Sandwich Yoga Challenge

( rooster crowing ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" Ooh, we're gonna get limber today, but we have an added challenge of holding sub sandwiches while in yoga positions

Mini duels This is when we have a duel Today, what is the weapon, Chase? ( toy chickens squeaking ) Oh, the classic comedy device of chickens Yeah, they're always funny, aren't they? – Ha ha – ( squeaking ) I'm not gonna hit you, I'm just

( squeaking ) You're not gonna hit my chicken with your chicken? Yeah, I guess I will Is this getting funny yet? ( laughter ) Oh! It got funny! – Funny! – It got funny! It got funny! All right Let's do some sandwich yoga, Link

Let's move on over to the yoga zone Why don't we? Come with, mythical beasts – Come with us – Come with Join us

We're going over here and we're gonna do some yoga Okay, so you know they got hot yoga, they got goat yoga, they probably got horse yoga Come on down, come on down, come on down But they don't have sandwich yoga Now, what we're gonna do, the rules of sandwich yoga are you have to have a sandwich in hand

– Okay – And that could just be one side What kind of sub you got over there? – Mines got olives – It's got black olives on it so I know you're not happy about that It's a veggie

Oh, I got a little There's meat on my veggie – Yeah

– ( laughter ) – We have the same sub – Yeah, yeah It's a BMT, which has bologna in it, which You also don't like, I'm sure I don't love Okay, so here's what we're gonna do, you have to achieve or assume the pose with sandwich in hand, and then, once you're locked in, take a bite, don't choke Does yours have olives? Can we switch? It has olives, man Come on, just for your yoga buddy, eat an olive

It's mixed in with so many other things Is it really gonna ruin the bite? I'm sorry, I wasn't listening to you 'cause I was removing the olives ( laughs ) Come on, man And the cucumbers This is my life for the last 35 years

Oh, there's jala-freaking-peños in here, too And I'm gonna eat all of it And we would already be eating it and enjoying sandwich yoga if you weren't so picky All right Boy

Are you ready? Hold on, I got something else I need to I think that's it, I'm good, I'm good Did you take the meat out, too? No, I love meats

– Okay Here we go – Except bologna, which I can tolerate All right, downward facing dog I'm gonna go left hand for this

So the sandwich can't touch? The sandwich can't touch the mat, no ( grunts ) And then you just grab a bite Oh, you just grab a bite Mm-hmm Mm

I feel it in my calves I prefer baby back rib yoga, but this isn't bad – Okay – All right, next one That was easy

– Got 'em right here – Oh, this is good, triangle So come down ( grunts ) – I actually think sub in this hand – Then you gotta go up Sub in the low hand I'ma try sub in this hand

Now, that knee is bent That's not a triangle There you go You like my sweater? Uh, yeah, you kind of look like somebody on a "Star Wars" council ( laughter ) Like you and Samuel L

Jackson would be making decisions together Yes, as we do All right, so, neither one of us– how do you eat a sub when it's that far away from your mouth? Oh, the elbow bend Mm-hmm Mmm

This is good Let's stop staring at each other I'm having a good time In class, we'd be facing the same direction Oh, okay

Now we're going for the big daddy Okay We've got our reference sheets down here This is the crow I think I'm gonna have to put it on the mat for this one

Whoa, you've already broken the rule Well, I You have to put it on your back

I can't do that, I might get a stain I don't even know if I can do the crow I'm not gonna get a stain on my "Star Wars" sweater This is my council wear, I gotta keep this pristine Crow without

I can barely do this without the sandwich Okay Oh, wow, that's pretty good

Can you get your face down to your sandwich? ( grunting ) ( laughter ) You know what? Maybe you have to feed each other – ( laughter ) – Okay All right I feel like I can do this, so I'm gonna try again You think you can get down there? Look how far I am from it

( grunts ) First of all, good job, Rhett You did great Don't hit me – Go – ( grunts ) Keep going, just fall in it

Just don't do that, man, I'm seriously about to get it Don't touch me again, I'll punch you in the face Okay, I promise I won't touch you ( whispers ) He's ornery Come on

Come on Oh yes! – ( grunts ) – Oh

I got a pepper, I did it Oh Mm All right, I won't do it again 'cause you did so great Ooh, that's a nasty looking one, camel? Mm

Okay, yeah How do you do this? Do you actually know these? ( strained ) Yeah, man How do I get back to my sandwich? Oh, you gotta have the sandwich when you go into the pose Sandwich has to be here I think the sandwich has to be

( both grunt ) No, you eat like this ( crew laughter ) I'm licking the sandwich, that's gotta count Okay, all right

One more All right, which one do you want? We got the bow, – the dolphin looks kind of like– – That's the bow It's the bow The bow? The bow, let's do the bow It's spelled just like "bow

" – Because with the bow – Bridge Tree

Tree? Tree's pretty good But with the bow, I think you can rock into the sandwich You know what I'm saying? ( grunting ) Okay, okay Oh, that's a good one, like a hobby horse Okay

You gonna join me? Gotta keep my council wear pristine Oh, wow, you're good at this, Rhett Think I'm gonna start going to sandwich yoga by myself ( both grunting ) ( set laughter ) Getting nothing but bread Oh, there's meat

( bright, upbeat music ) Breakfast of champions Okay We did it guys Yeah, that's sandwich yoga Next week join us at sandwich yoga and have a good day, namaste

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