Shocking Things Found In Public Pools

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Ellie, come on in! – Hello! – Ellie is going to learn us some gross facts about pools Are we about to be thoroughly disturbed? – Yes – All right, what are we playing for? – Not to give you too many hints You're playing for – Like a pass to the local public pool? – Yes, you get my old public pool ID – Oh

– From when I was 10 – Good – Which I don't have on me right now – You just made that up – Yes

(laughter) – Yes I did – You got a you had an ID to get in and out of the pool, huh? – Yeah, I had a photo ID – Nice – Come on in a little bit more Ellie – You're in

Should I move? – I'll move over a little bit – Yeah – Look at that nice frame – Look at that, look at that nice frame I still wanna cross my legs

– That looks like – I got my Mythicality hat – That looks like people about to play a game about public pool stuff – Okay – Yeah, ready? – Are we competing with each other, or just – So this is a fill in the blank game And you guys can just shout it out

And – Okay – if one of you guesses it right, then you get a point – The first if you guess first, though, you have to wait for the other guy to guess? – Sure – Okay As opposed to just saying things randomly

– Yeah – Until we fill it out – Okay, but the incentive is to guess first 'cause then the other person can't guess that – Correct – But there's the incentive

– All right – Okay – I thought about this gameplay a lot Okay, first up, the average adult ingests half an ounce of blank every time they swim – Pee! – Okay

– Urine Human! – Okay – Water

– Rhett is correct (laughter) – It's water And children actually swallow double that, which is super gross, because you're about to find out all the other stuff that's happening in your local pool – So I could also be right? – You could also be right – But it wouldn't be half an ounce, it would be urine's in there

– So the half-an-ounce is the specifier – Okay – Yeah You're also drinking a lot of other stuff So number two, according to the CDC, the average person has

14 grams of blank blank on them at all times – Blank blank? – Blank blank – 14 grams? Little dookies? (laughter) I got (laughter) – Link, what's your guess? – Little dookies is mine – Well, he took mine

(laughter) – You could say dookie fragments – What is it,14 grams of – Of blank blank on them at all times Think human beings and their filth – I'm gonna say urine

– Is there a second word there? – And – Say urine again – And poop (laughter) So he would be half right, but I would be completely right – All right, I'll give – Fecal matter – I'll give, yes, it's fecal matter! – Ah, yes

– Literally – Yep – So I was half right – But I like little dookies – So that's – I was half right

– Hold on, but that's what you have on the outside of you? – On your body at all times, you have 14 grams of fecal matter But you got fecal matter inside you, too – Not me Not me, girl, trust me

(laughter) – No, it's under your fingernails, man It's on your eyelids – No – It's in your ears – I didn't include this one, but no one showers before they get in a pool

They just go from living, and then they pop in the pool – Yeah – Even though it says – So anything that's – please shower before you get in the pool – Yes, it's something like 75% of people, don't quote me, don't shower before they get in the pool – Are there like weird things on you right now that are hurting? Like my right ear, I feel like Pete Rose is pressing me in my right ear

(laughter) – My head hurts – Okay (laughter) – But all of your facts are certainly making me feel better – Thanks – I got half a point, by the way, I said urine and poop

– Yeah, I guess – Okay, sure – Number three, in a national study where everyone was definitely telling the truth, only one in five Americans claim they blank at pools – Pee – Link? – They blank at pools? – Blank at pools

– Not in pools – Okay, in pools would've been I'm still going with pee, that's my answer – Okay, Rhett – One in five blank at pools? – Yes – Look

– Everybody else, just go get in line – But everyone else just – Yeah, I don't make eye contact with a pool – Yeah, never look directly at the pool – Open their eyes under water in the pool – Okay

– That's what I mean – Rhett is correct again It's pee in pools, why you gotta pee in pools? Get out! – Well, I said pee for the previous two answers, so can I get some part of a point? Because I didn't wanna keep saying pee! – No – And the thing that I learned recently, and this is why I stopped – I do not pee in pools – I stopped peeing in pools

– You okay (laughter) – No I don't, I'm not a regular

Not since a kid – I bet a little eeks out I think is what they're talking about – No, but the thing that's gross is that the pee never goes away Like, the water continues to evaporate, but the parts of the urine stay in the pool and that's why sometimes public pools have to then go in and like completely drain – Start over

– Start over, because it's just pee, it's just basically just you're swimming in urine – Yeah – I'm glad it's late in the summer, 'cause you're ruining it – I know I know, don't do it

Okay, so, like maybe you're thinking chlorine, right? Chlorine's there to kill germs – I'm thinking chlorine – So let's cut to the chase True or false, 50/50 chance here Chlorine kills all the bacteria – False

– that can harm you – I'm gonna agree with Link on this – You can't, that's the rule – You have to take true, because he got it first – Okay, true

– It's false! Chlorine takes 70 minutes to kill E Coli So if a floater is floating near you, you are at risk for pink eye, extreme diarrhea, hepatitis B, – Yep, code brown – fatal pneumonia, – They call it code brown – or hepatitis A

– That's horrible – Yeah – There would be, – 30 minutes! – at the public pool, – You gotta let that log float for 30 minutes? – No yeah, but hold on the thing is is that at the public pool that my kids have gone to, like they would have a code brown, that's literally what they called it – Yes – And when you put children in pools, they just every, I mean – They relax too much

– Every week, there's one of those suckers just taking a turd – It's like a water birth – releasing a turd in there, and then it it's 24 hours they don't let anybody in the pool – Good! – Because they gotta scoop in out – But that one kid – But that's the fecal matter they catch – That one kid should have to stay in the pool for 24 hours

– Yeah, stay in there with your turd, Terry – Tread water, Terry – To follow up with a horrific bacteria – Tread your turd water Terry – Okay, final question

– How much is this one worth? It needs to be worth two points – This is worth – So I can win – Well there's – It's worth two points – Okay – Okay

– Sure – It's a tricky one It's the hardest one Three points – Okay

– So one point per blank, and then it's anybody's game – Okay – Okay When chlorine mixes with urine, which it does all the time, because everyone pees in pools, it creates cyanogen chloride, which is technically a blank blank blank (cards hitting the table) What are your guesses? – Cyanogen chloride is technically blank blank blank? – Blank blank blank

– A nasty, carcinogenic compound – Okay That's a great guess – Pee and chlorine combine to make a cya – Think big – Like a skyscraper? – Like a skyscraper

– He's getting hints, I didn't get hints – Like a asbestus – No, like like a, if a skyscraper's exploding, it's collateral damage, 'cause you're in the midst of – Black out – No – Brown out

– Okay – Hold on, hold on, I think it's – Throw some words in there – Which is technically a blank blank blank – Technically a big, nasty – Nasty is one of the words I used – Cloud, cloud

– Nasty cloud? – A big, nasty cloud – Dust cloud – What? – Dust cloud – Okay, the answer is a chemical warfare agent – Ah

– Chemical warfare agent – Cyanogen chloride is a chemical warfare agent – So peeing in pools – It is classified – creates a chemical weapon – Man, all right, so we should not do that

– Have fun out there – Yeah – Wow, you win her card – You get to go to her pool whenever you want – What about your – Sunset Pool in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

– What about like, your own hot tub, can you pee in that? – I wouldn't (laughter) – [Link] With so many Mythical Tees to choose from, how does one know where to begin? It's easy, start your journey at mythicalstore

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