Slurpee Tater Tots Taste Test

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Shh Welcome to "Good Mythical More

" Whatever you do, don't Google – Spooky poop – Spooky poop

You gotta Google it like that, scoop– spoop Scoopy pooed No, "spooky poop

" Scoopy doop You know what? Just Google it – It's not that bad – Now that I see it, just Google it, Google it anyway Spooky poop

But don't Google Both: "Scoopy poop" That's what you don't wanna Google

Ah Ah ( both groaning ) Both: ♪ You know what day it is ♪ ♪ It's Thursday ♪ ♪ And Thursday ♪ ♪ Means mail ♪ Wow Wow Hey, Jen! – Hello – Oh, you got some mail You've already opened it

Yeah, I took it out of the packages already You know that's against federal law Law And we've been waiting all this time to arrest you and send you back to Canada – Gosh

– Happening today On camera It's gonna go viral Whatever it takes, you know us Yeah, just wanna get me arrested

We also have– we're also gonna have a delectable tater tot treat Yeah So let's go ahead and bring that in This is the– oh, gosh, I see it It looks terrifying

Yeah, yeah Tater tater tot Slushee? Pass it down

Wow ♪ Take one down, pass it around ♪ You've outdone yourself, Josh Oh, wow, look at these things Jen: He gave us two shots of creamer SToK! No, this is SToK

Oh, you don't know about SToK? They don't have SToK up there? Where were you, Jen? I don't know, not paying attention, apparently Sleeping in the wings SToK! – What do you do with it? – It's– read it It's 40 milligrams of caffeine Oh, there's a warning on it

– "Warning" – Limit two a day? – Yeah – Yeah

How much is in a coffee cup? Coffee has what? Coffee has like 80, right? – Give or take – For one cup? – Yeah, so – And this is saying only two a day? I mean, you know

– I have like 17 cups of coffee a day – SToK is trying to – Oh, you do? – Yeah, at leastcover all their bases "Not for those under 18, pregnant, or caffeine-sensitive" Listen, SToK, you're making a little bit too much "Equivalence: one shot espresso – One serve delivers 40 milligrams of caffeine

– I feel like they're trying to be way more intense than they really are by having a warning on there I think it's because it's so small and there are some people– have you ever seen somebody put, like, 12 of those in a coffee? – No

– 12 of these or 12 creamers? 12 creamers Like, I've seen people put, like, so much, like, fake creamer-creamer into I just walk away when I see that happen

And I could see, there would be, like, if you treat SToK like normal creamer, you could die Yeah Now, is this real? This Slurpee straw is real? Josh: Sure is, yeah, it's the special tater tot Slurpee straw But it is real They had this at 7-Eleven? – Yeah

– This is why America is in decline Okay? – I don't think it's – Large straws like this

That's why there's no hope for us as a culture Are we going for this? Yeah, nobody laughed They're all like, "He's right" – Radio silence – It's just true

Dink itand drink it Try to get a tot I shoved one in there already – Oh, you did? – Yeah

I didn't do that Okay, I think I have one Jen: Mm-hmm Oh, wow, the way the potato has flavored Jen: Ew! the Slushee is, uh – Disgusting

– not an improvement ( coughs ) It just, like, tastes like cold potatoes that are kinda sweet

I mean, the more I have these 7-Eleven tots, the more I realize that the tot part is just not that great Sub-tot! I know I'm eating it in a Slushee, but I should've said that when we were eating all the tots, but the tot itself is just

( gags ) Things like potato– fried potato products, like French fries and tater tots, potato wedges, whatever, you gotta eat 'em fresh, like, they gotta be fried and then you gotta eat 'em fresh If they're fried and then shipped and then not refried or just thrown in a toaster oven, it's gonna be lacking, guys – You can, but – Sorry you've been warned Just taste a little bit of it – Jen, you can handle it – Taste it straight

What's it taste like? You didn't have to taste it like a lizard Could've just I don't know why I did that

I regretted it as soon as I did it Do it into a single Let's get a close-up of Jen doing that Doing a lizard? ( Rhett laughs ) Okay, what's it taste like to you? Like sweet espresso Oh, it's sweetened, too

– Yeah – Yeah, yeah They gotta SToK it from every angle All right, which do you want us to hit first? This one "SToK it from every angle

" "Hi, Rhett and Link" – Hi – Hi – "My name is Issy" – "Issy"? "And I'm from Alberta, Canada

" That's where I'm from That's where she's from You know anybody named Issy? No "I'm sending Link this hair extension and Rhett this Best Hair award because I've realized that, in your guys' 'My hair goes up, my hair goes down' video, Link had longer hair that went down just like in your Rhett and Link logo But for a while now, Link's hair goes up

" – Ooh – This is some "And since you can't really change your music video to

" razor-sharp insight Gosh "'My hair goes up, my hair goes up,' and your logo wouldn't look as cool, I have given Link a hair extension so that his hair can go down again" I think what Izzy is saying All right, take it out, go ahead and extend it

is that she did not want you to make a change, Link, and you made a change – She's upset

– And because– "I have given Rhett a Best Hair award for keeping his hair up" – From Issy" – There you go Thank you, now, listen, the reason that– Oh, Izzy or Issy? – Issy – Issy

Now, the reason that Link changed his hair, just so you know, Issy, is 'cause he was listening to a lot of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" And he kept saying, ♪ Make that change ♪ – Wow, it's so static-y – ♪ Feel real good ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ ♪ Make that change ♪ And he couldn't help himself and he made that change Maybe hook it here This is where we want it

So, really the only solution is to start listening to Michael Jackson again And make a change back to the old way Of course, that doesn't look anything like your old hair ♪ For once in my life ♪ There's another one Where do you want that one? – ♪ Feel real good ♪ – On the other side? Rhett and Link: ♪ Gonna make a difference ♪ ♪ Gonna make it right ♪ I think that's all we can sing

– We gotta start paying Michael – Oh, I didn't undo itif you sing anymore – "Best Hair award, Rhett" – Oh

That's me ♪ My hair goes down ♪ ♪ My hair goes up ♪ – All right – Okay – Thank you, Issy – We got another one

– Oh, wood – This one's pretty cool You want the wood or the letter? I'll admire the wood while you read about it "Dear Rhett and Link, greetings!" – Greetings – ( sniffs ) "I saw the two of you

" thank you "perform in Portland, Oregon a few months ago to my delight" – Much to his delight – Mm "As an artist myself, I am inspired by what the two of you have manifested

" Wow, thank you "To show my appreciation, I carved this piece and I'm gifting it to you in celebration of 2018 and your current format I use reclaimed materials in my work, trying to save more stuff from the landfill, so your new logo may have been old furniture or construction waste or even found on the side of a Portland road!" Whoa! "Thank you for sharing your lives It gives context to my own life and experience Cheers, Trevor– Trevor Rule

" Trevor rules – That's a cool last name – You know what? Thank you for allowing us to give context to your life and experience, Trevor And for this amazing piece of woodwork I'm gonna take it to the next sporting event

And wear it as one of those – 'Cause your hand's hooked on it? – big hands Yeah, it fits – Whoo! – This is amazing I really wanna know how to do this

I have a vision, I have a vision When I listen to "Man in the Mirror," what I see myself doing in the mirror is I see an old man with leathery skin with just a pair of bikini bottoms on – and flip-flops – Oh, no

in Hawaii, woodworking Just out there, my beard's super long

My hair is down to the middle of my back, and I just got a whole woodshop full of stuff Now, you don't wanna have long hair in a woodshop It's a bad combination – Ponytail – Braid it, braid it

– I ponytail it when I work – Braid it, braid it back – Braid it against your head here – Top knot, top knot – Top knot

– Top knot I think the top knot won't be I'm gonna do stuff like this, half naked, Hawaii

Be there

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