Soap Smell Test

(cockatrice crowing) – Welcome to Good Mythical More! – Rate My Jorts – Oh! – Lets look at a pair of jorts

– All right All right jvgowen, I guess the dog Okay we got a mullet See here it is, when you're pairing the jorts with the mullet, and the – Well first of all, its a dog (crew member laughing) – I know they're trying to dress the dog up like a redneck in jorts But I think jorts should not be limited to redneck-dom I think it's just too trope-ish

But it is a dog – I think these are my favorite jorts I've ever seen – Just because of the dog? Yeah, but I wanna see jorts – No, I like where they strike the knee – I wanna see jorts outside of the mullet world

I'ma give it, I'ma give it a five for concept, an additional two because it's a cute dog, which still brings it to a seven – I'm gonna give it a nine, I would give it a ten if he had a belt on – Okay All right, let's smell and identify some soaps Ellie and Vanessa, join us for this competition

– Let's go! Let's go dude! – Okay so we're gonna be smelling soap and then saying what flavor – Scoot on up here – When something is a scent, but its the type of scent that it is, is there a word for that? Besides, I know its not flavor 'cause flavor is when you eat something But the specific scent of something isn't specific enough to describe You know what I'm talking about? – Uncanny Valley? – I always refer to it as flavor too

– Right, it's like – Yeah – Would you say what scent is your soap? Or would you say what flavor is your soap? – I say what flavor, which is why the Bath and Beyond people think it's weird – I would not say flavor Vanessa 'cause that implies eating it – There should be a word for flavor that's scent! – It does imply eating it! – Is there one? – It's just the way I've always said it

– Why can't it just be scent? – Because scent is a scent, you don't say – What's the type of your scent? – We have taste, and then we have flavor So we say food tastes and it has certain flavors Smell scents and has certain scents There needs to be, there's no

– Oh you want a verb? – Like notes? – Yeah I want a word that means the specific scent notes – Well I can definitely guarantee you it exists – Flavor for nose – Like scent profiles? – [Stevie] Oh, yeah, fragrance – Fragrance

Is that it? Is fragrance the equivalence of flavor? – Fragrance feels like a synonym of scent though – But fragrance is also a noun for you know perfumes and things Nice try! – I like this fragrance, is has a positive scent – Can you bring it back to me? – So, you guys can each have a guess So, if either one of you is right, you'll get the point

– Do you know? – Not yet – So Vanessa told me that she can, she's really good at determining smells – It's a blessing and a curse – And I'm not – Hmm, I have that too

– But I always guess with total confidence – So you have a confident answer? – I have a confident answer – What's your confident answer? – Elderberry – I was gonna go with elderberry as well – No way! – Yeah! (laughs) – No way, no way

– It is a berry, I think we're, you know indicative of the color there I think this is blackberries and passion There's gotta be something that's not berry related – I mean, we should say our answers at the same time because I think, I actually think they're right – I think it's elderberry

– Because I drank some – [Stevie] Yeah we skipped over a three, two, one on this one – Elderberry syrup this morning and it tastes just like that smells – We can hedge our bets though, 'cause I'm saying blackberry passion – Blackberry passion

– But then do you mean passion, like the emotion or passion like passion fruit? – The answer is wine – Oh, what? – Oh – Well a wine is a berry – Wine soap – Vintage Merlot

– Maybe you got it wet – Yeah, give it back to me – Why you wanna smell like you been drinking? – Jammy, rich, bright, all natural – That's what I want my wine, Jammy – Mom have you been drinking again? No I was just bathing with my wine soap

– All right, so there's that one – No points – We all went the berry route, so no points – We'll do a three, two, one on this one for the guess – I know

(exhales) – Oh man – Now I use liquid soap these days, like the body wash – Same, I would say a bar of soap bums me out – Liquid soap is harsher on your skin – I don't like

– Is it really? – FYI – How can that be harsher on your skin than like a hard rock? – I read an article man – Well it depends on what kind you buy too I'm sure But the problem with bar soap, is it gets smaller and smaller and then leaves something that's hard to deal with, but it also leaves a lot of residue – Well I do something that's very Link-ish with my old soap

I (claps) stick it to the new bar – Oh and you melt them – And make a frankenbar? – Hermetically seal them to each other and they become one – This smells like a tootsie roll – Have you ever used one of those sock loofahs that go around the bar? – Yep – Where you put it into it

Yeah I love those – I've never tried them – Yeah you shove the bar into it, and it loofahs up the outside but you don't have to rub it against each other – Oh Rhett, what are you doing? – He broke it in half! (laughs) – That's horrible man! – Judge Stevie – [Stevie] Yes? – Is this a disqualification? I feel that's so far outside of the realm of what's allowed

– [Stevie] Yes, Rhett, you must leave the set please – Hey, hey, hey! – I think, that is a social, that's an unwritten rule man You don't do that to soap – I wouldn't do that if I was gonna shower with it – Wow, that's harsh

– [Stevie] Are we ready for a guess? – It smells the same – All right, again you get two guesses They can be different, so you're hedging your bet – Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right that's what I'm gonna guess – [Stevie] Three, two, one

– Tootsie Roll! – Coffee! – Mocha! – Cappuccino! – You said Mocha? – Yeah – [Stevie] Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong – Chocolate soap? – What? – She said mocha, that counts, it has to count! – Mocha implies chocolate – I said Tootsie Roll – [Stevie] Wait, what, no

– Link said Tootsie Roll? – [Stevie] I have, is that the right thing? Is that? That's the wrong thing – It could definitely pass itself off as chocolate But it smells like coffee because I only get sugar coffee for teens (laughing) So they always put artificial chocolatey stuff in there and that's why I thought it was coffee – So I think we each get a point for that

– [Stevie] I have the next soap on my two soap lane And now I will switch and I apologize for saying wrong four times, that was very rude 'cause you guys did a really great job, except for Rhett – You should've said, wrong, maybe, maybe, wrong – We forgive you – Except for Rhett who cheated

– It's interesting, go ahead and give us the next soap – There it is, smell of that The barcode associated with the chocolate soap – It couldn't be more different, ugh – It has key words and it says "Chocolate soap "Chocolate scented bar soap funny unisex spa gags "for women, men, chocolate gags, secret Santa, "white elephant stuffers, stocking stuffers, "novelty soap, wife, friend

" (laughs) – Wife or friend – It's like tags on a YouTube video – Yeah, that's the secret to the Amazon game – I think it is – I also don't like it, but I think I know what it is

– It's bad right? – Yeah, It's not great – It's like one thing – So we each got a point for that last one by the way, 'cause mocha and Tootsie Roll – So we're tied – Basically the same profile

(fake gags) – Oh its very soapy – Yeah – This is totally unconnected to the smell of that soap, but a smell that I think tries to be great but is awful, is lemongrass I'm trying to get in your head – Do you eat it? You're supposed to eat lemongrass

– I've never eaten it, I've gotten it in a pack of essential oils when I was in that phase, and I hated it – It's a beautiful color – It's good in food stuff – All I smell is soap, with this, I don't – It just smells like, yeah, it's not a food

There's no food – It's not grossing you out? It's not icking you out? – No its just soap – No did you? – I dunno, I cannot either confirm nor deny – It's really musky – I'm gonna rub it

– Again, judges (crew laughs) – Is soap rubbing allowed? – To be fair, I scratched it under my nail – Did you really? – The last one – [Stevie] You ready? – No – I wanna give it one more shot

– I'm gonna guess – All right let's do it – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Sand! – Soap! – Sandalwood! – Gravy! – I'm just sayin' soap soap – Thanksgiving gravy

– I said sand – I said sandalwood – Beer soap? – What? – No, that's devastatingly off mark – I don't smell any beer – Is this all from the same company? Well they've missed the mark on this one

– It describes it as "Spicy, herbal, and grassy" See you got grassy, lemongrass – Well I said gravy – Oh! – Oh, so lemongrass was just to throw me off? – Yeah – Oh, so no points

Let's see the next one – It's hop-y – [Stevie] Okay, this is the last one and I'm gonna give you a hint It is, it's not as straight forward, I would say Think conceptually about who, or what this smells like

– Okay, (sniffs) its me, its me (giggles) It's my essence – Oh, that's not great though That's really interesting – Describe it

– I smell great – It smells like, it smells like happy? (sniffing) – Yeah I feel like it's gonna be an emotion or a person – Yeah it smells like the emotion happy – Are you talking about the perfume Happy? – No, it smells like a feeling – Like Pharrell? – I think, maybe in, like Inside Out – Yeah it smells like

– Maybe it's a character? – Who or what it smells like – It smells like joy – Or maybe, these are all trying to be kinda funny – I think it smells nasty It's got a cinnamon

– It's a little much, right? It's got a cinnamon it's a sweet, cinnamon-y – Yeah, that's not good – But then that pink stripe, its like a parfait type thing Let's smell it at the same time

– Wait, Stevie can you say your hint again – [Stevie] So, Vanessa was on the right track with saying it smells happy, and you said it smells like you I mean those are all fine It's not cinnamon, that's not what I'm looking for I'm looking for something conceptually

– No, I'm not guessing I'm not giving my guess yet I'm saying that if the things that go into it are like cinnamon and sweetness, and what are the elements that then make up whatever emotion this is – So am I – Okay, Vanessa and I have both decided to swing for the fences

– Yeah – Okay – Okay, I'm ready – Let me give it one more – [Stevie] Three, two, one

– Angst! – Existential dread! – Mrs Claus! – Jeff Goldblum! (crew laughs) – [Stevie] Surprisingly I'm gonna have to give Link a point for that one – Hipsters (laughs) – Making fun of hipsters is extremely 2004, you couldn't be more dated, honestly – Encourages pretension, sustains elitism, disintegrates into normcore when wet

(laughs) – Yeah but what is it? – I mean normcore is so 2013 – Oh, its coffee, bacon, and beer – Where's cinnamon in this? – Coffee, bacon, and beer? – Yeah I didn't like it, that's why I said angst – Well this is what happened when we did the bacon flavor episode, you remember? – Bacon flavors never stack up to bacon – Bacon flavors almost none of them really nail it

Its just this synthetic, synthetic pork is maybe the worst We recently had the leftover bacon pop – That's an upsetting smell to have trapped in your office – No, its from his drain – Oh, right, I remember

– Coffee, bacon, and beer Proud to be a hipster – Well, who won? Existential dread I think that could qualify as hipster – Oh we won I just didn't wanna rub it in, like soap you know

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