Shaving Cream Dessert Topping Taste Test

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – BYMB, be your Mythical best

Today we want you to be your Mythical best by paying it backwards – What? – Pay for someone's coffee standing behind you (chuckles playfully) – How does that even happen? – Share your experience with #BYMB Thank you for being your Mythical best – Now let's go through the logistics of this though

We're in line You've just ordered, you've paid for your coffee – Hey I'll get what he's getting as well I'll take care of him as well

Hey – Oh – Just paying it backwards, man – Okay– – End the conversation there, don't continue to talk – Can you move over so I can order? I'll take– – Whatever he wants

Get that for him Just whatever he orders, I'm gonna pay for his as well – I was just gonna– – Anything! – I was gonna get a small coffee– – 'Cause I'm paying it backwards – But now I'm gonna have– – I'm being my Mythical best because of an internet talk show called Good Mythical Morning, you should all watch it! – Okay I'll take– – Good Mythical Morning on YouTube! – I'll take one– – The two guys who host it One's got glasses

One's freakishly tall Good Mythical Morning, that's G-U, I mean (crew laughing) G-O, O-D No not O-D, not like that (groans) Sorry, that's G-O-O-D

You can, just look it up What do you want, oh (sighs) Hey whatever you want man, I'm paying it backward 'cause of the show I watch on the internet – This is me now (Rhett chuckles) We're not in that anymore

It's me, Rhett – You don't want me to keep going? – We're back in the– – I wanna keep going! – Okay, another trick that food stylist– (chuckles) I think Kevin wrote food makeup artist Is that a thing? – Yeah – Kevin can you also call them food makeup artists? – You can call them what you want – Did you make that up? – [Kevin] Maybe a little bit of both

– Okay, that's fine – We've had a little experience with this– – Food stylist – Remember the first food stylist that we worked with, which was that? Which was that? – Pause for a second, I'm gonna tell them what we're gonna do – Tell them– – After the coffee order– – Good – Another trick that food makeup artists use is taking, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah, whipped cream– – Whipped cream– – Out and replacing it with shaving cream because it doesn't melt and it's much more cooperative

– So we're gonna do side-by-side whipped cream, shaving cream – We're gonna experiment – We covered this up but I just want you to know, this is Barbasol Okay? – We covered this up, but it's– – Hold On Only if you're gonna endorse it

This is an unpaid endorsement for Barbasol 'cause this is what I have at home – This one's Market Pantry, get close up of that Okay right here, Market Pantry – [Rhett] Is that an endorsement? – And then I'm gonna cover that – Is that just a clarification, 'cause you need to know, we need to know, 'cause of the FCC

– Uncover it and show it to them, and then– – That's, mm, I should be getting paid for that Arbasol Barbasol – Now we're gonna cover that back up That's what we're gonna do, okay

– Do you remember, we met a food stylist on the set of something that we shot – The McDonald's commercial We had fries– – Oh the fry guy! Oh he was incredible! – He was dedicated to frying fries and then picking the right fries to make a fry box for T-shirt War Two – And we thought, is he gonna bring his own fry setup and they were like, no, can you guys just get a FryDaddy for him? Remember that, he didn't have a special fry thing – All he brought was fries

– He brought fries, he was like, all I need is oil at a certain temperature – And he actually didn't spray anything on the fries – No, but he definitely kept moving– – Replacing fries – All right why don't you the original version first? – I need to shake it up first – Okay

– Okay so (can spraying) – Pretty – Look at that

Pretty nice, huh? – Yeah (can spraying) – Stop (crew laughing) I mean that looks like, on camera it looks like ice cream, you know? I feel like I need to add more now – Yeah you do I mean I'm going to a party here

– See mine's already starting to falter – Yeah look at mine, mine's good, man Might be good all day New at Burger King, whipped cream with a brownie on the bottom (chuckles) Uh

– All right, have at it Tastes pretty great Tastes much better than it looks – Mm-mm – How's yours? (Rhett mumbling) (Rhett spitting and gagging) (sighs) Still got quite a lot in here

– Let's try another one, maybe it'll get better Pie? – Hmm Pie (can spraying) – That's not typically how a commercial would do pie Now that I think about it, I made a try here

I covered every square inch of the top of the pie – Hold on, I think you're onto something – That's not how they would do it (crew laughing) – [Link] Okay – Look at that

– Wow I mean, I can't– – Look at that – That is amazing I can't even come close to achieving that – No you can't (can spraying) Like a frickin' space shuttle

– It does look like a cumulonimbus space shuttle – Isn't it amazing how much shaving cream there is inside of a can of Barbasol? (crew laughing) – Taste this – Yeah I'm gonna taste that too Mm You're not a fan of cherry pie, right? – No, I don't like it

– What part? – [Both] The cherries – Cherry part I like a raw cherry Actually I don't hate it Why you eating mine, you need to be eating yours

You worked hard on that – No 'cause I wanna frame that I'm gonna put this in a diorama – Taste it, man, you (mumbling incoherently) maybe it's good with cherry – Why don't you taste it? – Because I didn't make it

– Look at that– – I didn't make it I didn't make it – Look at that – You made it – Look at that

– [Link] I didn't make it – How much integrity that has – I can do that with mine too Mine begins to settle, you immediately start shaking it, it just falls apart You're not gonna eat that one? – Mm-mm

– Next we have– – Look at my little mountain down there – Some hot chocolate – It never left It's like the frickin' Taj Mahal (can spraying) – Look at that, that's nice

– I'd get that – Boy that makes me wanna buy a mug – I like the swirl technique (can spraying) (crew laughing) Oh no, oh no This is where the food stylist comes in

He's like, no, no, no, we can't Wow, look at that – I mean how high? What percentage of that height do you think I could get? Half? – Only one way to find out (can spraying) (can sputtering) That's it? – Edit trick I'm gonna shake this one up

(crew laughing) – You're about to poke yourself in the ear – Hello? (can spraying) – Yeah, nope, it's losing it You can save it though – Food stylist – Food stylist

That's a food stylist move – I mean it got pretty high – Yeah it's good Well that might, no, no (chuckles) I, mm

That's, you just got fired Yeah the food stylist has to remove his hand at some point (chuckling) No, using your technique, I think I can go– (chuckles) (can spraying) – Two food stylists If your budget can afford it, you should definitely get two of these guys (can spraying) (crew laughing) – Okay, roll the camera! – We're gonna back away in three, two, action! – Oh no! – So why don't we just pick it up and taste it

Dink it (cups clink) And sink it Mm, that is good Wow That is satisfying

(Rhett sputters) How's yours? – A little too creamy – You're gonna shave your nose later? – Yeah I've been meaning to do that Oh – This is great

– [Rhett] All that meat and cheese making you think of tacos? Get our Will It Taco shirt at mythicalstore

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