain clip – You know what, the reason I was laughing a moment ago was not at the camel It looked so much my Aunt Edna But she was a nice, nice woman, she really was Nice woman, but once a week, she drank water you couldn't believe

All right we have the Two View Doppler in HD and there's a thunder whopper out there – This guy– – He's full of thunder whopper Talk about my aunt and a camel for awhile – Let me tell you right now That's what we have to look forward to, personally

'Cause we already make jokes like that now – Let's be dual weather men in like East Kentucky – Dueling weather men Like dueling pianos It's like I've got a forecast and you've got a forecast and we haven't talked about it

– I got a forecast, he got a forecast, we disagree about the forecast – And our models are based on slightly different data – After the break – It's gonna be 72 No it's gonna be– – 71 and a half! – Oh you went down

– Whoo – How do we reconcile though? – This is my lodge head If you go into the ski lodge, this is what my head looks like – Let's see what I got going on – Oh that's good

(crew chuckling) All right give us another Johnny Mountain – [Stevie] This is my favorite Sue Nommy – Sue Nommy? Fake

– I'm gonna say fake, that's gotta be fake Too good – [Stevie] What'd you say, Link? – Fake – [Stevie] Fine It's still my favorite though

David Spritz, this is the final opportunity because you are tied because we're giving Link that bonus question at the top that was not a real question – Yeah, sometimes he needs that – [Stevie] David Spritz – Real – David Spritz

Cousin to Sprinkle Real – [Stevie] He is real – Do you have footage? I love weather man footage! – [Stevie] Well he's real and he's fake It's a trick question, David Spritz is the name of the character Nicholas Cage played in the film The Weatherman

Here's a dramatic scene from the film – I got hit with a Frosty – Why? – What? – Why did you get hit with a Frosty? What is a Frosty? – A Frosty's a shake from Wendy's (laughing) – I'm sorry, but that's great That's good acting

– That makes me want to watch that movie very, very badly – Yeah, that is good writing That is good, great writing – It's a shake from Wendy's – Can you play it again? – Yeah that's the best thing you've ever shown us from Nicholas Cage

– I got hit with a Frosty – Why? – What? – Why did you get hit with a Frosty? What is a Frosty? – A Frosty's a shake from Wendy's (Rhett laughs) – The comedic timing of every single line in that is perfect – And Michael Caine doing an American accent That's interesting

– Can we watch that again? – Let's watch it one more time – I'm serious – What is a Frosty? – I got hit with a Frosty – Why? – What? – Why did you get hit with a Frosty? What is a Frosty? – A Frosty's a shake from Wendy's (Rhett laughs) – All right, my favorite thing that time was– – Oh, that time

– Why does he ask why and then– – He realizes, I don't even know what a Frosty is – No, earlier than that He said, "I got hit with a Frosty," he says, "Why?" And then Cage says, "What?" Why, what, that combination is just brilliant – Any time you put why and what next to each other in a movie, do it – And then after that, my favorite thing is when Caine says, or is it O'Kane? What's his name? – No that would be the– (crew chuckles) O'Kane is the football coach from NC State like– – Mike O'Kane

– The mid-90s Not Michael Caine – In the middle of asking one question– – Mike O'Kane, I never thought about that – Realizes Mike O'Kane

(chuckling) He was an NC State football coach and we never realized that it was Mike O'Kane Wow, can we go back in time? You know what, let's just watch that clip again – I don't think you can do it four times – I got hit with a Frosty – Why? – What? – Why did you get hit with a Frosty? What is a Frosty? – A Frosty's a shake from Wendy's

– My favorite thing that time was, why do you get hit with a Frosty, what is a, in the middle of the first question he realized that the more important question was he didn't know what a Frosty was – Instead of watching that clip– – Is that an adlib? – Let's just watch the movie, tonight – Roll the movie ♪ Summer, summer, summertime ♪ ♪ Just sit back and buy online ♪ (Link chuckling) Our classic summer collection is available at mythicalstore

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