Smoked Watermelon Meat Taste Test

(rooster crow) (lion roar) – Whoop! – Motivational speech! We're going to give a motivational speech to a dude who really wants to ride a dolphin but lives in Nebraska – Hey dude, you're on the right track with the whole riding a dolphin thing

And I acknowledge that Nebraska has a problem, except for the dolphin resorts that are all over the place They're happy, right? – Well, I just have a question for you though Nebraskan man Is ride the dolphin a euphemism for something? – No It's actually saddle up on a dolphin and ride it You know what? Don't do that

Let the dolphins dolphin Take it back, I want to anti-motivate you – So it's not a euphemism? Because if it was, I've got lots of advice – It's not – Okay

You're out of luck, buddy – And don't do it (laughs) – Don't do it But you could do it, – Okay, we're — – and you don't, and that's the power that you have – Shout out to all dolphins and all people in Nebraska

We're still cool, right? We're good? – We're gonna– – You're still good? You're still doing it? – I'm trying to remember what it was – What was it? – What was it? – We're still good – We're still good! – We're still good – We're still good – We're still good! – We're going to eat some smoked barbecue watermelon in just a second

But, we do want to remind you, we wrote a novel! Called the Lost Causes of Bleak Creek! It's scary! It's funny! We call that scunny! – Make sure you — – You know, really, really, You're really trying to make that happen – Scunny, scunny – Yeah – You're trying to make that happen – Yeah, it's working It's working for the people in Nebraska, especially

– It's not written on the book anywhere, is it? – Well, I don't know We haven't finalized the flaps yet – Yes we have It's not on there – If you want to be the first person to be holding or, amongst the first people to be holding that book the day it comes out, pre-order it now at BleakCreek

com – I'm so excited about this freaking book freakin' bleakin' creekin' book – Josh, come on out here and explain what happened here – So, pull in your stool

I've already shown it to them as a teaser but I wanted to give it a proper reveal – Okay – The first time I saw this, I was like, what the crap? – Yeah, so we had the watermelon barbecue, that was awesome – Yeah, I was there for that – Now we have the barbecue watermelon, which, we just realized, if we would have cooked inside the watermelon barbecue, it would've been really cool

But we didn't – You just couldn't– – There's always next time – If I could go back, if I could go back, I would have done that – You know what? If you're not learning, you're getting stupider – Yeah? – Right

– Most of the time, I'm getting stupider – You know what? Just then, you were learning – Thank you, sensei – You know what, you're growing You're learning

We're all dying, but you're also learning – Let's eat some watermelon! So what we did is, We brined it – Let's get a cross section – Yeah, do you want me to slice it? I was going to slice it like a roast – I was going to slice it

– That's the longest Link has ever held a knife in front of me – Yeah, I don't know why we let him get away with that – All right – You brined it in what? – We brined it in cider vinegar, some spices and aromatics, and then — – Oh my gosh! – And then I actually — – It looks like salmon! – Smoked it in the oven with a bunch of mesquite chips underneath it, so it like, created a tent and it perfumed it, glazed it with a little mustard-y barbecue sauce, and — – How much penetration do you think took place? – I don't know, man That's a question I try not to ask

But, you know, you kinda can see where– – Yeah, don't fall for his game (laughs) – I'm thinking I cut these in half – Yeah, cut them in half! We've got, like, plates and some extra barbecue sauce – Like this? – If you guys want — – Why are you cutting that in half, why? – Yeah, I kinda want to — – All right, check it out – It looks great – You've got plates right there

– Yeah, I was going to like, get manageable slices But you know what? We can — – We can go with big honking slices – I ate a lot of that vending machine pork – Yeah, how do you feel? – It was pretty good You guys tried the loin, but I got a big old hunk of the sirloin, and that was really good, man

– I mean, you know what, it's just like a giant smoker – Yeah – It's the same exact principle – It really is – Just with plastic

– A lot of it – Now, Rhett, this is the one that you tried to slice – Nope, nope – You're getting that one – I'm getting

We've all gotta divide this one into three pieces because everybody wants a piece of that – That's the end, – Oh yeah – I mean, the market right now for plant-based meat alternatives, massive you know? – Yup

– The problem is, most people only pay money for good ones And so I don't have super high hopes for this – You know, Beyond Meat just went public, man – Yeah – I think it's because of our episode, where we said they had the best sausage

– This is like, beyond watermelon – It looks like sushi (laughs) – It's good, man – Yeah! – The flavors are really nice The texture is a little unnerving

To me – Yeah, I feel like you could cut– – It looks like raw meat– – A bunch of watermelon into little cubes, and put in on a baking sheet and basically do this rub on it 'Cause once you get down here into this daddy — – Yeah, this is not appetizing I mean, if someone, I don't know how they would do that Well I guess if they walked in the room and looked over the shoulder of whoever, the mythical beast that's watching this from the beginning, they would think — – That we're just eating raw meat

(laughs) – Yeah, that we were just eating raw meat – Sauce makes it worse – Sauce makes it — – Sauce makes it worse, yeah – Really? – And it's too, kind of, it's got — There's a lot of juice still in the watermelon I think if, I mean, we cooked this thing for six and a half hours, at like, 300 degrees, and it just stayed a brick like that, – I really like it, man

Hot watermelon – We can go public only to you Just give me $15 and I'll really tell you how to do it That's my big money making idea – If you're just — – Get out of here, boy

– If you're just tuning in — – Get out of here – to Good Mythical More, which doesn't, the internet doesn't work that way But maybe you walked into a room where someone is watching this, we're eating raw meat (slurps) – You know that I just said that, right? (crew laughs) – Yeah, you have to keep doing it, though – Oh, if you just walked in

I get it We're eating raw meat – Because people can walk in at any moment, like– – And they do

Thank you for listening – Yeah – Tell them, it's your turn It's your turn – If you're watching, what? I'm sorry, I'm really enjoying this at this point

– If you just walked in, – I started off hating it– – If you just walked in – If you just walked in– – Are you looking at yourself? – We're eating raw meat That's where you're supposed to look – Listen, man – I've done this before! – Learning

Listen, you're learning You're learning something – If you just — – Look at them – If you just walked in, we're eating raw meat That's not how the internet works

Hey Rhett, how much penetration do you think took place? – Don't – What? – Well, I mean, based on, I'm tasting the middle, not a lot – No – I don't think it really got– – The edges, though You get a ton of smoke off it

And it's really nice – Is there a sweeter rub, and we could just embrace the sweetness? Like, what would be the sweet dessert version of this? Because I think this is very much in conflict – I mean, usually just a cinnamon sugar rub We could do a whole line of just watermelon-based products You could do watermelon cinnamon rolls where you just take circles of watermelon and put, you know, cinnamon and sugar in there

And then bake that – That's a better idea than this – You could do anything I mean, people replace rice with cauliflower all the time Just replace your favorite baked goods with watermelon

– If you just walked in, we are eating raw human Too far? – Yeah – Raw meat We're just eating raw meat Because that's the thing, that's what's happening these days

– That really does look like raw flesh That's pretty gnarly – If you just walked in, we're eating raw human meat and we've developed a taste for it and I don't know that we can ever go back to not eating human meat – I've got my turn, but you can do it – I've got a new angle for you, though

You should implore the people who are watching it by themselves– – If you just walked in on yourself– – No, no, no, you're missing the point Tell the person who's watching it to go ask somebody, hey come watch this – If nobody's walked in on you, go get them – Yeah, and now we wait Average house, say 16 to 17 seconds to get places

– Right, I got it Hey, thanks for walking in We're eating raw meat Keep your beverages cozy with this GMM beverage cooler at mythicalstore

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